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  1. I haven’t been called a Richard since grade school. I feel young again.
  2. Awesome. Now we may have 4550 attend.
  3. This type of post always boggles my mind. We are all here because we are fans and we do support the team. However, we are realistic and realize that this team is not very good. You really should give your "support your team" pep talk to Joe Akron that doesn't even know Akron has a football team. Calling anyone out here as not supporting the team is a bit odd. I am not calling you out by the way. Others have said the same type of thing and I honestly don't understand it.
  4. Many threads turn into OSU threads here. It's pretty telling. LOL
  5. Good grief. This has nothing to do with OSU being above him or whatever you are trying to imply. I love the common opponent that some people play though. It makes me laugh. You are just as bad as a couple others here. The guy is a great coach and will be a big time coach somewhere soon. Meyer isn't leaving soon and if you think Campbell is going to sit at ISU and wait, you are being extremely naive. I hope he continues on this path and does become the coach in Columbus some day. I just don't see it happening. He will get a bog time job before that and he probably won't leave one big time job for another.
  6. That is really sad. You have to feel for his parents. To lose one child is bad, but to lose two would be unbearable. Thoughts and prayers to the family.
  7. No idea about Woodson, but Sands' injury looked season ending. They had a brace on his leg and he was carted off. Not something guys usually come back from in one week. Hopefully I am wrong.
  8. I an hoping for a win, but I predict a blowout for OU. The sad part is that if UA beats KSU and makes a bowl game, the Bowden lovers will fall for the smoke and mirrors. It's like being a 500 team in the NBA. You aren't good enough to win anything, but not bad enough to get a lottery pick.
  9. When you need to add that many “ifs”’to your argument, you obviously know what I’m saying.
  10. Absolutely agree. This guy obviously thinks his son is all that and will throw everyone else under the bus defending him.
  11. So you think we win another game? I am assuming KSU is the game you are counting on. OU will probably blow us out. If we get to a bowl game, we will be embarrassed. Sorry, not feeling very confident in this team at all.
  12. Too bad dad doesn't post here. It would be fun to read how out of touch he is on a regular basis. I think Kato has a bright future, but to attack the team like this is beyond bad. Kato is the type of guy that programs will stay away from because of his dad. We don't need anymore Ball families.
  13. When someone is suspended they normally aren't on the sidelines, even at a home game.
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