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  1. Too bad. He always looked good in a bikini.
  2. XFL Summer Showcases Bryce Cheek Jamal Marcus Walter Brady Tyrell Goodman Isaiah Williams https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1R8DSec0yBdhuqrCH1u3JU2JzoeHD9Te8a9YCBgsNw-8/edit#gid=1308845140
  3. https://nascar.nbcsports.com/2019/07/06/nascar-disqualifies-aj-allmendingers-car-for-failing-inspection/
  4. Zeke is playing for the Guelph Nighthawks
  5. K2 faces life in prison - "Whether Winslow has CTE is unknown"
  6. Just your standard 10 year deal for Steve Alford...
  7. I'm sure there is nothing to see here.
  8. Not sure what this means but they won and Matt Wilson is really proud.
  9. Matt Kaulig to receive the Simonetti Award on April 19th.
  10. Limas Sweed filed a $5 million suit alleging negligence against the NCAA because of concussions.
  11. Knight Commission breakdown on "Where the Money Goes" and "Where the Money Comes From" in Akron sports. This database also includes information on academic spending from 2005 to 2017. Akron spent $3.9 M on football in 2005 and $12.2 M in 2016. FBS median was $7 M to $16 M in that same timeframe.
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