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  1. President Matthew Wilson

    In the meantime...http://www.crainscleveland.com/article/20171207/news/144916/youngstown-state-extends-president-jim-tressels-contract
  2. 2018-2019

    The continued results of poor decision making. This would not have happened if we would have made Tressel president (I got slammed for supporting him too). Who the f**k runs this s**t show?
  3. Zips Bball's Future

    You question what is being repeated....either you didn't read what I have said or you don't understand. Can you explain this one to me....."We've got the coach who has shown he can take a MAC school where we want it to go." Groce went 14-18. Is that where we want to go? He had a .600ish record at Ohio, went to the regional semifinal and left the next year. Is that where we want to go? Also the putting lipstick on a pig thing you referenced (lighting, scoreboards, etc.) What do you do you mean by "given the circumstances". Are you referring to the financial distress the school is under? If so, how can you not understand my point? BTW - if UA would have kept the commitment they made to Huggie, he would have stayed much longer.
  4. Zips Bball's Future

    So why was INfo built?
  5. Zips Bball's Future

    I would ask the same...how is making the same mistakes over and over productive. I dont come come on here much anymore so my timing is bad. Everyone seems content with the direction so GO ZIPS!
  6. Zips Bball's Future

    Appreciate the feedback. Basically you are OK with the investments and decisions UA has made and you are looking forward to "next year". That is awesome! I also hope next year is great.
  7. Zips Bball's Future

    That is my kind of my point. Hug left because originally a commitment was made to him to make UA a basketball power. BUT then Gerry Faust became available and was given a blank check to make football the priority. Hug was pissed and left shortly after. It was a poor decision that has been repeated. KD wanted a new arena and would have stayed had it been built BUT a decision was made to build the INfo and hire another Notre Dame reject to take over the team. Not saying Hug would have stayed forever, I am telling you he got shafted and left. Ditto for KD. Not saying KD is as good a coach as Hug but I do believe facilities and attendance bring in better recruits. Add LBJ, we had a rare opportunity to make a splash on the national stage. Instead we have a giant football stadium 1/5th filled. Football is is too expensive and it’s futile to try and compete with what will ultimately be (or is) a 4 league D1 competition. We we should have taken the Xavier, Gonzaga, Wichita State, Dayton model. Which schools have more pride? Which schools are ridiculed for have the worst attendance/Gameday experience for football.
  8. Zips Bball's Future

    Someone just delete the thread......
  9. Zips Bball's Future

    This is why I don't post on here....You totally miss the point. You can be as optimistic as you want about next season...if Groce succeeds, he will be gone. Based on your response I assume your expectation was for LBJ to foot the bill for an arena.....LOL. If the mayor had half a brain, he would have worked something out with the U and LBJ...he didn't and he let it ride out of town.
  10. I realize it is a moot point now but the city of Akron and the U seriously f**ked up by not building some sort of arena to pacify coach Dambrot. When KD (and essentially Lebron) left town, the biggest chance we had to dominate the MAC and possibly be considered for a better conference left town. LBJ loves his home town....he left south beach to move back to Akron, Ohio. He is a once in a lifetime person. Groce was a lucky hire but he has no ties here. We are back to being in the "cradle of coaches" conference. To me it is sad that this opportunity laid out on a silver plate was squandered.
  11. Game 31—@WMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 1]

    Great game.....gutsy effort...great coaching...upset win in post season...freshman come up big. Zips advance!
  12. This is a very important/significant comment for Zips fans to keep in mind (especially to those that get down on JE early in seasons). We get good players (not necessarily ***** players all the time). But, when they come to Akron, they are coached and developed by an amazing coaching staff - Moutinho is the most recent example. Akron soccer is like what Kentucky is to college basketball. The bad news for us is we have to reload and gel every year. I realize other teams have players who leave early too but could you imagine if some of the players we've had in the last decade would have stayed for 2,3,4 years!! We would have won the last 5 College Cups. JE is the best soccer coach in college soccer PERIOD!!
  13. Bowden Expectations (Through 2021)

    Agreed. I have been a supporter and thought we were lucky to get he and Amato. I am ready for 8 wins+
  14. Boca Raton Bowl–Zips @ Owls

    You show about as much class as your players and your coach. I was thinking a rulebook with pictures included might help FAU fans and players but apparently pictures are not even clear enough for you since this one show your player's helmet hitting first. Your dumbass argument is he led with his shoulder but genius, if you look at the picture you CLEARLY see the head and neck turning sideways and shoulders are still back. The fact you would even argue something like this is pathetic.
  15. Boca Raton Bowl–Zips @ Owls

    Yea, don't sugarcoat it ;-)