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  1. Groce and the training staff are negligent for not taking him directly to the hospital. Then letting him drive home in inexcusable. They wanted to push it under the rug and hope no media got the story. He never refused transport - they never called transport. It’s on video with UA police. I hope this gets rid of Groce . He’s a > 500 piece of garbage.
  2. Happy to see this. Mark’s a great kid and Coach Young is fantastic. Seems like the school is a good fit too. After everything he went through at UA, the kid really deserves another shot away from Groce. Best of luck to him at Walsh.
  3. Just heard this. Which leaves a bunch of role players, to run Groce’s bad offense. We were barely +.500 thanks to an easy preseason. I’d like to see UA cut Gross loose.
  4. This coaching staff has no idea what to do with big men - why would a big man ever come to us again. Pathetic.
  5. Saw Kostelac’s highlight video from Ohio last year on YouTube. Good hands. Soft touch. And not given much of a chance after a solid freshman yr. Huge upside. But under Groce a center has no offensive role in his small ball offense except for setting screens for the little guys. We’re never going to get one with Groce. Hope Kostelac finds what he is looking for. I hate reading all the speculation that mark - the victim - must somehow be at fault or provoked KG. VIDEO and eye witnesses- found guilty at UA- kicked out of school- plead guilty in court. Stop blaming the victim. There is no justification for assaulting a teammate. Period. Tampa is dumb to take him.
  6. Pick & Roll is never utilized by the Zips - ever. And it’s usually wide open. Bigs are just screeners in this offense.
  7. I agree some transparency would eliminate the speculation. I heard, the whole thing was caught on video so I guess we will find out the details eventually. We don’t need a kid who under any circumstances assaults another players when he’s not looking. Period. Has Khadiem has been officially removed from the team or is he on indefinite suspension?
  8. I don’t see it like that. Has nothing to do with opinions on his play. Bottom line, under Groce at his practice a UA MBB athlete was assaulted in front of coaches by another UA MBB athlete and then drove himself to the hospital with multiple injuries. Should have never happened - any of it.
  9. Nice win Zips. Need tums after that one.
  10. Disappointing. Another black eye for Groce.
  11. From 6 bigs (4 and 2 RS) to 4?? Good thing Groce don’t need size fir his offense. No inside game and the bigs are used to set picks. Our guards better be on with the 3’s or it’s going to be a long night.
  12. I said this last year. Live by the 3 & die by the 3. Can’t win with no interior game. Welcome back to the MAC Groce.
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