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  1. He and Riak have the same issue on rebounding - they slap at the ball instead of grabbing it.
  2. A 5'8" 150 pound player can not be the Conference leader. Fake news LOL
  3. At the very least, with our success this year he should stay committed.
  4. They are "up" by 1/2 a game, but we beat them so we own the tiebreaker at this point. Advantage Akron.
  5. Right now Tribble is pretty much the player LCJ was as a freshman. He will be excellent in time. Need to see more Dawson, he is very fast and has skills.
  6. Riak needs to learn some basics In the last few games, he has Stepped on the line on an inbounds pass had two inbounds passes picked off. This is not acceptable in D1 hoops where we win or lose by one point!
  7. The announcers are HORRIBLE. Talking to each other instead of calling the game. Several plays the ball changed sides with no clue what happened.
  8. I am simply stating that the MAC NEVER gets an at large. While I do think we have a good chance of winning in Cleveland, that is hardly a lock. And it is our ONLY path to the Madness, while Duquesne has at least two potential paths.
  9. I thought the A10 has a way better shot at an at large than the MAC. Because anything is better than ZERO.
  10. And they will be in the dance and we probably will not.
  11. I don't know if anyone else noticed, but Dawson is FAST. I mean, really fast. Easily runs the court faster than anyone else on the team.
  12. The replay is here: https://www.espn.com/watch/?id=7ac602ad-e91b-45e5-b5b3-d4b3b936e769 The initial contact was at .5 seconds on the clock, the clock was expired when they hit the floor. Tough call, it really could have been called a charge, Banks had position and the player ran right into him.
  13. I want to see the non call and the clock at the end.
  14. I know they did not blow the whistle, but just wondering, was time expired when the block happened? The officials did not seem interested in extending the game.
  15. This would be the death of Mid Majors, especially in hoops. Any freshman with a breakout first year could get himself an upgrade in his degree without any pain.
  16. 1) Buffalo just wanted the ball more. I remember on one play there were 3 Zips jerseys with 1 Buffalo player sandwiched between. The Buffalo player came away with the rebound. A different play Riak secured the rebound, but a Buffalo player ripped it out of his hands. Rebounding is about effort as much as anything else. You need to want the ball more than the other guys. That play cost us the game.
  17. Meanwhile, LCJ had a terrible game. 28 points and 6 assists (which means he was responsible for 40 points). I wish we had another player as bad as that. I think another number is going to be retired.
  18. We need a big who is good for 8 boards and 2 blocks a game.
  19. First of all, the word is FATHOM. Did you guys really go to UA? Aside from that, all those who continually bad mouth me for saying SIZE MATTERS TOLD YOU SO. We do not have a reasonably good big. We get outplayed by the other sides big every time.
  20. This is the most important second half of the year. If we can not beat a team that is not shooting for sh*t then we are not for real.
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