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  1. Another complete douche know-nothing take. Nothing against Paul, but you think there may be a reason why he has never left DII Wayne State? The 83-84 head coaching record and 70-78 mark in conference play probably has something to do with it. That's the problem with so many Zips fans... totally conditioned to mediocrity and willing to settle for people who played here once upon a time. Winters is 61 and he is never going to be the head coach of the Zips so truly, leave it be. Getsy, Frye, Blackburn are all coaching at a high level... get them back. Wake the f up. Plenty of time to think about it with Arth's contract running another 4 years.
  2. Truly one of the most DUMBSHIT posts of all-time. You know-nothing about what went on Mississippi State, and if you knew anything about Joe Moorhead, which you obviously do not, you'd never make that post. The SEC West is the most difficult division in college football and the Mississippi State budget is the worst in FBS. Joe coached him up and they won 8 games, which was down from 9 the previous year under Dan Mullen, and the Bulldogs finished ahead of Auburn and Ole Miss. In the off-season he had to replace Luke Getsy who was his OC, and that set them back having a 3rd OC in as many seasons in 2019. If you had ever played a down of college football you would realize that switching OCs in 3 successive years is a death notice. Joe got fired because he is not a BS artist and actually shoots truth instead of deep south double-talk. He's now choosing between OC gigs at Notre Dame, Oregon, and 3 in the NFL, so I think he will be ok with the LZIP endorsement. Truly, delete your account if you can't bring more than that weak take to the table.
  3. Leach is a joke. The ESPN folks love him as he is entertaining but when he fails Finebaum and the group will hang him quick.
  4. Dude, schools with our debt usually get shut down. If anyone should F-OFF it's you, as Capt Kangaroo is more of a fan of Akron than you will ever be. Akron would be lucky to have Joe Moorhead, but the people running the show are truly incompetent. We get Arth.
  5. Found this interesting... https://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/salaries/football/assistant Akron is only $2,000 total comp pool behind CMU Interesting that Matt Feeney from Akron makes $150,000 with ZERO FBS coaching experience. Not a bad pay day for a 28 year old first time coordinator. 16th highest paid assistant in the MAC and makes $35,000 more than any other Zips Assistant. Charlie Frye makes $125,000 as a first time coordinator, but he has experience with the Florida Gators program, and in the Florida HS Ranks which is a fertile recruiting landscape. Also interesting that the iCoach / Rob Ianello, makes $232,398 and is the top paid assistant in the MAC.
  6. Let's highlight the following statement from above... "The athletic dept had a 10% across the board cut in funding this year which was ultimately due to the loss of revenue from football, not the decline in enrollment." So, you take a 10% cut due to loss of revenue from football... (a) was this based on the BUYOUT from last year? (b) a projected loss this year? (This would be contradictory to the Interim President's assumption that the Arth hire was going to spur on revenues (HA)? Football Revenues have not been anything to base a budget on for the last decade plus so any Administrator who was counting on an increase, or even status quo revenue from football should be immediately terminated for incompetence. The biggest source of athletics funding at Akron (70.2%), or $24,289,339 of the $34,873,226 in expenses comes from student fees. I would love to see the breakdown of where the other funding comes from... Fundraising/Z Club Ticket Sales Sponsorships Merchandise Sales Food & Beverage / Concessions Camps Stadium/Arena Rentals Conference Television Deals Other Once we see the 2018-19 breakdown, compare the revenues to previous years and see where the numbers are trending. It's one of three answers... UP... DOWN... FLAT. Anyone want to guess UP or FLAT?
