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  1. Is now well-known and still revered by the theeOSwho legions...would bring an instantaneous attendance boost. I hate that he is now tarnished goods but it's not unlike the KD situation. We could reignite the YSU rivalry (home only). Probably wouldn't help our results against the SEC much Are we ready to wear blue/gold sweater vests? Does Macy's carry them? I'm pretty sure our team shop does not...yet. Oyyy.. Would he overshadow TW and the other athletics? I wouldn't want to introduce any jealous rivalries w/soccer, etc.
  2. It's great to know the Info will be used for something that's actually entertaining (in addition to the UAMB).
  3. We should keep an eye on ADscoop.com as well...
  4. I'd rather not talk about the post Zeke era Fear not. The coaching staff is diligently recruiting a pair of big men. Are they good free throw shooters?
  5. I think the nickname should be "Turtle Wax" because he protects the paint
  6. I would guess he's here at least thru next year regardless. The problem you have at an Akron is if you fire a coach too soon it may scare away other quality candidates from the hiring pool...that's been openly talked about before. Although GF, LO & JDB were fired, they each had plenty of time with at least 1 contract extension. That and the new facilities led to the excellent pool of candidates we had this time around but failed to capitalize on.
  7. TW didn't hire CP. Lolla had the program in great shape with the talent pipeline already established. CP took over and has the ability to win NC's here so there's not a strong incentive to leave (as long as he prefers working with the college guys rather than pros). I don't think TW gets a pass on football because CP stayed. He might have some brownie points for getting the soccer stadium upgrade donations so quickly, if indeed he was the one responsible...I don't know.
  8. Then you have to look at who hired TW. It looks like the Bobinski-Thomas-Rhoades string of progress is over and Proenza now looks bad whether he keeps TW or admits the mistake and fires him. My guess is he may be pressured to resign and/or an "assistant head coach" will be brought in to bolster iCoach for the next couple years.
  9. He's a horrible coach. The guy is clueless. Waiting all of these years for his "big break" at his alma mater might have been the biggest mistake of his career. He's 2 months away from being unemployed. I'm guessing that the Week 2 near-loss to Toledo had already put him on shaky ground, and the Miami and Michigan State games have put the nail in the coffin. He was just thrown in for this year until they can get the ducks in a row to bring in Meyer next year.
  10. So would the betting public. We came within 1/2 point of covering the spread so at least it was a moral victory.
  11. That's how you pass to the TE. Time to go do some chores. Surprise me, Zippers!
  12. 35-13 in the 4th at home...for shame, Temple!
  13. If we could have got 2 yards on 3 plays for a 1st down; if we get a FG snap off in time and convert it; if we don't miscommunicate on a TD pass play................. if we could throw to Chisholm or Ladrach.....
  14. 3 stinky plays followed by 2 stellar plays...what a quick reversal. JDunn is the swami.
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