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  1. Not sure what you meant by you know why? He was redshirted at Wayne State, 3.6gpa, and will start this year. Respect your opinion, just vague. My family still loves  Akron.

    1. Zipmeister


      I can't seem to locate the part of my comment where it says I "know why."

    2. Candace Mclaughlin

      Candace Mclaughlin

      No worries...but I think 


      “If he's the same guy who was on the Wayne State roster in 2017 “I have an idea why he has been unable “to link up with the Akron football staff.”

  2. He has another son (step) that plays football, but unfortunately has not been able to link up with the football staff @akron. He is currently at New Mexico Military Institute and will start there next season playing safety. He too earned Arizona AIA, Class 5A All-Conference honors as a defensive back during senior season...recorded 33 tackles with three passes defended, one interception for 84 yards and one fumble recovery while helping team to 10-3 and Class 5A semifinal playoffs...also a state track qualifier as a junior in the 4x100 meter relay. After this year he would love the opportunity to play at Akron. http://www.hudl.com/v/2BFhtL
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