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  1. Man, thanks for heads up. This is news to me, not sure how I missed that!
  2. I was hoping to as I bought a bunch of new tailgate items this offseason, BUT alas I won't be able to. I won't be able to arrive until closer to the game on Saturday. I hope others do though, it's time for the fans to come together for what should be a positive new era! I'm excited for Saturday!
  3. I know it's just the Spring Game, but I'm pretty stoked to be back at stadium, see guys hit each other a bit, and just get a sense that things are going to be different with this new era.
  4. Probably won't know until the game and the attendance, sadly. I wish there was more of a Zips presence in the area, but maybe that will happen if the team turns things around.
  5. I REALLY hope that kid from Oklahoma stays committed. What a pickup that is for 2023.
  6. Agreed!! I've always liked what the Arkansas Razorbacks have done with theirs, for example. I really like the old school hog leaning against the letter "A" as a logo here and there. I don't think Akron should have it as a primary logo, but a mean looking Zippy leaning against an A or Z would be cool. Maybe? I like the Roo here and there, just want it to look mean if they are going to use it at all lol.
  7. I don't play games much anymore, but if Akron is included in the revival game coming out this year (I think), I'll buy!
  8. LOL I remember that and thinking "Who sits here and actually plays this mascot mode?" No offense Let'sGoZips92 haha
  9. Who else on here are season ticket holders? Just wondering!
  10. Can't wait!! Really excited for this team and upcoming season!!!
  11. Selfishly kinda don't like it, BUT oh well, it's one night. It's all about the Zips for me, so sleep can wait!! Plus, I don't want to be the person who says they didn't get to see the Zips upset UCLA because they went to bed. No way lol.
  12. The first of many Akron Zip wins in this tournament starts Thursday. I'm ready!! Sucks they have to travel to the west coast to play a west coast team, but it is what it is. Zips baby!!!
  13. If Kent makes it through, oh man, gonna be intense!! After the last game and the fact both fan bases are close to Cleveland, would be a fun atmosphere!!
  14. YES!!! Come on baby punch that ticket to the big dance!! I'm stoked for tomorrow night!!!
  15. Truly a phenomenon how Toledo is just gifted a foul call if they drive inside. Goodness.
  16. It's so frustrating. I hate when refs do that crap!!
  17. Ok UAB or MTSU, just lose already. Thanks.
  18. Maybe not full-on promoting the Z for a few weeks, sure, I get that. But it should not change the outlook from the University on a new primary logo and such. It would be laughable to think otherwise. Stupid Russa.
  19. I'm just asking for the heck of it. But has the university ever thought about using any type of logo (or incorporation of) of the product where they got their name from? Perhaps Goodyear owns that? (the zipper shoe, that is). Listen, not saying it would be a cool logo, but wasn't sure if the University ever used anything to help indicate to people what exactly a Zipper (now 'Zip') is. I'm just asking, surely NOT suggesting this is the way they should go for a logo.
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