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  1. Williams walked away from the team last year when he lost his position to better talent. We could have used him late in the season due to injuries if he had stuck it out. If he’s the type of guy who walks away instead of working hard to get back in the game, I’d prefer he keep walking. If he’s back now it’s only because no one else picked him up, not because he has a newfound love for all things Zippy.
  2. Damn man you must be the life of your tailgate party! There isn’t a single person on this forum who is happy the team is losing, but get some perspective. It’s a game...played by amateur athletes...in Akron, Ohio. Maybe I’m foolish because I just don’t think any of this rises to the level of disaster. Yes, I go to every single game thinking they will win. I cheer for the team, I get my picture taken with Zippy and I eat an overpriced hotdog. If they lose I’m disappointed, but the beer is still cold back at the tailgate and there’s always next week. So you’ll have to ignore me because I’m going to keep being foolish.
  3. You make a solid point but only if we can throw dropping to D2 into this moan fest. Go zips!
  4. I believe what they call you is a fair weather fan. I think I can get you a discount on a nice Malone football hoodie if you will turn in your Zip gear.
  5. Can we move this entire Bowden v. Arth conversation into the ‘beating a dead horse’ thread? Bowden isn’t coming back and Arth isn’t going anywhere at least for the rest of this season and we are still flogging away at the topic. In the meantime a major contributor to the team announced that he can no longer play for medical reasons and the thread got a whopping 5 responses. The thread for tomorrow’s game has barely been used. There are more important things happening. Please join the rest of us in real time!
  6. Thanks Captain! I hope they are taking advantage of finishing the semester.
  7. Just a curious question. We currently have 6 student-athletes in the transfer portal. I know they have been removed from the team roster, but are they permitted to finish the semester on their scholarships and are those players still attending classes?
  8. Danny, is it possible that Van Horne didn’t have time to be ‘chatted up’ at the Mac tournament because he was working? And yes, I would wager one of those tasty stadium hot dogs that engaging donors is explicitly written in both Williams and Van Horne’s contracts. It’s a cruel cruel world for the average man Danny.
  9. I was tailgating before the game and had several people tell me that Burkhart was listed as doubtful due to a hamstring injury. I don’t know where that information is posted but I guess I assumed that fans were aware. I was actually surprised because it looked like they were going to put him in right before the half. It wouldn’t make sense to risk further aggravating the injury instead of resting so he can return next week. I don’t know anything about Kato’s status but I hope he is ok for Saturday.
  10. Just as an FYI, lot 9 has gone to pass only. I’m with a tailgate group and always forked over $20 to park there. They turned me away even though the lot was half empty at 1. I parked at funeral home for $10 and they use their proceeds for scholarships so I probably won’t even try to get into lot 9 again this year. But I agree with you on student section.
  11. Meh, Kato’s been ok. His accuracy is sketchy even when the O line holds. Everyone wants to blame the receivers, but they aren’t circus acrobats. Although a couple come pretty darn close.
  12. https://sportsnaut.com/2019/09/15-most-jaw-dropping-performances-from-cfb-week-2/
  13. Well on the bright side I think we have found our #1 receiver in Burkhart.
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