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  1. This has been a common trend with Coach Arth. Blaming the roster for performance. FYI, He inherited a very talented Chattanooga roster from Russ Huesman. In Huesman final 4 years with Chattanooga they were very successful and made the FCS playoffs in 2014, 2015, & 2016. Russ Huesman record @ Chattanooga 2013-2016 2013 8-4 2014 10-4 2015 9-4 2016 9-4 Tom Arth record @ Chattanooga 2017-2018 2017 3-8 2018 6-5 ...He must’ve inherited terrible guys from Huesman as well. Huesman inherited a 1-11 team(2008) at Chattanooga and in his first year in 2009 he went 6-5. Again, I think Tom Arth is a great guy, has a very positive perspective, and I hope the best for him.. hopefully he can turn things around. But it’s not looking good and his staff needs to stop blaming their roster and own up to their 0-16 record. They need to be better.
  2. Agreed. Depleted roster is on the coaching staff. They pushed Bowden’s guys out and are continuing to push them out. Players are starting to opt out mid season because of this. Arth staff showed up to a decently talented MAC roster that could have won a couple games last year and definitely should have beat U Mass.. the 2019 team had some of the key players who did not graduated that were a part of the Northwestern win and competed with Iowa State & South Carolina. Could you imagine the outcome of a game if this team and staff shared a field with a team like this? Yes the 2018 Team struggled during MAC play that year but many injuries and poor Play calling at the time. They went to the MAC championship the previous year. Also, Last year they had very talented defensive players and possible NFL talent in Lakos & Davis to build around and somehow still failed to even compete on defense. They ruined these guys NFL hopes & now continue to point fingers at the Bowden Era.... the Bowden era produced quite a few NFL players and gave many of their players opportunities at the NFL. So now the question is was the inherited roster really to blame or is the 0-16 record on the coaching staff???
  3. I really hope the Zips can pull this one out. Arth is good guy and needs this win to buy himself another season. Hopefully they can gameplan efficiently, get the right guys the ball on offense.. including Kato, and make the proper second half adjustments as a staff to give the team a chance to play competitively all four quarters.
  4. Opting out this year and entering transfer portal
  5. I heard from a close source two more starters opted out today & as of now, 4 more starters are leaving at the end of the season.
  6. Yes my bad. Coach Z is responsible for O line, Arth QBs & Gasser has skill players. Yeah those guys get tired could use a guy or two in the mix to push them for playing time and help prevent complacency
  7. Actually The co-offensive coordinator, Bryan Gasser, is responsible for the play calling. Coach Z I am guessing has no history of play calling since Tom Arth called plays in 2019 & this year it is a guy with no experience (Gasser). And to be honest, it really shows with the lack of ; mid game adjustments, game plan, offensive identity, finding creative ways to get playmakers involved and the decision of who is skill players are. I firmly believe a lot of this has to do with an egotistic personality trait many poor coaches possess.... did he really think that no team would prepare to stop the run? For a team that takes pride in their run game, 4 total rushing yards is absolutely embarrassing. News flash— your run game is not that special — Kent State just allowed 1 guy to run for over 400 yards and 8 TDs. We are going into week 5 and we have yet to see Kato Nelson... the only competitive option at QB. Also, we have hardly seen Hicks and Knight, both key players with experience and talent. I understand the idea of rebuilding... but fielding an offense full of underclassmen is going to take away any shot at competing against their Conference Foes, whom should always be close to even in talent as they are recruiting a lot of similar talent— 2 and 3 stars. Plus, the experienced guys are suppose to be the leaders in situations like this... when you are facing adversity as a young player ( Gibson today with 10+ sacks) , another freshman is not going to be able to pick you up. Yeah this is a free year, but the coaches are under the gun... Being ranked recently #15 on the coaches hot seat website. Unfortunately Akron is 0-16 with these coaches at the helm & their team continues to regress as many of their players seem to have lost hope. This team would struggle to compete in D-1 AA. The only way I see any hope in Tom Arth is if he stops rebuilding his roster and starts rebuilding his coaching staff with real qualified d1 guys. And for the announcers, please stop blaming the roster and start blaming these coaches. Please bring back Terry Bowden in 2021.
  8. #4 laughing on the sidelines after drop & FYI Miami backups are in
  9. Let’s see Nelson back at QB and more Hicks and Knight on Offense.. experience goes a long way in the MAC
  10. He is a nice player. I wonder how many more of these we may see in the upcoming weeks 🤦🏻‍♂️
  11. Defense did not force a punt . 1 forced fumble and 1 muffed punt. Defense and offensive play calling is the same— there is no identity/ strategy. Offense they run constantly ( no matter the score) and pass to give dollard a breather. Dollard is great athlete but help him out with screens to get other playmakers involved, shot plays to extend the field, motions to keep defense off balance. Run the ball to open the passing game/ pass the ball ( screens, shots, RPOs) to open up the run.
  12. Yes but when you inherit a team you add your players to the current talent for the first couple years. They pushed guys out of Akron to free up scholarships and now they’re working with very limited scholarship players/ d1 talent. Credit they do have a good thing going with their young offensive line but you cannot be rebuilding at every position and expect to compete. there is no reason why Williams and Morris are no longer with the team other than staff pushing them out. Also, for Nelson and Knight to be sitting on offense.. what are we doing??
  13. I think they may be a good fit for the D2 level
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