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  1. YES!!! Come on baby punch that ticket to the big dance!! I'm stoked for tomorrow night!!!
  2. Truly a phenomenon how Toledo is just gifted a foul call if they drive inside. Goodness.
  3. It's so frustrating. I hate when refs do that crap!!
  4. Ok UAB or MTSU, just lose already. Thanks.
  5. Maybe not full-on promoting the Z for a few weeks, sure, I get that. But it should not change the outlook from the University on a new primary logo and such. It would be laughable to think otherwise. Stupid Russa.
  6. I'm just asking for the heck of it. But has the university ever thought about using any type of logo (or incorporation of) of the product where they got their name from? Perhaps Goodyear owns that? (the zipper shoe, that is). Listen, not saying it would be a cool logo, but wasn't sure if the University ever used anything to help indicate to people what exactly a Zipper (now 'Zip') is. I'm just asking, surely NOT suggesting this is the way they should go for a logo.
  7. Ah yes, I love working remotely! I'll be watching Thursday! I hope to go Friday. AND, God-willing they make it Saturday, I'm going to be heavily distracted during my plans I have...
  8. The Zips should win this game and I want them to really finish strong before they head to Cleveland. Anyone planning on going to the MAC tourney? If (hopefully) Zips play on Friday I plan on going!
  9. I'm feeling better suddenly about the play of this team heading into Cleveland with only one more regular season game left
  10. Agreed. Samford's arena is really nice, and there's no reason the JAR couldn't become that with a full renovation. Although a downtown arena would be nice, the JAR, if renovated, could become a nice asset for the city. And it would come at a cheaper cost, too.
  11. I did some thinking on this and I wouldn't be opposed if they keep with the 'Roo somewhere in a new logo. I like the newer "meaner" looking 'roo they have here and there, however, as a primary logo, they could perhaps do an even newer/meaner roo? The "A-Roo head" logo is kind of cool, but it would need an overhaul/more intimidating look. I do feel the old logo on the helmets during the Charlie Frye era was a bit much. I don't know, just thinking out loud here. Slow news in the world of Akron football, just trying to keep some discussions going lol.
  12. 5 home games instead of 6 is a bummer. And also, I can accept 1 weekday game per season, but 2? Ugh. I know, I know, the first one is in a holiday weekend, but still though, Saturday home games are my preferred. Oh well. Regardless, I'm ready for the season to begin! I love when the university emails me updates like this. Exciting!
  13. For football at least, a huge hurdle in this state is Ohio State. When people want to watch football on a Saturday, many many many want to watch Ohio State, even students at Akron. It's so annoying. The Zips have a horrid reputation of losing, so it's going to take steady winning, and positive coverage of them, to get people really interested. I was talking with my buddy the other day and I told him I wish Akron could some how land a recruit that wasn't on the radar for many, but came out of nowhere and had everyone's attention. Big Ben at Miami years ago, or heck, I even mentioned Johnny Manziel (not in terms of being an idiot, but in 2012, he was the IT guy suddenly and Texas A&M was everywhere). I mean, that may seem like a bunch of BS from me and out of left field, I know, but that kind of thing could really change things in an instant.
  14. Good for him! Seems like a really good guy, glad to see he landed somewhere (and in his home state!).
  15. Lol you must be a lawyer.... (and that's not an attack, I work in the field)
  16. I don't think this is as complicated as some are making this out to be. A practice against a group of guys and play calls you don't see on a daily basis during spring camp benefits everyone. I don't think anyone is searching for TV deals and stuff, I think everyone is aware that the players can benefit from a practice against someone other than the same CB you've been battling with for the past month, who may even be your own roommate lol.
  17. I think practicing against another team and their offense/defense can go a long way for the guys as they probably get used to the speed/strength/whatever of the fellow Zip they are going against on an almost daily basis. Also, a change of scenery is an underrated thing, even for a practice.
  18. I agree! I think this would be beneficial for many programs out there, including Akron. I like the idea!
  19. Interesting. Kind of cool, I didn't read (yet) so not sure what any negatives of this could be, if any.
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