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  1. Ive seen stranger things happen. Have to wait till gametime.
  2. Your talking about a lot of potential on that sideline and you are correct. But, if you don’t play your potential you never know what you have. We all knew 11 can ball and that was shown and we knew certain lineman shouldn’t be playing and others should which was exposed. My point is you got em, play em. Figure out who can ball ,thats why you brought em here.
  3. 11 is a beast! Just play him. Brank is very young.Yarmo doesn’t get enough reps.
  4. Walk On, give that young man a scholarship and take away one from the ones that have them and are watching the walk on pull the wagon.Who is in charge of evaluating talent here?Cause I don’t get it.
  5. Nice win Zips! Something to build on. Glad to see some changes on that O Line.
  6. Best TE out there but Arth don't play him. Guy can play. I watched him at KY.
  7. I see a young coach who has ties to the area for recruiting. He took Central Michigan from the bottom to top in his one year as OC,He is currently the QB coach for the Dolphins. I think he could work out,
  8. Freeman is not coaching at UC. He is at Notre Dame and will most likely be their next HC. Charlie Frye would be best selection IMO.
  9. Ain't no sarcasm here. I have heard from numerous people Owens politics are crazy. I heard he even had Charlie Frye on staff and didn’t let him do anything. Heard he was scared he might take his job.
  10. I don’t think this was the case. I think they came after him and he opted not to take the job.
  11. Why you angry ? Owens ain’t any different. I heard the politics are ramped over at Ashland . They get more young men that leave that program in droves. Good players that don’t get any love.They ain’t winning.
  12. This is because we will not use the portal. I don’t get it !
  13. What is sad is the lack of our use of the transfer portal. There are some good OL & DL players waiting to be picked up. Also RB’s.
  14. Yep, I think 27 out and possibly 9.
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