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  1. Hearing some rumors of Missouri State for our 12th game. They also only have 11 games scheduled and would be open Dec. 1st.
  2. I would be interested to see if our AD responds to those emails on his flight home from the game.
  3. Does anyone know if when we win at Can't and become bowl eligible if we can continue practicing until we get official word of a bowl invite or not? I am sure some down time is needed but can't deny the extra work won't be valuable towards next year.
  4. I have found at least 1 positive tonight (at least for me). I seem to have some extra vacation days to use since the ones set aside for a bowl game won't be needed.
  5. Was that Zippy or a blind squirrel?
  6. Glad I am not shaving this month. If we continue to play like this through the end of the season, I will need to hide my face as a Zips fan.
  7. At least it was the first ball thrown Pratt's way all night that was caught. Get it together Zips!
  8. Not only do I know the words, but I have been singing it to my 2 year daughter every night before she goes to bed for the past year. She now asks me to sing "Close Beside" every night and sings right along. Start them early. My son turns 1 in May and his indoctrination into Zips Nation will begin shortly after. Go Zips!!!! And at the time of this past and in the future ... Can't State Sucks!!!!
  9. I think OSU would be out. He would have needed to have been on campus and enroll for their winter quarter which began last Monday. If that had occurred, it would have been known by now by someone and made public. I guess we will know soon enough if he is staying put come Monday.
  10. Gerry Faust was fired the following morning about 10AM but it wasn't announced until mid-afternoon. There is quite a bit to work out when there are years remaining on a current contract. The buyout agreement and language of the press release will be reviewed (and some points possibly renegotiated) by both his and the university's attorney before the official announcement is made.
  11. We should cut our losses but not a chance we would get him to come here. He will sit out the rest of the season and got another chance somewhere next year. At worse, he goes and works for one of his brothers. We had our shot at a Stoops and missed by hiring Owens. That chance is not coming around again.
  12. We could still have Alex Allen back in the mix. I was under the impression that he was petitioning for a 6th year.
  13. Yeah, same here. Do you know what was annoying me?This offsides rule.From the few times I have seen it called, I assume that you are not allowed to pass the ball into the box, it has to be dribbled into it?Wow, that just seems like a score killer.BTW, how would you like to be Jordan Graye today?That's got to feel miserable.I hope this helps. The mindset to begin with in understanding the rule it is that you can't be cherry picking. Here is what I found on the internet that was labeled as "Offside Rule easy to understand"???? When is a player called offside?A player, usually a striker, is called offside when he is nearer to the other team's goal than both the ball and the second last opponent. The second last opponent usually being the last defender from the opponent team, an offside occurs when the striker is closer to the opposing team's goal than that team's last defender. To put it simply, try to picture an imaginary line on Team A's last defender, a line parallel to the goal line (similar to the first down line on televised football games). If Team B's striker is over this line when his teammate passes the ball, then he is offside. If Team B's striker is on the same line as Team A's last defender (or under the line) then he is in a correct position. One more thing to look after in an offside: it doesn't matter if Team B's striker is over this line when he receives the ball. The moment to look after is the moment the midfielder passes the ball, which will trigger an offside if the striker is over the last defender line.
  14. I think this actually makes us 23-0-1. In the wisdom of the NCAA, this gets counted as a tie. You knew after having to change the home field rule from last year the NCAA wasn't done finding a way to put it to us.Either way - I say if it feels like a win and looks like a win, IT IS A WIN!!!!!!!!UNC ain't calling it a tie
  15. I would actually like us to keep with the tradition we started by also the naming the field. In this case, I would love to see Coleman Crawford Court at Hipsher Hall.Andrick must have been idolizing Jamie Bosley.
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