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  1. I still would like to know what you do with the upperclassmen and their scholarships. At the end of the day what matters is these young men.
  2. I don't believe there will be any football for the college ranks played this yr. Until there is a vaccine in place, I don't think spring football happens. Other thing, what happens to the Sr’s eligibility and scholarships. Is the NC2A gonna give these young men a sixth yr and allow more scholarships?Where will that money come from?Alot of unanswered questions.
  3. This is just terrible. I figured this might happen. My heart goes out to those seniors on the team that have worked so hard only to see their careers end like this.
  4. My guess is there are more than this just one.
  5. Thats a good one son ! If you only knew !!
  6. Child ? Far from it ! Im just a respectful individual who respects what these young men are trying to accomplish. They need positive reinforcement not the nonsense you spew. Shame on you son!
  7. Im guessing neither of you two ( LZip & Meister) never played a down of ball. Otherwise, you wouldn't speak so . Tough guys on the other side of a keyboard ! Have some respect !
  8. Looks like he been a lot of places. I guess ,as a walk on ,you search for a program that will provide you with an opportunity to prove yourself.Maybe Arth is giving the young man a chance. We don't have any depth at QB so I hope he finds a home here. None of us know his story so lets welcome him instead of bashing him.
  9. Im laughing because this is the same thing he said on a different thread. Spin is all about the MONEY !!! Don’t worry about the players.C’mon we are better than this.
  10. How many of our young men have contracted the virus?You seem to know a little more than the rest of us. It looks like I touched on a little nerve when I said money over health. I also was asking Spin not you LZip. Unless you are his speaker.
  11. So in reality Spin you are basically saying the money is the most important thing here and not the health of the players who play & are the reason the money comes.They don't get paid but would be the ones to suffer if they contract the virus.
  12. There have been no final decisions rendered as of yet. Most do not feel the MAC will have a season. Heck Mich St has halted workouts because 2 coaches tested positive. So, if camp starts and a cpl young men or coaches test positive ,do you shut for 2 weeks ?How about during the season. Not sure how this can go on.
  13. Did you stay up all night proof reading and cutting and pasting your post there big fella? I think you just need to start your own thread that is titled “ Come Argue with a Fool” Enough said here!
  14. Child please ! You have probably shaved twice in your life . Grow up ! Talk like a human and not an idiot kid that you are. Coming on here dogging everyone.
  15. Sorry guys ! I made a comment and it turned political. So back to the team at hand. I know the boys are working hard during this summer. What are your thoughts on this team. I know we had no spring ball so we have no idea what we have. I fear we are just going to line up the same people as last season. Might be a little insanity but what can you do?
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