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  1. Glad to see you can copy n paste ! Impressive .
  2. Aint hatin ! Hatin is trashing a kid by saying he D2 or 3. I just said I wasn't impressed because I did’t think he was best fit. Didn’ t say in around about way that he was bad.So nice try their Jr.
  3. Always hatin! Hope this young man sticks it to ya hatin self. Lets see where he ends up.
  4. This is a BIG upgrade for this young man. Did y’all see dem in the bowl game? Lordy.. throw the ball every down.
  5. I tried to find more information on this young man. Looks like he was highly recruited but Im thinking a little overhyped as It doesn’t look like he lived up to his billing. Was he injured? Or just did’t fit the system.?Big young man none the less. Lets hope we thrives in our system. We gotta have some good O line play.
  6. Clark, I would have to disagree Sir. Im not a fan of either team . If you watched ,the RB momentum was stopped way before he finally decided to stretch the ball across the goal line. Now had he immediately stretched the ball over before his momentum was stopped then its a TD.
  7. Looks like we chasing some serious talent now. Get some big DL and some guys that can cover and we half way there.
  8. Nah, ain't gotta worry about that. There is only 1 of me. Too old to play that crap.
  9. How about give you directions outta town. And if you notice all these signees is JUCO and transfer’s. None is HIgh School boys. Thats who I was referring to Jack Wagon.
  10. What? We ain’t done squat yet. One and your impressed. C’mon man.!
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