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  1. Yeah until you control the private school recruiting this will keep happening.
  2. That is a fine young man we are loosing. He has blood lines that you wouldn't believe. He will be missed and I hope nothing but the best for him. Looks like he has a couple more years to play.
  3. Ok, I watched the Hoban game. Very impressed with the Kirk boy that is going to Mich St. Our commit Bauer was just ok compared to other LBs.No real speed. Could be a project at DE or MLB but needs size.We could use some of those DBs they had as well.
  4. My apologies young lady. No disrespect was intended.
  5. Gentlemen, first I cannot believe Im reading such nonsense and the language spewing from some of your mouths. Calling out players and coaches etc.Shame on you ! After watching the team last year and so far this year this is my observance. First, Arth came in and demanded these boys go to class, study , make the grades and perform community service.Im willing to bet the boys that didn't make the grades and didn't want to contribute to the community went on their own way. Now remember: new coach = new system and some boys left because they did not fit the system .And the locker room poison was sent away. Last year was rough as Arth did not have the players for his system.Fast forward to now, Arth is starting to put some of the pieces to the puzzle together now. He has a young OL that is better than he had last year. We are loaded at WR and looks like we have some capable RBs.I am concerned with the QB position. Defensively, I think Feeney is more than capable but needs more talent in his secondary . Maybe right now we need to play more zone as Im not seeing any shutdown cover guys. LB play is very good considering all game long you got 300lb lineman crawling to them. In my opinion, we cannot run a 3/2 we do not have 3 280lb DL that can run stop or rush. Therefore, a 5/2 suites us better and enables our LBs to scrap and make plays free of OL crawling.My next question is “ Why y’all got some much against walk ons “ Just because they are the boys that didn't get all the hype doesn't mean they cant compete. Take Grimes for instance ,he is probably as good as those hyped up 4 & 5 star WRs. Stars are out the window when you get to this level. I understand Arth is very good about awarding WO scholarships if deserved. So how about you boys knock the crap off with trashing coaches & players. We lucky to just be able to watch them play now. The challenges & struggles these guys are going thru are real. We are better than this fellows !
  6. Sorry, Im not seeing what your seeing in Smith. Didn't do anything last yr on special teams.Not impressed. Snowden has potential but has a lot to learn .
  7. Im guessing he is hurt . Great young man and works hard but cant stay healthy.
  8. No offense to Mr Naim but wondering with the stable of WRs we have, why he was playing before some others.Am I missing something here. Is he that good. If so why didn't he play at all last yr?Nothing made sense to me last night personnel wise.
  9. Seems like there were an awful lot of new faces out there tonight. Looked like a lot of injured players. Thought we had a bunch of new RBs.I only saw 1 . Where the rest? Whats wrong with Kato?
  10. Thought we had a lot more Sr’s than 11. I swear we had at least 15 or 16.
  11. This tells me the youngins are not ready yet. JUCO players buy time for the youngins to develope.
  12. LZip, looks like the young man reconsidered his options.
  13. I still would like to know what you do with the upperclassmen and their scholarships. At the end of the day what matters is these young men.
  14. I don't believe there will be any football for the college ranks played this yr. Until there is a vaccine in place, I don't think spring football happens. Other thing, what happens to the Sr’s eligibility and scholarships. Is the NC2A gonna give these young men a sixth yr and allow more scholarships?Where will that money come from?Alot of unanswered questions.
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