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  1. The Tight End Position

    I'd like to see him on the DL.
  2. Summer 2017 workouts

    Many star ratings are based off of potential. There are many misses going both ways. He is just not a QB.
  3. 2017 Camp Thread

    You mean progrum.
  4. Logan Tuley-Tillman Departing

    Perhaps he's a college gear collector.
  5. 2017 Camp Thread

    Exactly. With the Get Smart theme.
  6. 2017 Camp Thread

    I wonder if they will do those one walking through the field house and introducing coaches. Ha
  7. Les Miles

    Agreed. Which is why I said consistently. One season won't do much.
  8. There is a thread on Facebook about JT. It showed highlights from his NFL career. Damn, I forgot how quick he was off the edge. He was like a CB blitzing off the edge with his speed. I remember after JT left that Dwayne LeFall, came in and many thought he was the next JT. Good player, but.......
  9. Les Miles

    I hope you are being sarcastic here. If Akron was winning constantly, nothing going on in Columbus would matter to Akron. Look how many major teams Florida, Texas, Cali, Michigan, etc, etc. have. If you prove you can win consistently, you will draw attendance. No, UA will not draw 70,000, or 35,00 consistently, but I could see 20-25,000 on a regular basis if Akron was winning. This constant woe is me attitude and constant empathy is really sad to see. I really don't understand. I attended every home game and a few road games before I moved south. I knew the team wasn't good, but it was D1 football, it was close and it was my home team. I really don't understand.....
  10. Football Roster

    Williams was injured and schools backed off. Should be a nice pickup though if he is healthy. I wonder where all of those verbals that we had at one point that never signed ended up.
  11. Les Miles

    If nothing else, the mad hatter would get the Akron name out there.
  12. Quite a few Akron references when interviewing Jason. You have to include Michelle's Akrawn
  13. Les Miles

    Dusk, dawn, what's the difference? Start, end, what's the difference
  14. 2017 MAC Media Day

    Not sure we have anyone here that we would call a "insider". It would be great if we could actually get more information on this team.