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  1. I appreciate the viewpoints of Lee Adams and Keener'92 along with the viewpoints of others who disagree with them. I agree that criticizing Coach Bowden is not blasphemy any more than supporting Coach Bowden makes one a "disciple." There's no need for those who believe on balance that Coach Bowden is doing either a good or bad job at UA to take potshots at each other that are irrelevant to a reasonable discussion. I can't speak for others, but I pay the most attention to those who make intelligent points without questioning the intelligence of those who present thoughtful counterpoints.
  2. Former Trustee Jane Bond has longtime family connections to UA, and no one ever questioned how much she cared about her alma mater. She was often at odds with the rest of the Board of Trustees, sometimes being the only member of the BoT to vote against such items as salary raises for Dr. Proenza and increases in tuition. When Governor Kasich had all of former Governor Strickland's appointments reviewed it was discovered that a paperwork error resulted in her never being officially confirmed by the Ohio Senate. So she was forced off of the UA BoT, which pleased some and disappointed others.
  3. Forums are for discussing different points of view. When anyone brings up negatives, it's only natural that others counter with positives and vice versa. When extreme opinions are stated, some will present extreme counterpoints. Doesn't mean everyone is an extremist. Many on this forum have balanced, realistic opinions and refuse to be drawn into crazy talk. Many are still open-minded about Coach Bowden, appreciating what he's done so far, hoping for more and willing to give him a fair chance to prove himself.
  4. And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of wins is no virtue
  5. Extremism in the defense of college football is no vice.
  6. Progress is a rainbow. Wins are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
  7. Pohl was seen warming up on the sideline in the second half but sat back down after the Zips started moving the ball. Unfortunately they weren't able to move the ball across the goal line. Not sure if Pohl could have done much better given his lack of success in the red zone.
  8. Lots of little things added up to a close loss, and losing is always painful. At least there was finally a reason to stay at the stadium until the final minute of the game against a solid D1A team.
  9. Finally found a brief scouting report on Michael from a tournament: Can't get the current site link to work, but you can read the above in the Google cache for the site at this link.
  10. True to last night's WKYC weather forecast, which predicted that steady rain would taper off before 2 p.m. with only scattered showers after that, current radar (12:30 p.m.) is showing breaks in the rain just to our southeast. Keep your fingers crossed.
  11. You'll have to forgive me as I'm not very good at smack talk. But when I consider the Bubba4three handle and look back on the two seasons that Bubba was at OU after leaving the Zips, this is what I remember: The Zips' record against the Kitties in those two seasons was 3-1. The Zips' overall record was 50-18 vs. 39-26 for the Kitties. So the Bubba4three handle just reminds me that the Zips didn't miss Bubba, and Bubba didn't help the Kitties produce anything to brag about. In other words every time I see a Bubba4three post on ZipsNation it brings back good memories. So thanks for hanging around.
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