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  1. To JZIP- the credits from Akron are quite transferrable. It is not difficult to transfer credits. Akron accepts credits routinely from institutions where the education is no where near as solid as Akron. The University of Akron is a strong institution of higher learning with many outstanding programs- too many to outline in this post ( I do not currently work for The University although I did). In fact, it is stronger today than it has been in earlier eras. The University of Akron's "image" suffers from a lack of ambition on the part of some University leaders (and some students) in telling its story. Hopefully that is over. Its "image" will improve if we can win some football games. Its a shame that football wins figure into this but it does. Akron grads are often preferred by employers because of their pragmatic attitude, strong work ethic, and their solid knowledge. No sense of "entitlement"- no excuses just a willingness to work hard and a get a job done. I believe GP1 has the right outlook on the athletic issue. The pandemic has forced the issue as he points out. This is not a problem at The University of Akron- it is a national issue that affects scores of institutions. There are hints that collective action is being considered by groups of colleges. Hopefully they will come to some common solution that will have to be considered by the NCAA. When the NCAA allowed Central Michigan a TWO YEAR waiver on the minimum number of male sports, it suggests a necessary crack in their absurd policies.
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