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  1. I have talked to Stroud several times since his departure and he would love a shot. Really thinks Akron can win a Mac Championship.
  2. Coached three first round picks at Nc state in the same draft class all going in the first round, and coached two first round picks at Miami last year. This has never been done in the history of the draft. Same position group in the draft.
  3. Never posted but followed the zips during Bowden Era. Todd Stroud former defensive coordinator/associate head coach would be a perfect fit. Recruited 70 percent of the best rosters we had. Worked the transfer game as good as anybody, has connections everywhere. Also local High School coaches like him as well. Coached 12 All Mac DL during his tenure with Akron, and saw 12 players sign NFL contracts during his stay at Akron. Knows the University inside out and has 2 daughters that still reside in Akron. Has been at the University of Miami the past three years. Only assistant coach in NCAA modern draft history to coach multiple first round picks. Coach had 2 more defensive ends drafted in the first round last season. Just a name to consider.
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