  7. What the kids on the team, the alumni of the program, the students paying the athletics fee, and the Citizens of Akron, Ohio DESERVED was a real coaching search and not a declaration by the University of Akron Board of Trustees that they hire a friend of one the board members as the head football coach. The Akron Presidential Landscape for the last 5 years, and the hyperactive Board of Trustees has a wicked reputation around higher education, and it negatively impacts searches for all sorts of positions on campus, including athletics Here are the BOT members... if you run into these folks around town or on campus, let them know your feelings towards their actions. Trustees < All Political Appointees aka Hacks Joseph M. Gingo, Chair Olivia P. Demas, Vice Chair < One of the weakest members of the Board on a wide variety of issues - her husband, Bill, was on the BOT in the past Dr. Alfred V. Ciraldo, Vice Chair Lewis W. Adkins Jr. Roland H. Bauer < Someone who does major damage to athletics be getting too deep in the weeds - out of his depth Cindy Crotty Michael J. Dowling Thomas F. Needles William A. Scala < Like Bauer, Scala means well but tends to put his weight behind friends instead of what is best for Akron U Student Trustees Andrew M. Adolph Taylor Bennington Advisory Trustee Anthony J. Alexander David James
  8. You really need to be more positive. We just can't have you being Mr Negative Nelly with your aggressive ultimatum. Please stop.
  9. Good feedback. TV runs the show I guess. It's not about the kids who are missing more class with travel to midweek games and not about the fans who buy season tickets and see 40% of their investment shifted away from times where working people can attend games.
  10. Interesting how many of you find fault with the messenger while ignoring the cause of the message which is being delivered. The Athletics Program is being mismanaged. This too is nothing new. It has been for the better part of a decade. The same people, save for the AD position, have been in place for 30 years. There have been 6 ADs since 1994: Bobinski, Helsel, Thomas, Rhodes, Wistricil, Williams. NONE of these people made much of an impact, though one could argue that Thomas' hire of Dambrot got basketball back on the map and Wistricil's move with Bowden achieved that in part with football ,regardless of how it ended. Two bowl games is pretty strong for Akron. The following things are ones that you would think people would be asking for answers on... 1. What is the new President's vision for athletics... not the 50,000 foot stuff he's mentioned - real goals and metrics 2. What is the contract status for Larry Williams? When that is answered, why does the AD change 6 times in 25 years but the senior positions are the AD just keep hanging on with no change. With all due respect, when the team around the leader is weak, the results will be the same. If these people are so great why have they never had a chance to move up in their profession? If you do the same thing again and again and expect different results... 3. What are the detailed benefits of playing these football games on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights in November? 4. Why did Dyer, who is absolutely a joke of a reporter, talk to middle management in the Athletics Department instead of the AD? Seems pretty weak that Williams would push his sports media person out front on the attendance issue. Seems to be the AD should be leading from the front, not the back, but then again, he is a Phantom. Did Dyer ask to speak with LW? 5. What are the real season ticket numbers for football, men's basketball, women's basketball and men's soccer? Not the BS announced numbers, the real numbers? If there was a recent annual report like there used to be perhaps some of this would be widely known. 6. In the face of financial distress at the University, Athletics has added two new sports and is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on fields, facilities, coaches, uniforms, travel, etc... for baseball and women's lacrosse when the main publicity and revenue sports are all falling off: Men's Soccer, Football, and Men's Basketball. Why were these sports added? 7. What is the 2019-20 expectation of the AD and President for John Groce? He has had two lackluster seasons at Akron after running the Illinois program into the ground... when should we expect to be back in the running for the MAC Championship? 8. What is the basic goal of the Akron Athletics program? Is it to sponsor a large number of sports and be mediocre, but drive heads in beds in terms of added number of students (D3 mentality) or is it to have winning programs? Big broad based programs cost a lot of money. Logic would lend the leverage to having a lean program with priority resources where they will pay off? Ok, now attack me for asking the questions... 3-2-1...
  11. 3 to the NFL. Humorous. More like 3 to the XFL.
  12. Like it or not, the piece I shared is the National Perception. This impacts recruiting and influences image of the overall school.
  13. Actually it was a rhetorical question, but thanks for playing. Adding in teams that will not be competitive (lack of scholarships) and which drain resources (financial and staffing) away from the sports which were already in place does not really set the AD up for a bigger, better school. Quite the opposite. Here's to Spuds and doing the best he can playing 5 card draw with 2 Jokers, a 2, 9, and Queen. That's no hand that you'd want to roll out on the table. The deck is stacked against him.
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