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  1. Yeah Dailey sucks & Ali looks dazed and confused.
  2. perhaps, we tend to play down to our competition hence the NIU and EMU loss.
  3. Yup, he's way too good (unfortunate for the Zips) #4 nationally, #1 in Ohio. https://247sports.com/player/chris-livingston-46057182/
  4. Should be a good game! Not happy with the 2pm tip-off though, oh well... I'm here for it! Zips +6.
  5. yeah, they were playing a lot better when I first turned it on.
  6. Ronaldo Segu is throwing the game for UB. Haven't seen him make a shot yet.
  7. Granted I just turned the game on ten minutes ago, UB looks light-years better than UT. They're the team to beat! Very physical but can't shoot a three to save their life.
  8. love his commitment to accountability
  9. Yikes... they're shooting the lights out. Hopefully a cold spell is in the forecast.
  10. New jerseys?? IDK if I've seen these before. They're ?
  11. Weird game time. Oh-well I'm here for it, Zips +20!!!
  12. Lol their coach has his mask on upside down. #fool
  13. Watch for the Willy Kollman tweet!
  14. I think we'll win by 10+; these guys shouldn't even be on our level.
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