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  1. Always one guy like you in every crowd.. the comedian clown !
  2. D2 can divide up monies anyway they want.
  3. And like you got anything better to do today. Please! Remember grade casualties can hit these guys and that doesn't reduce the talent level.
  4. Go on their roster and you will see most are D1 transfers. So there goes your scholarship theory.
  5. I bet West Fl would beat BG,Akron for sure. West Mich, Eastern Mich,Central Mich,most likely.
  6. I would have to disagree with you here young fellow but thats alright.
  7. Wow...Hoping to call you out in the fall after this kid hits the field.
  8. Well I think Brandon Council did pretty good going to Auburn and though West Florida is D2 they were national champs and I hate to say it but they could beat most MAC schools so Maverick Wolfley fared ok.Dakota Peters went to Pitt and Dylan Meeks went to Florida.
  9. Mr Lyons is a nice young man with a very bright future. He did all that was asked of him and was a good LS. Who replaces him? I wish him well.
  10. Thats what Im talking about !!
  11. Bring em all.. we need it.. those QBs we have ain't ready.Will there be transfers? Yes.. heck look at Ohio St QBs.. I bet ya they loose 3 top QBs because they all can’t play at the same time.
  12. I still thinks we need to grab an experienced QB from the transfer portal.
  13. Josh Allen was on scholarship but they did find him in the middle of nowhere with very few offers and they were not D1.
  14. I cant imagine he was a scholarship player as Butler is Pioneer league . Non Scholarship.Why would you go from free to paying ?
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