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  1. School is in financial distress, major sports are not championship quality, but Akron adds two sports in women's lacrosse and baseball which will tax the limited resources, financially and in terms of human staff, and deliver absolutely $0 in revenue. This is a good decision why?
  2. Let's be real here, did anyone really think that anyone was going to show up for a Tuesday 6pm game in a blizzard featuring two teams with losing records when it was going to be on television? No. Sure, the attendance number was inflated by 10,000 - no big surprise there. These midweek MAC games are terrible ideas. They kill the premise of what college football should be about - which is tailgating, a campus coming together with students & alumni cheering on a team in unity. No one watches these games on ESPNX and in this day and age of 700 channels you'd probably get more viewership over a YouTube Stream. That's where the younger generation is consuming video, not on expanded tier premium cable. That idea is so 1999. Kudos of gargantuan proportion to the Zips Marching Band as they were out in force and making noise. Great job! It's gotta be hard to be so cheerful when the product on the field is what it is.
  3. No one at the game, getting blown out again, but we have scored a Touchdown for the first time in 18 quarters, so there is light at the end of the tunnel. It's only a 4 possession game heading into the final 15 minutes of play.
  4. It got old listening to the whining from people about me posting actual FACTS. A lot of people on this board are apologists at best, or just simply losers at worst who are conditioned to being doormats. On to tonight's 10th loss of the season in front of 43 people on national television.
  5. The scholarship bill alone is around $2.5m and salaries/benefits for the staff are another $2m easy. Are the "body bag" game payouts public? Not sure that all of them are 1.5m, but in the ballpark for sure. All things in, football loses money at Akron. This is not breaking news, and no need to beat the dead horse about athletics finances, which for FY2018 were revenues of $34,601,000, expenses of $34,873,226 and a total of $24,289,339, or 70.20% of the budget coming from the student fee, which is based on Akron’s total enrollment and $1,359 per student annual fee. It makes no sense whatsoever to drop the program at FCS as the MAC is a perfect match for Akron in all things, including the academic profile. The issues come down to historical, long term mismanagement of the limited resources that Akron has athletically to begin with coupled with brutally poor hires in football. Make good hires on and off the field, find the right mix of sports and do not add sports that drain resources from support staff, other budgets, and operate with a thoughtful strategic goal of winning more than you lose, and Akron can win again.
  6. For those operating under the theory that Arth & staff can flip the Akron program, their history does not point to this destination. In the FOUR YEARS before Arth took over in Chattanooga, the Mocs had these records; HEAD COACH: Russ Huesman 2013 ........ 8-4 2014 ........ 10-4 Quarterfinals — Division I FCS Playoffs 2015 ........ 9-4 Second Round — Division I FCS Playoffs 2016 ........ 9-4 Second Round — Division I FCS Playoffs Huesman leaves for the Richmond job, Enter Tom Arth HEAD COACH: Tom Arth 2017 ........ 3-8 (-6) 2018 ........ 6-5 (+3), and lost last three games, 5 of their last 7 To break this down for you, Arth took over a program that had made the postseason for 3 straight years and averaged 9 wins a season for the four years prior to his arrival and impacted the program to where they averaged 4.5 wins a season for his two years, exactly reducing the win total by 50%. At Akron, Arth took over for Terry Bowden, who averaged 6 wins a season over the last 4 years, but lost lost 5 straight games to end the season and effectively had lost the lockerroom and the kids basically quit on him. HEAD COACH: Terry Bowden 2015 ........ 8-5 .... Famous Idaho Potato Bowl 2016 ........ 5-7 (-3) 2017 ........ 7-7 (+2).... Boca Raton 2018 ........ 4-8 (-3)... was fired on December 2 Akron hired Tom Arth 12 days later on December 14. Jim McElwain was hired at CMU on December 2. Scot Loeffler was hired at BG on November 28. You have to ask, at what point did Larry Williams decide he was going to fire Bowden? Did he really wait and make the decision after the South Carolina game on December 2, which was pretty much a guaranteed loss, or did that decision come following the BG or Ohio games? Why did he wait until after the season? The argument made by some here is that the timing of the hire was such that it put Arth & staff in a bad place recruiting. Would a week, or two, have really made a difference with a staff that had never recruited, or evaluated players at the FBS level?
