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  1. 20 minutes ago, Ham said:

    It is more than 60 min of football.  If you make it an event, fans will come even in an off year.  For some tailgating party makes thr day.  Others may enjoy dinner down town before or after the game.  Get creative with the excessive TV time outs.  


    Yes (on the bolded)!! I swear, maybe I just never paid attention, but for that first home game this year I felt there were TV timeouts after every play (exaggeration) and they took ffoorreevverrrrr. I guess I just never paid attention, or I was inpatient that day, but I agree, some things to get people involved or so to take the counting down the minutes for the game to begin again. 


    This is a small thing and I'm not complaining, but since you mentioned it, I wanted to chime in. 

  2. 3 minutes ago, MangoZip said:

    Too many "get off my lawn" guys commenting! I hate big crowds and traffic too but there is nothing better than a packed house for college football! The crowd, the band, the students and the energy are a major part of what makes college football great.  


    100% agree. With all due respect to all opinions, I too would love to see a packed house at the Info! 

  3. 6 minutes ago, GP1 said:

    My advice about attendance for fans is....stop worrying about it. I love college football and enjoy going to games. In addition, I don't care if there is anyone else at the game other than Mrs. GP1, the luckiest woman in the world. Big crowds create inconveniences for me (lines and traffic) I would prefer to not deal with. 


    My ideal Wake game would be as follows. I have a parking spot right next to the stadium to tailgate. Once in the stadium, all bathrooms and concession stand would be open. The people required to run the game would be there including the scoreboard operator. Cheerleaders and band would be there. Ideally my wife and I would be the only two in attendance. I've gotten to the age where I really don't care for large crowds and find the experience of them overrated. 


    I'm not into big crowds either, but a big amped up crowd at a football game is amazing. I'd love to hear a big roar from the crowd for a Zips TD. 


    You won't find me ever wanting to live in NYC, not into crowds either, but I'd love to see the Info in full capacity, or close to it, for home games. 

  4. I would say a few factors off the top of my head unfortunately play into this:


    1. Akron football has not been a very good product for a long time. I get ragged on by a few people I know, who are sports fans, for having season tickets to Zips football. However, they have admitted they would probably go to games if the Zips produced good teams, or at least competitive teams. Their losing ways for SO long has turned a lot of people off. If they start winning consistently, I think people would be more interested. 


    2. Ohio State. I hate to say it, but in Ohio, many children are Ohio State fans and grow up watching them with friends and family. Even if no one in their friends or family ever graduated from Ohio State, people are still bred to watch them. It's easy, they always win, get a lot of coverage, so forth. Kids go to Akron for an education, but many will stay in their dorm or go to a local bar on a Saturday and watch the Buckeyes play on Saturday, even though the Zips have a home game on campus. This is frustrating!!


    3. Coverage by local media. It is non-existent and any articles written by ABJ feel forced sometimes. I think the fact that no one, including the local media or university, really even promoted the fact that people could get FREE tickets to the home opener is a sign of how much change needs to happen on that front. 


    I need to get back to work or else I'd go into further detail on these points, but those are just some thoughts off the top of my head.


    My suggestion: Win, plain and simple. And push local promotion of the team. 

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  5. 10 minutes ago, Blue & Gold said:

    Love them.  Would also like to see us work in white pants once in a while.  I love the all-white look. (From my understanding we don't have white pants this year. So maybe next.) I'm a uniform junky. I can bore the average person with uniform talk all day. 



    Haha I'm here for it my friend, I love uniform discussions too!! White pants with those jerseys and helmets would be killer!! I hope they get white pants in for next season. All in all, an upgraded look I like. And the new "A" is slick, too. 

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  6. 8 minutes ago, Let'sGoZips94 said:


    I don't know how you came to this conclusion, but I took this the exact opposite. I understood this tweet as Guthrie saying he had no control over the schedule, but if he did, Akron would not have played 2 Top 25 teams. 


    That's how I took it. As sure, hes happy the money is there, but he understands the tweets I assume hes getting from fans angry about the schedule. His defense in the tweet was that schedules come to be years in advance and there wasnt much he could do about this. And I understand that, his hands were tied.


    The schedule this year is insane. One big game per year is fine with me, I like the high of feeling like we have a chance before the clock starts. But back to back MSU and TN, and now against a very good Liberty team, is downright deflating. I'm keeping faith that MAC play will be fun for us fans.


    Zips just arent ready for this type of schedule. And whoring ourselves out is only fun for very limited people, and I can assure everyone the fans arent enjoying this. 

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  7. 1 minute ago, GP1 said:

    I was at the Liberty vs. Wake game yesterday.  Here are my thoughts about Liberty.



