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  1. Well with all the transfers, it might be Evan Wilson’s time! 😂
  2. Pretty sure Aziz hasn’t shot a game free throw in a month. Let’s see how this goes
  3. Hopefully they will put it on YouTube tomorrow, that video was very well produced
  4. Man who tf made this?? These guys are bums
  5. Well it's looking like Wagon Wheel Pt. III. What a great MAC final
  6. Sections M105 and M110 are going for $24 with the code, if tomorrow is the same as the last two games, you should have no problem moving closer to midcourt
  7. Per Charles Guthrie: "We are back to the other side: 108, 109, C108, and C109 for tomorrow's game"
  8. The game at Kent they had a similar issue with CBSSN and stalled the game with a t-shirt toss, a full song by the pep band, and bringing out Ahmaad Crump to hype up the crowd of 1500. No such thing tonight at the Rock
  9. Only 1 Ali dribble show so far, it’s paying off!
  10. I don’t believe so. I saw ones with different logos that say “get some MACtion” for $24
  11. Tribble said in the postgame interview that he was planning on dumping the ball off to Freeman, but he knew that he could draw the contact and get to the line. I like that he is becoming confident in himself, I think Groce does as well.
  12. Good shot there to tie it up. I don’t like our defense coming out of a timeout tho
  13. Somehow tied at half. We definitely should win if we can rebound better in the 2nd
  14. WZIP did interviews with Enrique and Ali, one is obviously a little better than the other, but it is cool to hear both of their insights into the team. https://open.spotify.com/episode/6Nv79w9NonjPdWXORyTsqe?si=a227c4582ada490b
  15. The Buchtelite is very closely related with WZIP and ZTV. Students often choose one if they want to get into media, and as you can imagine now, not many students want to be a part of a campus newspaper over award winning radio and TV stations. In the 2020-21 school year, they released one issue, basically just a bunch of testimonials about covid. It would be nice to get a WZIP reporter in there or something, I don't really know why that isn't the case.
  16. Tribble has been getting some good passes off
  17. We’ve got the right energy in the 2nd
  18. Gotta give Dawson some more open looks
  19. It would be nice to see him and Evan Wilson come on tonight
  20. Starting tomorrow, masks are no longer required in the Jar
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