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  1. Wow those two are laying some wood!!! Impressive.
  2. I am underwhelmed. If I were to walk around where I live (Washington, DC area) with this new A logo, who would I be promoting? American University, Appalachian St, Adelphi, Acadia University, Agnes Scott College, Aichi Bunkyo University, Albion College, Alfred State College, Augustana College? When I walk around D.C. with my Z hat, it never fails....people love to say "Go Zips"! There is no confusion what the Z stands for! Fukit ...let's win some games........I'll keep my "Z" stuff, it's unique.
  3. Could this be our new "Z" logo on the chin straps of the commits?
  4. Z for Zelenskyy!!! Problem solved 😁 (more sarcasm for ya)
  5. Young teams take time to develop and mature. That's what we did. Great coaching. Look out next year!!
  6. Campbell’s hail mary three-pointer from almost half court as the shot clock went down was a dagger. That was some of the best defense I have ever seen.
  7. I would have loved to have played Michigan and knock that punk Juwan Howard out.
  8. I Pick Z. Most badass logo of them all
  9. The most feminine pick I could grab.
  10. I'm digging' seeing the "Z" coming back. Just sayin'
  11. Skipping his way home 🤣🤣🤣
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