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  1. Zippy5 the issue I have is a player being in quarantine for 10 days due to contact tracing. That should not be the case. These players are not at risk, should be tested after a few days of quarantine and then allowed to rejoin the team activities.
  2. Quick update: T. Dollard is suspended until further notice. Expected back in the summer. A WR tested positive for Covid-19 that has resulted in several players missing the remaining of Spring camp due to contact tracing. When will these protocols be relaxed??
  3. John if that happens then you lose 2-3 QBs. These QBs Gibson, Marousek and Janokowski are all young and need experience. Nelson and Irons provide experience. Bringing in a transfer at this position doesn't make sense to me. Bringing in some mature lineman on both sides off the portal makes sense. IMO
  4. Building a team from the absolute bottom requires time and patience. Unfortunately, you're not guaranteed success only hope. This team will begin to blossom in 2022. 2019 was a disaster, absolute dumpster fire. 2020 was more competitive and the kids got better. Now just need to keep them around and have them grow together. One more year of learning and growing pains. I think Nelson and Gibson will be at the top of the depth chart coming out of the spring. Then Irons will get some looks in fall camp. The bottomline is that the QB position is now a position of strength with the depth being built.
  5. I laugh at all of you that think Gibson is not the answer at QB. He has 4 years of eligibility left and now the game will slow down with improving OL and running game. Kato and Gibson will be at the top of the depth chart in 2021. Write it down.
  6. I am not worried at all about our QB position at all. Kato and Gibson will most likely be QB1 and QB2 next season. Our offense will get better when our OL grows and gets stronger. Starting 4 Freshman with no game experience this season is unheard of in college football. Think about that, other than Peterson, the other 4 starters had 2 games of experience combined coming in. Gibson was running for his life on passing downs. He also called the protections on the OL that produced a quality run game. So his knowledge of the offense was good considering he is a freshman as well and had NO SPRING or summer workouts. We had Freshman receivers as well. So the offense is learning. 2022 this team will win and produce a product all Zip fans will be proud of. That's my prediction
  7. HAM with all due respect we had 4 Freshman OL (3 started their 1st games of their careers) that provided zero time for our QB to throw. When given time the QB was pretty accurate. In due time those Freshman will mature into hopefully a great unit. The competition for QB will be very heated next Spring with Gibson (Freshman still) Kato (senior) back and Irons (Juco) transferring in. Jankowski may be the discussion as well. DeShields and Marousek will also add to the competition. Should be a fun spring.
  8. There are players that reported that not me. I will not name the players but I have had multiple discussions with players that confirmed what was happening. The failing grades was confirmed by the coaches.
  9. Our OL may be the worst in the country
  10. You guys realize that when Arth arrived over 70 players were failing at least one class. Stories of players falling asleep in meetings, missing meetings, constantly tardy, missed workouts, disobedience to coaches and staff was the norm. No administration is going to allow that. Hence the complete rebuild. Give Arth 2 years he will turn it around because of the character and quality young men he is bringing in.
  11. My assessment of the program: Defense we need Defensive lineman period. We are overmatched physically and need to improve. LBs are ok need more athleticism on the outside. DBs will evolve with experience, need off season weight room and they will be fine. Offense contrary to some people's post has been a 100% turn around from last season. Hard to believe that they are playing 6-7 Freshman every game on offense. The OL will be fine with experience. WRs best position group on the team. Need to recruit a couple of TEs. Other than Brank we seem to have none. Gibson is the QB, kid has a cannon and he won the job and has a good grasp of the offense. He will only get better and potentially could play 4 more years. Kato and Juco kid Irons will provide good competition in the spring. My guess is that Gibson and Kato will be the QBs for 2021. Coaches have to do better as well. Communication with player's needs to improve. Offensively we have NO intermediate passing and only threw one pass over 25yrds on Saturday. All of these short passes keep the offense from being more explosive. We have the Wrs to go deep so let's use them. Let's just hope we can compete on Saturday and make it a game vs Buffalo.
  12. This game will yield so much confidence for the future of the program. Great team effort
  13. Another point of interest. Our DL made FOUR tackles on the day. Yes that is 4 tackles not sacks. By contrast Miami had 7 sacks 6 by the DL. The offense will only go as far as the OL period. They played 4 RS Freshman who have played 3 games together. That is where it starts, oh with no spring practice OR summer workouts. So let's understand that this is going to take time. Gibson is a gunslinger, Dollard is a stud, and the WRs can play in the MAC. (By far our best position group). So we have to fix the DL and OL needs to mature. Simple as that
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