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  1. Boogie Knight has his own apparel line now too… looks like it’s inspired by the movie. I ordered one 👍🏼
  2. I agree with John. It seems like the experienced players gave up on the zips program and decided to transfer for a better opportunity. I believe quite a few graduated from Akron.. so we should respect their decision as they are now an Alumni.
  3. I’m thinking the same thinking. That is why I was wondering where the other transfers went. I’m pretty sure all 4 starting WRs from 2019 / 2020 transferred. It looks like Childs is off to a strong start with Montana at RB. (They upset #20 Washington week 1). Boogie did stand out in box score against Kentucky.
  4. It’s hard to blame one player for big defensive plays football grandma. Your grandsons time will come if he earns it.
  5. Was he able to play immediately because of COVID year? Are there any other 2020 starters who transferred? How are they playing?
  6. Reload and let’s get them next week! Kato was starting to look very comfortable before his injury. I think staff was riding Kato as his experience gives them best chance to win. Irons is the future but staff needs to win now!!
  7. The Steelers are keeping UG III around for a reason! Today is just another reason why. Great play!!!
  8. Bowden creating a buzz for his team. Man do I miss these days
  9. Interesting article on Boogie https://ulmwarhawks.com/news/2021/9/9/football-boogie-fever-transfer-receiver-making-a-name-for-himself-at-ulm.aspx
  10. You are a hater. Either a coach defending the 1-17 record or jealous parent who has it out for most of the WRs including Morris and Boogie. Best of luck to the transfers & best of luck to the zips in 2021. Hoping for the best.
  11. He did nothing? He cost Akron the UAB game? Akron was going into the fourth quarter down 31-6.. Boogie didn’t play as much in 2020 because of a conflict with a coach.
  12. Morris (2018), Stewart, Hicks, and Boogie proved they can play over last couple seasons. They are all D1 WRs. Akron will miss these guys and WRs will become weak spot in 2021. Morris had some injuries that set him back. Stewart was a key player but this staff failed to get WR the ball consistently. Maybe because poor qb play to blame. Hicks started at CMU & Akron. Can’t say he is not D1 talent. Not sure why he only had 2 catches this past season. No wonder he is leaving. Boogie could have been an all conference WR in 2019 if coaching staff would have used him properly as a slot wr. They never called plays for him. They never threw him the ball in the short game.. slants, screens, and short routes. He moved to RB this season but Akron could’ve used him at slot in most of the games. During 2019 season it was obvious Coaches would sub boogie out to put their recruit in. Their recruit WR is good player but not better than Boogie. He struggles to stay healthy. Staff forced him into slot role in 2019/2020 instead of letting it naturally play out. Would have been more effective if mixed him in for shot plays.
  13. Agreed these players were not properly utilized. It seems like the staff was forced to use them more their first year but as more of their players came in the less the Bowden players were involved. Good coaches get their playmakers the ball. This staff tries to get their recruits the ball. Boogie, Morris, Stewart, Wolfey, and Hicks will be strong performers for their new teams this spring/ fall. A few will receive post season awards in their respected conferences
  14. Boogie Knight is going to play for Coach Bowden again. I think the Zips are going to miss him the next two seasons.
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