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  1. MACtion is the death nail of MAC football. It's killed off student and fan interest. We were much better off in 2001 or 2005 than we are now with a following, and that was playing in the Rubber Bowl 8 miles off campus.
  2. Playing a spring home and home with Kent State would likely not draw much. I think this is trying to force something that is already a dead issue. Made for web programming as no one is putting Spring MAC Football on television. ESPN+ stuff at best.
  3. So you would propose having a SPRING FOOTBALL GAME? Doubtful that drives big bucks as no one will travel to play a spring game without some sort of financial guarantee, meaning you will have to do more than one game - home and home at least. All that work and expense for one revenue shot, in cold weather months of February and March plus perhaps 2-3 weeks of April? Doubtful. Most real football programs do a Spring Game, but it's not for Seniors as no one with NFL aspirations is going to play in the Spring, begging the question what is really to gain from the player perspective, or that of the school. To the NCAA, Basketball is the most important sport as the NCAA has no skin in the football game. March Madness funds the NCAA and they will not allow this to be cancelled again, or it's lights out for the NCAA. Game, set, match. Found this data online - was on a FOX News Slide MAC Football By The Numbers: — The average MAC school spends $8.7 million on football. — 39 Power 5 programs were slated to pay $65 million for 49 guarantee games, including 18 against the 12 MAC programs. — $850,000 to each MAC school from Television Contract
  4. MAC Football By The Numbers: — The average MAC school spends $8.7 million on football. — 39 Power 5 programs were slated to pay $65 million for 49 guarantee games, including 18 against the 12 MAC programs. — $850,000 to each MAC school from ESPN, or around 10% of the overall football budget
  5. Cutting the 3 sports was a topical cut at best, as all were low scholarship sports and low head count. Several full time positions were cut as well, which is where more savings took place.
  6. Where are the buy games this year? Who says they come back? The MAC Television Deal is not separated out by sport, so ZIPS FOOTBALL is not earning anything there, the SCHOOL earns something as part of the MAC membership. Per those articles on Football Spending.. 2015 https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2015/07/20/faculty-members-urge-u-akron-decrease-football-spending 2018 https://www.crainscleveland.com/sports-business/university-akron-tries-tackle-sports-dilemma 2019 https://www.cleveland.com/datacentral/2019/03/how-university-of-akron-raised-and-spent-money-on-sports-in-2017-2018.html Revenue: $34,601,000 Football Budget: $7,500,000 Ticket revenue: $1,381,580 (All sports) Contributions: $1,757,161 (All sports) NCAA: $1,289,476 ($0 from football as it is not NCAA sponsored at FBS level) Conference: $1,827,299 (All sports) Subsidy from non-athletic department sources: $24,289,339 Expenses: $34,873,226 Scholarships: $6,976,674 was spent on 213.05 scholarships split among 362 student-athletes. Even if you give football credit for all ticket sales, all contributions and all conference distribution (includes TV deal with ESPN) that's only $5,000,000 bucks and leaves a gap of $2.5m to break even. The only person that says football breaks even at Akron is the MAC Commish. The President and AD will never state that as it's simply not accurate. "Akron's athletic department budget of $33.1 million in 2017-18 included operating expenses of $11,174,159 and a total payroll of $10,181,747. The figures were a respective $1,230,159 and $173,747 above the original projections. But the Zips' athletic revenues — a theme that is all too common throughout NCAA Division I — account for only a quarter of the department's costs. That leaves the university to pick up the tab for the rest, via student fees and other institutional support." 2020 https://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2020/05/01/budget-cuts-render-university-of-akrons-football-program-increasingly-indefensible There are 65 schools that are realistically eligible for the College Football Playoff - the power 5 schools plus Notre Dame. The GROUP OF 5 will never even have a chance to be a part of the Playoff. If a power 5 school goes 13-0 they will be in the CFP, guaranteed. One could easily extend the argument that spending $300K on a head men's soccer coach is insanity. Add in his state benefits at 42% of that figure and it's easily 10x the season ticket revenue for men's soccer. One could easily make the argument that Akron should aspire to be more like Creighton or Wichita State, basketball at the forefront and no football. The very argument being made by Gary Miller & Larry Williams about keeping athletics at the D1 is the marketing value provided to the campus and additions to the campus culture. Students would disagree if polled about their over $1,000 per year in fees to provide the playing opportunities for other students. Athletics is an extracurricular activity and not a mandated part of the academic mission of the University.
  7. Are you suggesting the fiscal fitness of Akron Athletics can be tipped in the positive by using second hand athletic tape on ankles and other medical applications? Some other ideas could be... Installing pay per use toilets at Infocision Stadium & the JAR. Want to take a dump, that's $0.50 cents please. Washing practice clothing every other day.... MERSA is a hoax. We save on water, soap and electricity. Or, better yet, take your gear home and wash it yourself. Eliminate consumption of Gatorade and go with plain water. No fancy flavors, or electrolytes, just good old H2O. Reduce the number of helmets and alternate uniforms to one helmet, one pant, and two jerseys - home and away. Only one pair of cleats per year, and no luxuries like travel warmups or t-shirts are given for free. Bring your own undergarments.
  8. Show us the documentation on Akron Football actually being the one program that brings in more than it spends? Akron Football, even at 14-0, will never ever play for a national championship. The program is irrelevant and no one attends games, even with the dumping of copious amounts of free tickets into the area. Students do not attend with free tickets. Less than 1000 season tickets sold per season over the last 4 years. But hey, people really care about Akron Football. What a fraud.
  9. The NCAA has nothing to do with Title IX or Gender Equity. That's the United States Government. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (20 U.S.C. . 1681 et seq.) prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs receiving Federal financial assistance. Athletics are considered an integral part of an institution's education program and are therefore covered by this law. The only way Akron gets relief from Title IX is if they give up 100% of their Federal financial assistance, aka all Financial Aid.
  10. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/29621025/source-mac-cancels-fall-football-season-eyes-move-spring Regardless of any past thoughts, seeing an entire FALL SPORTS SEASON be cancelled is a major blow to Akron, and every program in the MAC. Likely not the only conference to make this move, but the first at the FBS level. The economics without football buy games is impossible to navigate. Football impacts schools, but not really the NCAA. If this extends to the winter and there is no basketball tournament for a second season, the end of the NCAA will be in short order. No $$$ no sports. This could well be the total reset that we have been tossing around in various ways for years.
  11. Yep, that's Stiles Fieldhouse for sure.
  12. No tackling, just modified flag where you toss a bean bad flag at someone to consider them "down"
  13. An Education? At the high costs of today's higher ed young people would be much better served getting a degree from a community college and going into a trade. Fewer unemployed tradespersons today vs 4 year degree folks.
  14. Scenario being pushed around is that MAC will play a reduced season, home and home schedule between Ohio MAC schools.... Akron, Kent, BG, Toledo, Miami and Ohio x 2 = 10 games in 10 weeks ending November 7.
  15. Akron gets 69.93% ($26,011,378) of it's $37,275,978 athletics budget revenues from student fees https://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/finances/ What is the MARKETING POINT that Akron Athletics is driving to the masses? Demonstrate the positive spin and what difference it actually makes. When no significant number of people actually pay to go to games that marketing argument loses logic. What is the value that is being provided to the 24,600 students who are not playing a sport? Divide that $26,011,378 up to the 24,600 students not playing a sport and you can give back $1,057 per student. That's $4,229 over 4 years, or 494 hours at Ohio's minimum wage of $8.55. Three months of full time work so that a kid can play football or basketball at Akron U? How many of you posting on this site are giving up a like percentage of your income to Akron?
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