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  1. Zips in the NFL

    This just about guarantees a Ravens win on Sunday.
  2. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Heard George Thomas on Bull & Fox radio show today. Everyone seemed really amped about Arth's energy and ability to recruit.
  3. NCAA Tournament

    2010....all over again!!!!! Yeah Zips!!!!!!!!
  4. Zips in the NFL

    Jatavis has 72 tackles, second on the team behind FS rookie phenom Derwin James who has 81.
  5. Possible Candidates

    "Scarborough" and "Ianello." Two names I wish could be struck from Zip history.
  6. Game 10—@Eastern Michigan Eagles

    I still have absolutely no idea what happened to our offense over the Bowden years. Was QB Dalton Williams really that incredible that we could put up 50 points on everybody?
  7. Zips in the NFL

    Heck yeah! https://www.therams.com/video/spanish-call-of-the-game-natson-s-36-yard-return
  8. Game 10—@Eastern Michigan Eagles

    There are more players than fans at this game. Also so we have a better chance to win by direct-snapping the ball to Van Edwards.
  9. Zips in the NFL

  10. New Uniforms

    Agree. Maybe it's my eyes lol but I can barely even read that font. Alrar?
  11. Good start, 1-0 good guys!!
  12. Zips in the NFL

    At least it wasn't Jatavis who injured him.....was it?
  13. Zips in the NFL

    When asked if anyone stood out in the game, Rams coach Sean McVay said "Natson." Five Takeaways: Running Backs Impress in Rams Preseason Opener vs. Ravens Myles Simmons RAMS INSIDER 5) NATSON RETURNS WELL Wide receiver JoJo Natson had a lot of opportunities for returns and made the most of them — both on kicks and punts. Natson returned seven kickoffs, averaging 23 yards on each with a long of 27 yards. And he returned four punts averaging 14.3 yards per return. His longest punt return went 29 yards up the right sideline to start a touchdown drive, with defensive lineman Brian Womac posting a solid block to spring Natson. Additionally, Natson had a key third-down reception for nine yards on Los Angeles’ first scoring drive in the fourth quarter. https://www.therams.com/news/five-takeaways-running-backs-impress-in-rams-preseason-opener-vs-ravens
  14. Fly the Flag

    I really like this idea. You know during televised games the cameras are absolutely going to focus on those flags - if they're there.