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  1. Any rumblings of any Zips headed to portal?...
  2. I think Irons as QB 1 next season, with Wasel redshirting, is a great scenario, personally.
  3. Mods: Can you add "your thoughts?" Or something in the title of this thread? I think it comes across as my thoughts but I was hoping for more of getting others opinions on this season. Thanks!
  4. Steele Wasel and his team lost in the state title game today. Great high school career, excited to see him as a Zip next!
  5. Well, the 2022 season has come to an end. Lots to say! I think I was expecting more simply because of our hire for head coach and the recruits he managed to get in a short amount of time. However, it dawned on me I didn't factor in much that he was taking over for Arth and that mess. Oh, and the messes before Arth. My excitement blinded me by facts. All in all, based on the play the last few weeks, and with JoeMo having a full offseason to recruit, I feel the future is bright and next season should be an improvement. I'm ready to renew my season tickets again NOW. What are your thoughts on this season, everyone?
  6. Bummer of a loss. However, the future is bright for the Akron Zips.
  7. I really hope Irons stays (which I think he will). Then have Wasel waiting in the wing. Not sure where Jennings stands, but our future looks bright with Irons then Wasel, at least.
  8. Do I think Irons is going to leave? No Do I feel more comfortable with Undercuffler IF Irons would leave? Yes!
  9. Go Zips!!! Enjoy it fellas, this is the last Zips football action until next fall 😔
  10. If Deion was able to land the # 1 recruit in the nation at an FCS school, I'm sure he would do just fine recruiting at FBS level. I think it would be awesome to see him at Cincinnati.
  11. I don't know, he had two great seasons at Houston with an undefeated record at home during his time there. I think he was perfect for that gig, but then got greedy and wanted to go the University of Texas, which has been a kiss of death for coaches since Mack Brown left.
  12. Oh man, I never thought of that. It's a makeup game...uh oh ☹
  13. Friday afternoon Zips football action to watch while I work?? YES PLEASE!!
  14. Go Zips!! Glad the team showed up and my assumption that the guys were over it all were incorrect. Glad for the win, feels good!
  15. I appreciate the enthusiasm in this thread, and I'm not saying I don't want them to win and such. But I don't think I'm that far off by saying I bet many on the roster feel depleted and just want the season over with. Additionally, I don't count Jennings as riding the pine @Captain Kangaroo. He had no reason to go in this year, but if it's a lost season now, and he's going to try to compete for the job next season, why not give him some live experience as an Akron Zip, which is not something he's had yet? Again, I'm not trying to be a downer. I want them to win, but I also am mentioning the other side of the coin.
  16. I don't see Akron winning. I mean, its a toss up with these two teams, but with the Zips traveling right after the holiday and have absolutely nothing to play for, I just see them likely wanting to get this game over with and focus on what SHOULD hopefully be a bright season next fall. I'd prefer if they had Jennings play. See what he can do, give him game action, and preserve the health of Irons going into offseason. If Zips win, cool. If they lose, oh well at this point. I'll watch because I love the Zips, but I don't expect a win.
  17. Yeah, I highly doubt this game is played tomorrow.
  18. I see, I see. Well, regardless, glad to have you aboard here! Once the game is played, please circle in here in our Game 11-Buffalo thread for your thoughts! 🙂
  19. Also, unless I'm missing something, did Akron bail themselves or was it a group decision by the MAC? Both schools maybe? Confusing as to why it's been posted as if Akron cried about being too scared (per some Bulls fans...)
  20. 100% agree!! Boggles my mind. Bunch of illogical children seem to be Bulls fans at this moment.
  21. I went to their forum to read. They keep saying how the roads are clear and how Akron is being difficult. Never mind Buffalos mayor is warning anyone to be out in Buffalo once the snow pick up. But yeah, Akron's fault LOL.
  22. Pretty amazing an answer hasn't been decided or come out yet
  23. I'm bummed. Would be so fun to watch those games in that kind of snow. I know, safety, but still! lol
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