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  1. (crickets chirping) I'm a little surprised by the silence surrounding Dwight Smith on ZNO. To me, he's a former zip standout who went on to do well. Am I missing something? Did he burn bridges on his way out? Why does it feel as though DS is the forgotten Zip?
  2. Dwight Smith is just one of several Zips to have a great performance in the Super Bowl! Personally, I think he was robbed of the MVP! Tampa Bay draft pick Ohio.com - MVP snub
  3. BJ is reporting that UA has agreed to sell the Rubber Bowl for $38,000. It was originally purchased for $1. Does this mean we actually got a good return on our investment??
  4. Apparently he run a 4.5. I memory serves me correct, 4.3 and 4.2 are considered phenominal, but I mainly associate that kind of speed w/ wide receivers and the secondary. Anyone have any insights on how his 4.5 compares to other rb's?
  5. 34 - 22 @ 3:50 mark.... Manageable now, they seem to have woken up!
  6. 8:00 1st UB 30 UA 10 And to think I was going to post a thread about overlooking Buffalo today...... If this game is a test, it's a test of our own making.....
  7. Just checked the score! Its UA 30 Tol 14 w/ appx 6 togo in 1st
  8. Side topic: I was just thinking back to a playoff game during HS down at McKinley High in Canton. Does anyone know what that fieldhouse seats. It's still a gym, but it has an arena layout. I'd say only 600 attended that game, but the noise was incredible and the place rocked as the game came down to who'd sink the final shot.
  9. They should fit in nicely with the smoke
  10. To state the obvious.... wouldn't it be cheaper to renovate the JAR than build an arena... wait i meant "gym" that small? Hell at that point you just put some retractable chairbacks in the student rec center. Come to think of it, didn't Memorial seat about 2500-3000? Wow this is playing out like a greek opera I've seen before. Take the money and gut the jar. Make the lower seats into a "bowl. Create a proper student section behind the benches. Move the bleachers forward to create an upper concourse under them, and make those seats either chairbacks or more comfortable. Much cheaper, would probably increase capacity to 6000+. Then place the old bleachers and a couple port-a-pots on the roof for Flash fans when they play at the JAR.
  11. This is a comment I pulled from the original Deadspi story. (pulled from the duplicate OT thread) You'll probably understand it at about the same point the author did.
  12. No I definitely understand his grief over his grandmother. But lets be honest here, he could have expressed sorrow for her loss in much the same manner. Athletes do it all the time, and credit inspirational games. This was wayyyy beyond that! Maybe he did fall for a ruse, maybe that is why he was so disoriented during the BCS-CG. Doesn't mean it isn't all a little odd...... just sayin
  13. Sorry for the double post, I never check this board This is really blowing up, and all the media outlets have picked it up. While the story itself is bizarre, it does little to explain all of the additional stories that were created. Here's an interesting comment (no offese intended to those implied) from Deadspin: I especially enjoyed the pause in typing, as I immagine the author struggling to wrap his brain around the whole thing then it hits him...
  14. Deadspin - Notre Dame Hoax This is truly bizarre.... honestly there's no other word for it but bizarre! :CK_brew: The more I read the more confused i get. There's the original hoax. But then there are the lies about sending flowers, and meeting her, etc, etc. Then you add the element of poor journalism on multiple levels from a local rag to major networks...... how bizarre????
  15. Thanks for posting this BZ, yu beat me to it! Given what we knew about about footballs past, I'm not surprised by any of this. The average fan doesn't want to know what goes on behind the scenes, especially to those elite players like Taylor. Then again, in last weeks Kosar article I was amazed that he carried smelling salts in his pants !! In the end, with everything that's coming out in this new age of information, I think it will be interesting to see what ultimately happens to players like James Harrison who have obviously sacraficed their bodies over their carrers! Like it or not, this isn't going away......
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