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  1. Coach said Jatavis will be fine. Hope so!!
  2. The coach said Jatavis will be fine. Hope so!
  3. Sad FYI. Current Triway coach and former Zip player & coach Sean Carmichael has died unexpectedly. Sean batted .342 during his time for our Zips (86-89). Great guy who deeply loved his family and the feeling was mutual. He will be missed.
  4. Harvey was the best kickoff returner I’ve ever seen at Akron.
  5. Since it is college football, I do think it's fair to critique the academic merits of a rival school. Does the science dept. at Liberty teach that the planet is 5,000 years old? I don't know. But if they teach that it is kind of funny. Who knows, we may schedule Antioch College in 2030, as I hear their sports facilities will be tremendous. Then we conservatives can laugh at them for teaching that Gaia or the Wind Spirit created the earth.
  6. This just about guarantees a Ravens win on Sunday.
  7. Heard George Thomas on Bull & Fox radio show today. Everyone seemed really amped about Arth's energy and ability to recruit.
  8. 2010....all over again!!!!! Yeah Zips!!!!!!!!
  9. Jatavis has 72 tackles, second on the team behind FS rookie phenom Derwin James who has 81.
  10. "Scarborough" and "Ianello." Two names I wish could be struck from Zip history.
  11. I still have absolutely no idea what happened to our offense over the Bowden years. Was QB Dalton Williams really that incredible that we could put up 50 points on everybody?
  12. Heck yeah! https://www.therams.com/video/spanish-call-of-the-game-natson-s-36-yard-return
  13. There are more players than fans at this game. Also so we have a better chance to win by direct-snapping the ball to Van Edwards.
  14. https://www.therams.com/video/spanish-call-of-the-game-natson-s-36-yard-return
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