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  1. Im rubber .. your glue... What are you in elementary school? Grow up child !
  2. Why would the hall monitor burn me when your the silver tongue devil spitting out names.?
  3. Young man! I would look in the mirror before you call someone a jerk and a blowhard as you are part of the problem not the solution. Whose the jerk,blowhard now ? Enough said !
  4. Meister .. you and Hoke Poke need to create your own blog called “ Misery breeds company” Come join our negative blog. Son ,Get it together boy!
  5. Well Mr Hoke Poke since you care less why even post your worthless opinion.
  6. Lets pray this does not happen. These young men put a lot of work in each and everyday.
  7. People can post their predictions. Im good with that. Its all the other sly comments etc. Unless some of these people are living in another world and unaffected by this virus that has basically shut us down,I like to hear positive things. Misery breeds company and that kind of posters we dont want.Say something positive.
  8. How about all you all nay sayers and disbelievers go crawl under a rock with all your negative outlooks and refrain from posting as your opinion is really discouraging especially during this time . Say something positive or just keep it to yourself. Enough said !
  9. I have a question to ask of people in the know. If all facilities at the University are closed and nothing organized are allowed and all gyms in the area are closed, how do these boys train.? Yes , they can run and do agilities on there own but how about the weights. Without the lift they will loose strength and size.
  10. He still thinks Bowden is coming back ! Child please !
  11. Perfect example ... Ohio State staff.. Oh I guess they are rats too !! Child please! Remember ,its still a business and these guys are businessmen always looking to better themselves. Zipmeister needs to check himself.
  12. Zipmeister are you kidding me with this jibber jabber. You obviously know nothing about the way coaching works. All these guys who have moved on have done so because their expertise has catapulted them to bigger roles at bigger schools or the NFL. What is this rat nonsense about?
  13. I see where your coming from but in life you cant and wont always play or work for the top teams or companies . You cant jump ship your whole life. Be part of something special . Don't give up on your teammates. You don't quit your family.
  14. How did or why did we let this young man get away.All these offers tells me he pretty good.
  15. Great chart but I believe your missing Stuhldreer, Gillespie, and Delaurio. Its my understanding that these young men were put on scholarship.
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