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  1. An inability to make free throws will sound the death knell for this team at some point.
  2. Ticket is SOLD. Thanks to all who inquired.
  3. Hi all. I got two tickets from the university lottery at $75/ea. My second dropped out and have been unable to sell it. Any takers? They're at will call so we'd just meet there. Message me if interested. Thanks.
  4. At least Michigan media isn't overlooking the Zips. It actually puts us in one heck of a good light when stacked up against the Wolverines. http://www.maizenbrew.com/2013/3/19/412280...2013-akron-zips
  5. With Coach Smart at the helm? I doubt it. That man comes from a pedigree that simply will not allow for an arrogant mentality. It will be interesting to see if their demeanor changes, however, once the Butler and St. Louis games come out. It might give us all a better idea of where VCU stands nationally in competition.
  6. According to CBS's interview of Chairman Bobinski right after the bracket was announced, hte difference between MTSU and the others like TN and KY was "their ability to win on the road." Their few road losses were not bad losses. Their RPI was good, record was good, etc. It flat out came down to winning on the road.
  7. From what I've been able to search, two possibilities look like The Post Bar (which is right across the street from the Palace and could be super busy) or, just down the road, a place called Hoops (it's like a blend of Manny's and BW's).
  8. Road trip Thursday around lunch up to AH. Then the in-laws live 35 minutes from the Palace so spending the night there and taking off Friday! Wooot woot!!!!
  9. Congrats. Uhhh, they're probably calling the winners first. This is not a good sign for me.
  10. Not asking for a prediction of upset, just that we are not written off completely. I mean, this is a dance, and a cinderella is out there somewhere.
  11. Lunardatic is clueless. Cuz he knew exactly where we were playing and who that was going to be, right? I cannot wait until 95% of America's brackets are busted come midnight on the 21st.
  12. I'm seeing VCU -7 right now, a spread I'd definitely take us in. Surprised it's that large, my fandom must be blinding me!
  13. The best type of team to handle the havoc defense--which tires, confuses, and frustrates opponents--is one with a deep bench. The substitutions can get frustrated and tired players off the floor. Akron's size advantage will be a further barrier to VCU's FC press and will tire them out. I really like this matchup.
  14. Looks like DJ will get a chance at some face saving in the NIT. They travel to Denver. I like their chances, actually.
  15. No need to call anyone out. Just read the thread. A large majority have written this one off, some more than others. (i.e., akzipper)
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