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  1. UA Mens Fall Sports Us Them Combined record 0 - 10 Combined Scores 57 - 163
  2. Slow, sloppy, uninspired...backline unorganized/confused. Worst Zips soccer I can remember watching.
  3. Take the Zips. We have home field advantage 😝
  4. Yup and Trust me, I don't like it but it is what it is. I don't get it....Xavier and Dayton have been successful.
  5. And that was my exact comment years ago when "THAT" stadium was built. The Georgetown, Gonzaga, UConn model was the solution. Basketball and soccer was where the money should have been invested. KD and Lebron were our only shot at making a leap. Those two were what made us unique. The best basketball player in the world and his coach were right here!! Our chance to break out was to have people that are loyal to UA and the city. Tressel, Dambrot and Lebron were those people. They are all gone and sadly I think we will have a revolving door with presidents and coaches. BTW - I never griped without giving suggestions.
  6. Those of us that have offered solutions get smacked by the ZNO crew, so what is the point. A comment was made about "EMU, NIU, and Miami actually start to invest in their basketball programs". Well.....what about Akron? What have we done except put glue and paint on a poorly designed JAR? Our destiny was set when a new arena got squashed - PERIOD. Bye bye KD...tight ties with Lebron and any chances of anything better than the MAC. We are exactly where we deserve to be.
  7. Paul Winters should have been the hire. It could have happened. That would have righted some wrongs and gotten me excited.
  8. How? Other than it being the same time last year.
  9. This whole thing parallels what is going on with our country. People want to protest, tweet, complain but they don't have answers. Common sense is gone! To those that didn't want Jim Tressel as president....big mistake IMHO. To those that have been calling for Terry Bowden's head - big mistake. There was a great chance to capitalize on the "This is Akron" promo with Tressel, Dambrot, Lebron....I think Embick and Bowden could be lifers too. Now we have a revolving door of presidents and coaches. What's the plan folks? This is what you want?
  10. This hire, regardless of who it is, will show LW's philosophy. It's apparent it will be a young "up and comer" who's tenure will be dictated by how quick the success will be.
  11. ....and not offensive coordinators?
  12. True Dat!! Constantly losing players after a year or two....reloading.....getting them to gel. Absolutely Amazing!!!
  13. I hear ya but look through the posts from the past. MANY (maybe not you) said Dambrot needed to go because he couldn't "take us to the next level". There were multiple posts about 1 and done in post season, embarrassing losses, etc. Hey bud, I loved Dambrot and my post is in no way a disservice to what he did for us. He is a friend and I was happy to have him as our coach, sad to see him leave. I just don't understand what the "next level" is. You have the power 5 Conferences and then everyone else....Being in the MAC, you hope to knock off a marquis team in the 2-3 chances you get every year. Once you get in to MAC play...any team can win, the parody is ridiculous. In an attempt to get to the "next level" you can hire a hot shot young coach who will be gone in 2 years and fall in to oblivion or respectable coach who will stay (i.e. Solich at OU, TB with us). Just sayin'......be careful what you wish for.
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