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  1. Horrible special teams Where is the new TE? Too many TE drops Price running tough DBs not looking for ball I still think we overcome and win
  2. This would do it. https://www.barstoolsports.com/blog/3435208/lebron-has-inquired-about-playing-college-football-and-ohio-states-ad-has-offered-to-help-him
  3. Irons looks REALLY good to me but Shocky Jacques-Louis has been amazing averaging nearly 7 catches per game. He certainly has taken the sting off Mumpfield leaving. As a player and now a fan I love playing against the P5 teams but I there was a way we could get out of them for next next year or two. We can't afford injuries and I would to get Ws
  4. WTF with this announcer continuing to talk about Irons transferring!!!!
  5. What will attendance be tonight for JoMo's debut
  6. This will be the last time on this list for us. JoMo!! Worst teams in College Football
  7. Agreed. I am certainly not a George fan.....but the coaches are keeping their cards close and evaluating how to get the most out of what they have. Smart! They have inherited players from a different coach. They don't have the luxury of having a roster of players they recruited to their schemes so they have to adapt to what they have. I find this to be a very encouraging article showing how good this staff is!
  8. I realize this is not Zips recruiting but AJ Milwee just got a huge feather in his cap Arch Manning to Texas
  9. Wow those two are laying some wood!!! Impressive.
  10. I am underwhelmed. If I were to walk around where I live (Washington, DC area) with this new A logo, who would I be promoting? American University, Appalachian St, Adelphi, Acadia University, Agnes Scott College, Aichi Bunkyo University, Albion College, Alfred State College, Augustana College? When I walk around D.C. with my Z hat, it never fails....people love to say "Go Zips"! There is no confusion what the Z stands for! Fukit ...let's win some games........I'll keep my "Z" stuff, it's unique.
  11. Could this be our new "Z" logo on the chin straps of the commits?
  12. Z for Zelenskyy!!! Problem solved 😁 (more sarcasm for ya)
  13. Young teams take time to develop and mature. That's what we did. Great coaching. Look out next year!!
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