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  1. Went to Opening Day for softball on Saturday. Anyone know why Megan Pettipeace is not coaching? Did she get fired? They announced the two assistants as the coaching staff, and MP wasn't there....
  2. Just playing around while watching TV, I see the baseball schedule is posted! The usual home MAC Friday - Saturday (DH) - Sunday series, and a few games with Malone and BW. One interesting note - they're scheduled to play Georgia Tech on a Monday night in May at Canal Park.
  3. The game-day experience is a very scripted one. It's a production, and what Kennedy says and when he says it is all laid out ahead of time by Marketing or the PEG people, and the timing includes not just him, but the dance team, when the band plays and doesn't, when graphics are displayed on the Jumbotron, so not all his "fault".
  4. I just saw that Van Shyka, from Stow HS, is now going to YSU. "The lineman formerly known as Van Shyjka changed his last name to Keen on his 18th birthday in honor of his stepfather. Keen originally committed to play at the University of Akron, but had his scholarship offer pulled when the Zips coaching staff changed. "Once the things happened with Akron, I figured I'd go with YSU there was a relationship I had with them since my sophomore year," Keen said. "There were the first programs to show interest in me." Seems like a nice kid, was never sure he was D1 though.
  5. Thanks everyone for the appreciated effort y'all are making by including schools of prospective transfers and signees, I really do appreciate it! @LZIp @94zipgrad, @Captain Kangaroo
  6. I've started to have a sneaking feeling that "John Ward" is a different screen name for "DRE22"
  7. I enjoy you all posting the "I am thankful" tweets, but i am an old lady that does not tweet, so I don't know these players from Adam. when you post one, would you mind giving a little more info on the individual, like HS or College he's curently with or leaving? Thanks!
  8. A corrupt High School hosts two college teams that nobody gives two 💩 about, on Sunday…the epitome of 🥱
  9. Kinda like our Tart Cherry Bowl attendance??
  10. Wow….I guess all our purests who didn’t want Western Kentucky and Middle Tennessee State in the MAC may be right…they’re both too good for the MAC!
  11. I need some “educating, please. Who schedules the non-conference teams/games? The AD? Does Coach Groce? A collaboration of both? And how far out (years) are they scheduled? Thanks in advance for your expertise.
  12. Holding HIS party at ICS is one thing. What did the U do for getting Zip fans involved, or even to the ceremonies? Tickets?, a bus down and back? A watch party?? The majority of fans, non-well-heeled fans, non-administrators, non-insiders, who weren't invited to HIS party were offered absolutely zilch. Oh sure, we got a nifty $3.50 quality tee shirt from Bryant Heating and Cooling at JT's "Day" at Info, but for those who wanted to show support, admiration and appreciation...crickets.
  13. What Coach Joe and others of the G5 coaches can do to improve their teams, in my humble opinion, is figure out a way to convince moderately talented recruits that are being courted by P5 teams that, being here and being a #1 or #2 at your position and playing every game is better than being the #6 through #8 at the big schools at their position, (especially QB!) where their going to run the scouting squad and get their brains handed to them every day by the first team offense in practice, and the chances of them starting, or even playing minimal minutes is non-existent. And I think the transfer portal is proving that, like @94zipgradsaid above, regarding moving down.
  14. My thoughts exactly. But I’m sure Fla a& m travel plans may already be set
  15. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2021/dec/5/transgender-swimmer-lia-thomas-smashes-womens-reco/ So while we argue about which logo is the best for our Zips, we made the news this past weekend with transgender swimmer Lia Thomas dominating 3 of the 4 events she entered, breaking meet and pool records by unbelievable numbers. The University of Akron is the neutral participant in this story, as being just the host of the Zippy Invitational. But it's rather ironic that at the basketball games there's an announcement that the school is celebrating Title IX and asking for donations of $900 for womens's sports when they probably will not exist as we know them in the next few years. Just a few highlights: 500 yard freestyle - Thomas (4:34) broke a meet record by 13 seconds and the pool record by 8.5 seconds, and beat 2nd place by 15 seconds Remember the names Rocky Laabs (Cincinnati) and Emma Moynihan (Miami), as their names will no longer be mentioned at Ocasek. 200 yard freestyle - Thomas (1:41.9) broke the meet record by 6 seconds and the meet record by 4 seconds, beating 2nd place by 7 seconds. Akron's own Sadie Fazekas had held the record for 5 years, and Camilla Lins de Melo from Miami's pool record will now just disappear. 1,650 yard freestyle - Thomas (15:59) broke the meet record by over 30 seconds and the pool record by over 20 seconds, and beat 2nd place by 38 seconds. Who cares about Buffalo's Hannah Miller's 6 year old record for the meet, or Toledo's Claire Lichty's 10 year record in the pool. They no longer exist. these are national class swimmers whose records are being erased. This is not criticism or judgement about the decision made by a young man to transition to a young woman. It's about the future of women's sports, IMHO. As a former collegiate swimmer, I know it's not about winning for most of us who competed, it's usually about how well we did against our personal bests. But even so, every time we enter the pool we believe if we just swim our best, we might still get a position on the podium. Now that's not even a remote possibility for most, in competition where Thomas is entered. I don't have an answer, I don't know what the answer is, but I do know, this is not fair.
  16. A double header with WBB playing Cleveland State after
  17. Wrote them off at 28 seconds left.... my bad! Gutsy gritty ending and win!
  18. They SHOULD be okay tonight, despite Jordyn being out. How long she's out will be the main thing. Michigan on the road this weekend, and then home to Cleveland State, plus their Vegas trip, could be impacted seriously. Freshman Regan Bass has looked solid so far, so she may be the key to survival. Getting Tecca back sure wouldn't hurt.
  19. I agree with others. I tend to go to the women's games more so than the men's (imagine that!) and I have been stunned to see Mr. Guthrie at every one. He was at almost every women's soccer match when the football team wasn't playing an away game, he's been at 2 of the swim meets, and at the women's basketball game as well. He was obviously at the men's soccer games. He is on-site, and he is very approachable. He's a bit of a "bragger", but so what? I don't think I saw Larry Williams ever at a women's soccer match, or for sure inside the Ocasek Nat.
  20. Sorry if this has been asked/answered before, but if the choice is Getsy, does Akron have to wait for the Packers season to end to a) announce him, and b) to have him start? If so, won’t that put Akron where they were with Arth, hamstringing him on recruiting and building?
  21. I like the clean new look, thanks for all you do for us!
  22. They may be aware of us, but that doesn't necessarily mean they value us as the brain-trust to help them pick a coach. George Thomas - "So Charles, what was your deciding factor in finding Clyde Kadittlehopper as your head coach?" Charles Guthrie - "Man I really liked what LZip and clarkgriswold had to say about Clyde while I was surfing ZnO last night, so I took a flier and gave him a call..." (No offense to you two, just picked names off the screen)
  23. Really? This early, you know how they looked vs. the Suckeyes, don't quit yet....
  24. So, we drove over to Youngstown to watch the women play YSU. Competitive close game, but still no Emma Tecca. Anyone know anything?
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