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  1. I am not going to comment because will be accused of being negative.
  2. If this kid Freeman is any good (High School: Led St. Martin De Porres High School ... earned First-Team All-Lake Effect Conference as a senior and runner-up conference Player of the Year ... averaged a double-double as a senior with 12 points and 10 rebounds per game ... dished out 4.6 assists per game) We should immediately give him this scholly and burn his redshirt. Else he may be in the wind. Apparently we suddenly have some extra money, may as well spend it. Can always take it back if he does not work out.
  3. If Freeman is any good they should give him the newly open scholly and burn that redshirt. Else he may be in the wind.
  4. Not a shock with all the guys entering the transfer portal. Not a good advertisement to come here.
  5. They are kids and will need some time to adjust. Ali looked a little bewildered at times and I didn't like the way he ran up and down the Court, did not seem to be going full speed. But he is tall and athletic and will develop. Tribble played with good confidence. However, he WILL learn that the schoolyard stuff he is used to won't end well against a D1 high major team. He needs to pick his spots and show more BB intelligence. It just takes time.
  6. The moral victory is that we were not blown out and made them work right up to the end for the victory. We did choke a bit but we did not quit. LCJ needs to wear a string on his finger to remind him he is a little guy and really should not dribble into the forest. Not that he is a bad player, he is very good. But at times needs to make better decisions - trying to drive into a crowd of really good athletes, chucking up a three instead of setting up a play.
  7. Keys to success: X and Reece the Beast stay healthy. Ali and Tribble mature. Sayles stays on the bench. FIRE AWAY. They did well against a superior team. That 5th place prediction may have been a bit premature.
  8. Hanging in with a team with guys who have never played together, against a superior team with bigger better faster guys. This level of play should be competitive in the MAC.
  9. As usual you blow more hot air than Adam Sciff Arth walked into a program that had recently been to bowl games and MAC championship games. Bowden did not take players and recruits with him. Bowden won 4 games his last season. Groce's team last year just could not close. They were in most games, and did not finish. And as stated he only started his first year with 5 returning players. Of course, you know that Groce was a successful coach in the MAC and was a Big 10 coach. Yet you compare him to Arth who has no business being in D1. Get off that soapbox.
  10. I think he inherited a nightmare. Not being an insider, I don't know the details of KD's departure, just that he took some players with him along with some recruits. I made the point at the time that those kids were recruited with the University's money, not KD's. That being said, I give him a total pass for year one. He walking into a mess. Year two he had some holdovers and some new guys, and people transferring out. This year is his make or break year. I am not saying he has to get to the dance, but he MUST have a winning record and be competitive in the MAC. This year's freshmen were sophomores in high school when he took over. He has had the time to recruit and train a team. He needs to get it done now.
  11. Duquesne got a game-high 22 points from point guard Tavian Dunn-Martin, 15 of those coming from 3-point distance
  12. By the way, when Tribble came in Frenchy said "He has a black eye". I guess he never saw him before either.
  13. Question for the guys who actually saw the game: They have already surpassed football (they won a game), but SERIOUSLY: How do we look? Do we look like a contender this year? Many players that none of us have seen play since there was no feed.
  14. Bradshaw and Sims both played for unknown schools. That is not the point. Arth did get back a lot of players after Bowden, including Kato. I don't think that really explains how bad we are.
  15. I don't know what is in the contract and I am not a Bowden fanboy. It was just a thought - if we are paying him, and he has not taken a new HC job, maybe we can bring him back. And fire the AD. I don't care if we will never be National Champions, I want us to be respectable, which we certainly are not at the moment.
  16. In the good old days we won a game once in a while.
  17. My questions about the transfers is this: If these kids can not get playing time on the worst team in all of D1 Football, who do they think is going to be interested in making them an offer?
  18. I am not a lawyer either. But I did work in New York Supreme Court for 30 years. I have no idea what the contract states. I am certain they could not require him to stay on campus as a janitor to get paid. However, if he is not currently working as a head coach, under contract somewhere (that might require this contract to be bought out?), we could quite possibly ask him to come back, and stop paying if he refuses. We are entitled to mitigate our damages. That is pretty standard. As far as Arth, if he refuses to be demoted and leaves, that is fine. Same money for us either way. At least Bowden, love him or hate him, gives hope to win some games.
  19. At the risk of being beat on, I don't think we need a second season of Arth. It is not like we are not good. We are HORRIBLE. Every game is a blowout. There is no excuse for this.
  20. So in other words you have not seen the contract and have no idea whether this is an option.
  21. Do you have a copy of the contract? We would like to see it.
  22. Missing the point. We are still paying him, we should be able to demand he work for us in the position we are paying him for.
  23. I don't know the legality and I have no idea where or how to reach anyone at the U. But feel free to pass it along.
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