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  1. Hyperbolize much? Just stop. You're embarrassing yourself, as well as Akron grads. Apparently they didn't teach you this thing called critical thinking when you attended The University Of Akron. You're really putting the "Hilltop" in the "Hilltop High".
  2. Are we being deliberately dense? Seriously...serious question. NOBODY was saying teams should rebrand or get rid of Logos. Stop being ridiculous. What we were saying is probably don't have a big article about the celebrating Z, released to giant fanfair, at the same time you have Z branded tanks genociding people in Mariupol. It's literally timing, not rebranding. Yeah no need to rebrand the V of Villanova...just don't go out of your way talking about the V while V tanks are genociding Kharkiv. This is like a mind numbingly easy, not controversial thing to understand. Please stop being dense.
  3. A perfect example of what we were talking about from the Associated Press: Take this in consideration that Putin had an "internal cleansing" of internal descent madman speech the other day...
  4. I fell asleep during the final 10 mins. Super bummed. 😢 I know everyone doesn't want moral victories...blah blah blah...but that's the best performance of a Zips' team in the tourney yeah? And this team looked just as much of a competitor as any game I've watched in the Tourney. But I do not at all feel bad about this loss. Luckily, I didn't have to watch the apparent disastrous officiating at the ending the game. 🤣 We get everyone back next year right? Yikes...all I can say is watch out.
  5. Not sure if this is the spot for this question, but w/e... Does anyone know what the eligibility for players look like going forward? I know some players were granted a 5th year because of Covid...so that would be 6 years with a redshirt year? I'm just curious because as I was going through the rosters of MAC teams...Akron is young, the core is Sophomores (?) so 2-more years of terror for the MAC? Or 3 years? Toledo is also a relatively young team as well. Sorry if I'm horribly ignorant on this...but the MAC Championship has be invigorated and interested in College MBB again! Go Zips!
  6. I'm gonna be honest, the referring of this game seems like it's pretty bad.
  7. It's on ESPN2 and the SMU game ran over.
  8. Is it though? You need to work on your sarcasm broski. 😉
  9. It just seems they're projecting the phantom "CaNcEl CuLtUrE" idea onto a very, very simple common-sense request.
  10. You're like taking what we're saying, and going to an absurd extreme. We're at like a 2, and you're taking it to a ten. No one here was saying "let's do away with the Z". We're saying: lets avoid bringing a lot of attention to the fact right now at this VERY moment...LITERALLY March 2022. Let's not have a major announcement in the Akron Beacon Journal Right next to an article about how Putin shelled 5,000 civilians to death in Kharkiv. Like if athletics is planning to go with a major "Z" promotion. Sweet...let's maybe not go hardcore with the announcement in March 2022. It's really not that hard to understand.
  11. I was in Tibet where I saw the Swastika everywhere...because it's an ancient symbol that was co-opted by Hitler, who ya know...The Swastika in any use other than that very specific, ancient, buddhist/hindu tradition; is...well...ya know. We're not saying the "Z" is offensive. We're pointing out that perhaps RIGHT NOW (like May 2022) would be a poor time to have a major, public, advertising announcement centered around branding the "Z", considering that Putin is genociding Ukrainians. It's not that the "Z" is offensive...it's that a couple of wingbat aggressive Russian apologists are using it as a symbol of legitimacy. So giant-middle finger to them, and lets try to get them to co-opt the script akron instead.
  12. Maybe a brandnew A-Z combo logo? I'm not Artistic in the slightest, but somebody out there should be able to...
  13. Back to the ARoo 😈 Because Russians aren't many enough to handle the Donkey Kangaroo merged with an A.
  14. Should be until the Russia invaders are out of Ukraine. May St. Javelin bless the people of Ukraine. May their aim be true; may their laser sights be forever calibrated. May the sunflower fields of Ukraine be plentiful. Ironically our school colors are basically the national colors of Ukraine.
  15. I will be attending the game at Tennessee. My mother's side of the family is from Tennessee and most of them have gone to UT, so it's a nice excuse to both see the Zips play in Neyland stadium and go visit the old farmstead. It also brings back good memories of a previously 1-11 Zips football team with a new head coach tied with an SEC team at halftime. The hopium is high that we will see that again. 😈
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