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  1. Boogie named 2nd team all sunbelt by pro football focus https://www.pff.com/news/college-football-2021-all-sun-belt-team-offensive-defensive-player-of-the-year-max-mitchell-louisiana-darrell-luter-south-alabama
  2. & ULM upset a very good Liberty football team. Here’s another video of the catch
  3. This doesn’t make sense.. Iowa state is a solid FBS Program. And in the same year we beat Northwestern
  4. Terry Bowden took on a program that was 0-10 last year and is already 2-1 with two meaningful wins… he has as many wins in 2 games as Tom Arth has at Akron in 21 games. I THINK WE NEED TO TRY A NEW WAY TO “REBUILD” or we will be FCS before we know it
  5. Looks like we’re ranked higher than Ohio U in CBS latest rankings… why are we the under dogs this week?? https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/rankings/cbs-sports-ranking/
  6. Yeah I think BGSU upsetting Minnesota and we lose by a combined 100 points in our two “money games” shows the type of staff and program we have. Terry Bowden was a good one and that’s why I still follow him at ULM. Yes he could’ve been replaced by the right guy, but our program would be in a much better spot if we left Bowden in place until his contract ran out.
  7. Akron missed their shot with him. Would’ve been nice to have him
  8. Bowling Green is up 14-10 against Minnesota with 7:30 left in the game.. their team was terrible last year. How did they turn it around so quickly? Competing with Big 10 teams??
  9. When you’re getting paid 1.8 million.. I think it’s okay to send the team there the day before. Most teams place their team in hotel night before game regardless if it’s home or away.
  10. We play OSU closer than we played TTUN in 2013
  11. Sounds like it’s time to order yourself one of his shirts
  12. Successful D1 programs create a winning culture. There’s many way to get there but it all starts with the talent you bring in.. GPA only gets you so far
  13. I don’t think Akron could compete with Jackson State. They have G5 talent at the FCS level. Thankfully they don’t have them scheduled. Article on Coach Prime and the talent he has at Jackson State.. His defense is made up of power 5 transfers. Within the next year or two they’ll be competing with power 5s https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.clarionledger.com/amp/8127200002
  14. Boogie Knight has his own apparel line now too… looks like it’s inspired by the movie. I ordered one 👍🏼
  15. I agree with John. It seems like the experienced players gave up on the zips program and decided to transfer for a better opportunity. I believe quite a few graduated from Akron.. so we should respect their decision as they are now an Alumni.
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