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  1. Game 8—@Toledo Rockets

    You may be right. Perhaps a combination of both The “progrum” has gone from suck to below average under Bowden. This is as good as it gets with him.
  2. Game 8—@Toledo Rockets

    Because Bowden doesn't want Kato to get experience and get better and make the new coach next year look better.
  3. Game 8—@Toledo Rockets

    Losing to the class of the MAC is one thing. Getting embarrassed AGAIN is completely different. The game isn’t over but it’s looking bleak.
  4. Game 8—@Toledo Rockets

    This is more like the Akron team we are all used to. Thank you Bowden for reminding us.
  5. Game 7—@Western Michigan

    That right there is funny, yet sad.
  6. Game 7—@Western Michigan

    Not a big fan of Milwee but he isn’t our biggest problem. If he was really good a A P5 would snatch him up. Lincoln Riley and Tom Herman are 2 good OC that went to bigger programs and then were soon HC. I’d prefer some continuity in a staff if the HC stays.
  7. Game 7—@Western Michigan

    The love in this thread warms my heart
  8. Game 7—@Western Michigan

    Yuuuuge win. Awesome job. D
  9. Game 7—@Western Michigan

    I hope you are right....
  10. Game 7—@Western Michigan

    Predict the final score. 17-14 or 24-14. I apologize in advance for the negativity, but i have no confidence in this team or this staff to pull this out. WM has all the momentum right now and it is apparent that we are just trying to hold on. I think we all know how that works out.
  11. Game 7—@Western Michigan

    Damn. Does anyone know what the injury to Kato is?
  12. 9100 attendance

    Most likely myself. I do that a lot
  13. 9100 attendance

    Cumquats and grapes comparison. Soccer is different than football to sports fans. A conference championship, some bowl wins and a win over non garbage teams would help immensely.
  14. 9100 attendance

    You're welcome. Now don't say I never do anything for you. Basketball rarely draws like football. Akron football plays a weak schedule and loses against good teams. Look ok at the crowds soccerreceived when we were in the NC hunt.
  15. 9100 attendance

    Apples and oranges