  7. One positive way to look at this is that sometimes you truly have to bottom out in order to make the meteoric rise. When putting together a staff your first staff would logically be your best effort, as it would be fresh, new, and full of hope. How many people are going to jump on board an 0-12 team and put their careers on the line? What you are criticizing here with the makeup of Arth's staff was literally a harbinger of what we are around to see in terms of player recruitment. If you cannot get a staff of qualified people to surround you as a head coach what does that forecast for the future? Nice guys, sure, but also proving to be unqualified for the task at hand. Arth has now gone a full calendar year without a win as a head coach. Someone thought it was a good idea to buy him out of his Chattanooga contract to launch this pain train. Who are the people who made these decisions? That's rhetorical. Last year was a once in a decade opportunity to right the course of the Zip football program, and all signs at the present are that there were some major flaws in the financial and search aspects of this process. It's always darkest before the dawn. Keeping it real, we all know this personnel make-up is not changing any time soon. We bought out Bowden, and paid Chattanooga to get Arth, the athletics department has no revenue coming in off football and so this is our reality for the next 3-4 years. Our new President, Gary Miller, shared that "We need a strategic horizon about three to five years where we really make some hard choices, go with our strengths and move the university through the current proximate difficulties," he said., Miller's last two schools did not even have football, so there is no precedent in his past which points to investing more money in football when the rest of the university is struggling with fiscal matters. The University of Akron saw an overall 6.5% decline in enrollment this fall Someone wrote above "Good money after bad", perhaps, but there has never been a steady stream of revenue coming in off Akron Football to look back on and say we are missing out on anything, so it's truly hopeful conjecture to assume that it could ever materialize. The next two home games are on Tuesday nights in November and will have less than 1,000 butts in Infocision Stadium, and a winless 2019 season hanging over the program. That's the reality of what our coaching staff will be armed with when they go out and recruit over the next 3 months. You could have Nick Saban, Dabo Swinney, John Heisman and Vince Lombardi on the sideline and that is a pretty tall mountain to scale. All we can do now is hope for the best. Dr Z - The ESPN crew, yeah, they made the game funny at times. I appreciate your positive take. Every little bit of light helps. As for AJ Watts, it would be nice if his twitter bio correctly listed the name of the school he attends and plays for https://twitter.com/anthonyajwatts?lang=en We cheer the Akron Blue and Gold, We cheer as the colors unfold. We pledge anew, we're all for you, As the team goes crashing through, Fight! Fight! We cheer the Akron warriors bold, For a fight that's a sight to behold, So we stand up, and cheer and shout, For the Akron Blue and Gold!
  8. FF: Just when you think all hope is lost, a spark of inspiration ignites the flame of victory. Alvin Davis gets two picks and the Zips win 17-14
  9. Other fun links from Zips FB Video... too bad page has not been updated since 2015 https://www.youtube.com/user/ZipsFBVideo/featured
  10. That was a great game. Click here for the Video Flashback to the Zips win over the Herd
  11. Noted. If you are aware of the history of the program, the fact is the earlier coaches dealt with a lot of junk that made a different other than wins and losses. Recruiting to and practicing/playing at The Rubber Bowl is a major astrisk for Faust, Owens, and Brookhart (first half of tenure). Almost impossible. The Ianello, Bowden and Arth eras have so much to work with, yet, have not delivered consistent results. That falls on Wistricil and Williams for hiring coaches that, 2/3, proved to not be able to recruit and retain relative talent from NE Ohio, or within 100 miles. You cannot win at Akron based on transfers and reputations from 15 years ago.
  12. Dennison Biggest Win – Zips shutout Ball St on the road in 1976, 3-0 (Cards were MAC champs) Worst Defeat – Austin Peay blows out the Zips in a 1980 Rubber Bowl matchup, 41-14. Faust Biggest Win – Home standing Zips crush the UC Bearcats 31-0 under a warm autumn sun in 1989. Worst Defeat – Delaware STATE explodes on the Zips 52-26 in a horrifying 1987 Rubber Bowl tilt. Owens Biggest Win – Tough call here (almost went with the Jason Taylor “win” against Va Tech), but I finally decided on the thrilling 35-29 comeback victory over Navy in Annapolis, with Roger Staubach and other Midshipmen alums observing their 1999 homecoming game. Worst Defeat – Miami U actually takes a knee BEFORE HALFTIME, in a humiliating 65-0 shellacking down in Oxford to close out Owens 1st year at the helm in 1995. Brookhart Biggest Win – Getsy-to-Hixon with 10 seconds left, and Zips nip NIU 31-30 in 2005 MAC Championship. Worst Defeat – Any loss to K.E.N.T. blows, and the 37-15 whipping of 2006, after the Zips started the season so well in Raleigh, ranks up there in most sickening losses of all-time. Ianello Biggest Win – The coin says the 22-14 win over Buffalo to close out the 2010 season and provide Zip fans with only their third FBS victory at the Info to date. Worst Defeat – When you lose a home game to a team from the Big South, that’s all one needs to know: G-Webb 38, Zips 37 (OT) 2010. Bowden Biggest Win - Idaho Potato Bowl win
  13. Vote for who you think has been the BEST COACH in Zip History.
  14. Fleck played D1 ball and recruited/coached for 6 years in D1 FBS before coaching for a year in the NFL and then getting the WMU job. He coached under Tressel, Novak, Kill and Schiano and was on a coaching staff that played in the BCS National Championship Game. Campbell recruited/coached for 7 years in D1 FBS, including 4 bowl games, before becoming the interim head coach at Toledo. Head coached under Brandon at BG and was a part of the 2007 MAC East Title. Arth coached for 7 years in D3 and had two losing seasons in FCS before being bought out to become the head coach at Akron. Arth has never been to a bowl game as a coach and has not coached under anyone who has won a game coaching at the D1 level. Again, undisputed facts.
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