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  1. Believe Northern Colorado is FBS and I think he has stats.
  2. Cmon fellows we don't need this. Lets get a healthy one.
  3. Yep, not impressed with this one.
  4. Totally get it but do we really want to take that kind of shot now?
  5. Somebody please tell me why we have a TE on scholarship that has never played a down of football in his life?
  6. Little worried about Boat. He doesn't seem healthy. Can he recoup and stay healthy?
  7. Meister, I can tell you for fact all 3 of those schools have a lot of walk ons. Boise program was built on walk ons. Kids from middle of no where , no hype, just love the game. Boise coaches coached em up and fielded very competitive teams
  8. Ok, so how about Hester. He clearly is better than some of the other scholarship players. Have you seen his HS numbers. He just didnt get the hype other players do as he is from Ashland, KY.
  9. This is partially true. Im sure a come to Jesus mtg was or will be had with each player. The scholarship players will get help relocating to different schools. These coaches are all interconnected and they all talk.
  10. Well folks, I have taken a wait and see approach to all of this but the comments that jump off the page to me are the disrespect a lot of you have for walk ons. Most of you think the scholarship guys are the crap. Well I gotta tell ya there are some walk ons out there that IMO deserve a free ride like Hester He is just one example. Grimes another. I put Grimes up against any of those guys. So lets quit hating on walk ons. There are some more scholarship guys that need to go.
  11. And ya know what. I think a lot of programs are poor at evaluating and there are a ton of examples out there.There is a lot that are very good at it but it all starts with the high school coach that promotes and hypes up his players.But even when a young man is already in the program and is still under valued. Lets see a young man named Joe Burrows. Where is the young man that was so much better than him? Enough said!!
  12. Mumpfield should have never been a grey shirt. Poor evaluators of talent.
  13. I agree. I researched Banes and he was very hyped up out of High School and didn’t pan out at Houston. Have to see what happens. All I know is the key to success is OL/DL.
  14. Trust me when I tell you we have nothing in common. I assure you.
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