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  1. Great post! -- I agree too, the season was lackluster and quite sad, BUT these reports alone have personally been a great breath of fresh air. I really hope I (we) aren't getting our hopes up, but if so then it is what it is. But I'm so excited about this possibility and what it could mean moving forward for the program, which is a passion of mine and all of us on this board.
  2. Totally agree!! I was worried about this. But if we can hire Moorhead, I don't see QB being an issue upon training camp!
  3. If this become reality, I will be so stoked to renew my season tickets as this would be SO exciting for the future of the program in my opinion! Get it done Guthrie!!!
  4. I don't see any other reports, so perhaps a misinterpretation. Or maybe they are first to break, but I am leaning towards misinterpretation. But good post regardless!
  5. Dino Babers returning to Syracuse next season. Personally, I'm happy that his name is taken out of the running. I was not high on him, personally.
  6. How does one go about speaking to the AD? I'm not saying I have anything to say, but is that a possibility for people to do? (This is not a sarcastic post and I apologize if it comes off that way)
  7. He can be the change of that though, and that challenge should excite any coach. Winning will help! And the money will work itself out. Well, I hope it doesn't come down to that....but it could. I'm trying to be positive here haha.
  8. Potential contract done today, per the article's others have listed. Lots of refreshing and searching online for me today it seems, as LZIp mentioned 😂 GO ZIPS!!!!
  9. Wow, both Joe Moorhead and Kevin Wilson in the discussion legitimately? YES!! I'm getting EXCITED about the possibilities of this hire!!
  10. Progress would mean it wouldn't be like pulling teeth to get people to go to games with me (season tickets). Especially as the season goes on it can be hard. My wife is good for one game per year, and a buddy of mine from out of town likes to go to at least one for the heck of it. After that, my tailgating menu helps get people intrigued....all the while hearing jokes about how I have season tickets to THIS type of football... ☹️
  11. Skip Holtz is parting ways with Louisiana Tech. Just figured I'd mention this here. Seems like a decent resume, however I dont know enough about him to say he is a fit or not. But perhaps we can add him to the conversation in here.
  12. I expect this game to get ugly. I know the players are playing a game they love, but I think a lot of them probably just want to get this over with as quick as possible. The coaching staff is about to be gone, they are not bowl eligible, they are bottom of the MAC...again, and so forth. Not a lot to play for. Sure, maybe their effort should be 100% every day, but I assume many of them are just checked out by now. Perhaps they will play strong to try to give Coach Rodriguez his first win as a head coach in D1? I don't know. But yeah, this will certainly be an L.
  13. What's Kato Nelsons dad saying now? I don't have Twitter nor the energy to see someone's profile since sometimes Twitter makes it annoying to even do that lol. I always got the impression, likely unfairly, that his dad expected more out of him and isn't 100% satisfied with his career in terms of "making it big". He took a bunch of unofficial visits to big schools when he was in high school that were never recruiting him, which I assume his dad was behind. I don't think his dad would ever place any blame on his son, but rather that Akron 100% did him wrong.
  14. Packers QB coach Luke Getsy a candidate for Akron HC job, per report https://www.acmepackingcompany.com/2021/11/17/22788253/green-bay-packers-qb-coach-luke-getsy-a-candidate-for-akron-zips-hc-job-per-report
  15. A turnover chain? I like it! I get it. A freaking big pencil? Come on...really? The first time I saw that I facepalmed.
  16. How do you misplace a giant pencil? lol
  17. Slow news on this front. I'm ready for the juicy speculation reports to come in! Searching for a new coach sucks because it likely means your team is trash, BUT it is kind of fun. A kind of fun I want at the moment but not again for a long, long, LONG time.... Just me? lol
  18. I'm really afraid that all of our good players (Gibson and Mumpfield come to mind) will leave for transfer portal now that a new "era" is coming (aka all new coaching staff). Nooooo!!! Tonight showed promise in many of these guys!
  19. I agree! HAS to be a great hire at this point. I just wanted to pose a question to make it interesting in the miracle the Zips win out LOL.
  20. That opening drive was NICE!! Announcer said Coach Rodriguez will not be retained. What if Zips win out? Not saying hes THE GUY, but he should be able to earn a chance to be in conversation. Maybe?
  21. True, true. We need more Zips fans though, but maybe that's asking too much considering the state of the program. lol.
  22. So...what you are all saying is, essentially, they need to win. Haha. Well, I hope this next coaching hire starts the process upward. It's been a long, long road in recent years. Goodness. I'd love to see a good crowd at a game for once.
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