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  1. 100% agree. With all due respect to all opinions, I too would love to see a packed house at the Info!
  2. I'm not into big crowds either, but a big amped up crowd at a football game is amazing. I'd love to hear a big roar from the crowd for a Zips TD. You won't find me ever wanting to live in NYC, not into crowds either, but I'd love to see the Info in full capacity, or close to it, for home games.
  3. I would say a few factors off the top of my head unfortunately play into this: 1. Akron football has not been a very good product for a long time. I get ragged on by a few people I know, who are sports fans, for having season tickets to Zips football. However, they have admitted they would probably go to games if the Zips produced good teams, or at least competitive teams. Their losing ways for SO long has turned a lot of people off. If they start winning consistently, I think people would be more interested. 2. Ohio State. I hate to say it, but in Ohio, many children are Ohio State fans and grow up watching them with friends and family. Even if no one in their friends or family ever graduated from Ohio State, people are still bred to watch them. It's easy, they always win, get a lot of coverage, so forth. Kids go to Akron for an education, but many will stay in their dorm or go to a local bar on a Saturday and watch the Buckeyes play on Saturday, even though the Zips have a home game on campus. This is frustrating!! 3. Coverage by local media. It is non-existent and any articles written by ABJ feel forced sometimes. I think the fact that no one, including the local media or university, really even promoted the fact that people could get FREE tickets to the home opener is a sign of how much change needs to happen on that front. I need to get back to work or else I'd go into further detail on these points, but those are just some thoughts off the top of my head. My suggestion: Win, plain and simple. And push local promotion of the team.
  4. Haha I'm here for it my friend, I love uniform discussions too!! White pants with those jerseys and helmets would be killer!! I hope they get white pants in for next season. All in all, an upgraded look I like. And the new "A" is slick, too.
  5. Off-topic, but those white unis with the white helmet is a snazzy look in my opinion! 🙂
  6. That's how I took it. As sure, hes happy the money is there, but he understands the tweets I assume hes getting from fans angry about the schedule. His defense in the tweet was that schedules come to be years in advance and there wasnt much he could do about this. And I understand that, his hands were tied. The schedule this year is insane. One big game per year is fine with me, I like the high of feeling like we have a chance before the clock starts. But back to back MSU and TN, and now against a very good Liberty team, is downright deflating. I'm keeping faith that MAC play will be fun for us fans. Zips just arent ready for this type of schedule. And whoring ourselves out is only fun for very limited people, and I can assure everyone the fans arent enjoying this.
  7. Great post, thank you! Helps me better understand us going into Liberty
  8. Really impressed with Irons (and again, screw the announcers for encouraging him to go to transfer portal so much. I don't care if it was joking, it irritated me so much). He has made strides in just a year, and I really like him being the leader of our offense. I agree about Wiley, not too impressed so far. And Norrils should play more. Is he in the dog house or something? With that, I agree with all the others points being made. To trim down my post, I'll just say even though MSU and TN were rough games, I think when MAC play starts the Zips will be able to win games. If anything, they will make games tight. The past 2 games (and maybe Liberty?) have been rough due to being completely outmatched, but I think we can and will compete in the MAC this season. In Joe we trust. Go Zips!
  9. Let's go ahead and put last night behind us quickly... Game 4 is at Liberty. The Flames are 2-1, coming off a loss by # 18 Wake Forest. Their first game was a 29-27 win in 4 OT against Southern Mississippi, and their 2nd game was a 21-14 win against UAB. I haven't delved too deeply on how we matchup against them, but I will say I feel much better about this game compared to traveling to both MSU and Tennessee. Would be great to go into their stadium and pull off the win before coming home against BGSU. Thoughts?? GO ZIPS!!!
  10. Dudes are acting like Milton is doing things NEVER seen before by a QB. These are some of the worst announcers I've ever heard. Goodness.
  11. Yeah I'm really annoyed by that. Horrible announcer.
  12. Announcer promoting transfer portal for Irons AGAIN. So damn inappropriate. What, Akron should just be a farm system?? Get out of here with that crap, be a professional.
  13. This team can compete in MAC play. This game is bad, but a lot of things have been self inflected. Akron will compete in MAC.
  14. What can go wrong, will go wrong. So tired of the mistakes to beat themselves. Holy crap I'm irritated by that. Glad Irons is looking good, makes me feel confidence going forward after this...
  15. I would love to see Undercuffler have a good performance this weekend. After a week of starting QB preparations, I hope that makes a difference. We shall see, but that would be a positive right there. If it gets really ugly, maybe we'll see a bit of Jennings? Again, I am not really that excited for this game. I just hope it goes better than expected.
  16. 4-6 scores and Zips score a TD. Cant wait until this game is over, frankly.
  17. I really wish Alabama would have lost to Texas week one. That would have been beautiful. So tired of Alabama.
  18. Really not looking forward to this, especially since Irons is all but ruled out. I'm pretty much ready for MAC play since I feel we stand a chance in those games. MSU and now Tennessee is a lot to stomach in our rebuild...esp with our starting QB injured.
  19. Any word on Irons? I'm so confused as to what happened. I didnt see him get hurt or limp off the field. The fact he went to hospital and couldnt put weight on one of his legs concerns me.
  20. Yeah, I think I'm just trying to grasp at some type of hope. ☹️
  21. We are so in trouble without Irons. I'm not sure what Jennings can offer, but Undercuffler is far from someone I'm confident in now. Oof. Maybe he just needs a week to prepare as starter? I dont know, but geez.
  22. MSU has not beaten Akron thus far, it's more of Akron beating themselves. The fumbles on decent drives have been killer.
  23. Goes to show the Beacon Journal covers the Zips as a local obligation only. "Oh, the Zips won? Okay, I'll just assume it was a promising performance now and write something simple so I can get back to slobbering over Ohio State". Nothing about the game was promising. I appreciate the win, but we literally almost lost to a cupcake team.
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