    • If I needed to describe their offense yesterday, it would be in two words: opportunistic and talented.
    • Opportunistic - To be fair, their offense made some mistakes in the first half and that probably cost them the game. Now, in the second half they took what was in front of them and moved the ball great. Had they been more opportunistic, and probably adjusted to what Wake was doing faster in the first half, ESPNU would be talking about another G5 school upsetting a P5 school. Their run game moves the ball on first down and makes it easier to move the ball. Their QB is smart about when and when not to run.
    • Talented - They have some burners at WR who also make good catches. After the catch, they are very shifty. Very reliable group.
    • They have a decent offensive line. After halftime they were able to slow down Wake's rush and move the ball better. The QB was still under pressure, but not under siege.  Their offensive line is the weakest part of their offense, but still a good group. 
    • If the offense Liberty put on the field in the second half shows up in Akron next week, they will hang 50 on the Zips.


    • My word description for this group would be: focused.
    • They came to Winston-Salem with a game plan to stop Wake's running game and not give up a flood of big plays. I think they accomplished both.
    • Liberty held Wake to 26 yards rushing on 21 carries.
    • Wake lives and dies with the Sam Hartman to A.T. Perry combination down field. Everyone knows Hartman by now, but a lot don't know Perry. He is a very tall WR destined for the NFL and destroys teams downfield. Liberty held him to 33 yards on 4 catches. Wake could have done a better job of throwing some intermediate passes, but that isn't the nature of their offense so they were forcing the ball downfield a lot even though Liberty decided those plays would not beat them.
    • In the second half, this group played great. For most of the second half, Wake's offense was confused and out of sync. 
    • Liberty also forced two interceptions out of a QB not prone to throwing them.
    • Their defensive line made Wake's look like what I think they really are, average. They got just enough pressure on Hartman to throw off his game. I hope the Zips do something to move the pocket around against this group.
    • Their first down defense was great. Zips need to find a way to move the ball on first down more consistently than Wake did.

    Special Teams

    • Their biggest success was a blocked punt through the end zone resulting in a safety.
    • On kick offs, they had a lot of success retuning to their left so the Zips need to watch out for that.
    • Liberty's PK has a huge leg and can easily place kickoffs through the back of the end zone. He also made a +50 yard FG with relative ease for a college kicker.


    • Going into halftime, it was something like 20-8 in favor of Wake. I really thought with Wake getting the ball to start the second half and their ability to move the ball late in the first, the game would quickly get out of hand and a sold out homecoming crowd could head to the bars early. Whatever they did, it worked. Actually, I think "whatever" was just Liberty playing better.
    • Their offense is extremely creative and they are well coached in it.
    • The two things I would be upset about today if I was a Liberty fan were: the decision to go for two with 1:10 remaining in the game and the play call. Liberty had a ton of confidence and momentum. I would have tied the game, gone into overtime and trusted my team. Second, they ran a form of the "Philly Special" for their two point play. I don't like trick plays to begin with and I hate them with the game on the line. I would have passed and given my QB, who was playing great at the time, a couple of options in the end zone and allowed him to make a decision. If the play would have broken down he had great legs and could have run in if the opportunity presented itself. I have seats on the 50 (actually, the 48) and could see from my view the play had no shot from the start. Too slow developing and Wake played disciplined defense on the play and had it well covered. The WR had no shot to do anything with the ball. I just felt like the decision and play were a form of desperation and they were too in control of the game for desperation. 


    Great post, thank you! Helps me better understand us going into Liberty

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  8. Really impressed with Irons (and again, screw the announcers for encouraging him to go to transfer portal so much. I don't care if it was joking, it irritated me so much). He has made strides in just a year, and I really like him being the leader of our offense.


    I agree about Wiley, not too impressed so far. And Norrils should play more. Is he in the dog house or something?


    With that, I agree with all the others points being made. To trim down my post, I'll just say even though MSU and TN were rough games, I think when MAC play starts the Zips will be able to win games. If anything, they will make games tight. The past 2 games (and maybe Liberty?) have been rough due to being completely outmatched, but I think we can and will compete in the MAC this season.


    In Joe we trust. Go Zips!

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  9. Let's go ahead and put last night behind us quickly...


    Game 4 is at Liberty. The Flames are 2-1, coming off a loss by # 18 Wake Forest. Their first game was a 29-27 win in 4 OT against Southern Mississippi, and their 2nd game was a 21-14 win against UAB.


    I haven't delved too deeply on how we matchup against them, but I will say I feel much better about this game compared to traveling to both MSU and Tennessee. Would be great to go into their stadium and pull off the win before coming home against BGSU.




    GO ZIPS!!!

  10. 2 minutes ago, GoZips88 said:

    Easy to 'flick of the wrist' and 'throwing dimes' when receivers are WIDE open.


    I thought BTN announcers were rough. This SEC stuff is nauseating.


    Dudes are acting like Milton is doing things NEVER seen before by a QB. These are some of the worst announcers I've ever heard. Goodness. 

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  11. 1 minute ago, dirtyolcrowe said:

    BEATDOWN!!!!  2.0

    god I pick this team to win 4/5.  

    this team will be lucky to win another.  

    Just kill this football program.  Tear down the stadium.   Build a hockey arena and start a hockey program.   

    gotta be better than this crap.  


    This team can compete in MAC play. This game is bad, but a lot of things have been self inflected. Akron will compete in MAC.

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