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  1. Too bad you don’t have a former player that can come back and resurrect the program even he only stays 3-4 years. I may be a diehard Rocket fan but I’ll always have a soft spot for the Zips. Even though the MAC in general sucks this year, the East would benefit greatly if BG and Akron became competitive again with Ohio and Buffalo.
  2. Toledo’s turnovers will atleast give you guys a few more scores to feel better heading into the bowl game
  3. This is what I call a good ol’fashioned butt whuppin...
  4. Word has it Toledo has sold over 15,000 tickets.
  5. You’re going to have to shutdown the run and force Woodside to throw much of the game while pressuring him nearly every series. Both Miami and Ohio were successful in that areas. Youll probably have to score 40 points to win which is possible against Toledo’s defense but they have improved quite a bit. We are more susceptible against the run than pass. i just think with the game being indoors and in front of a large Toledo contingent that we will score often. Unless, of course, Woodside gets injured... But, major props beating Ohio and getting here. If you guys were playing anyone but my Rockets I’d be pulling for you. I did some graduate work at Akron so I do have a soft spot for the university.
  6. Thank you Zips for knocking out our kryptonite!! Hope to see you in Detroit! Go Rockets!
  7. You guys must really suck if you can only score 10 pts so far against this defense
  8. I change my prediction... Akron 59 Toledo 31
  9. Tailgating now. We're the one in lot 9 with the multiple Toledo flags. May leave game early if the World Series is close but at least we are pregaming for both
  10. You guys don't understand. Toledo's defense is horrible. I know you guys have a good running game and if your qb has the capability to throw 20 yds downfield within a few feet of a receiver you will do just fine on offense. You guys will score close to or more than 30 pts Wed night Sure, Toledo could win. Our offense is awesome when things are rolling. But, if you're able to slow down the run and make us one dimensional, that hinders our passing game. Truth be told, we haven't had a solid passing attack since BYU but we are good and fast. Again, kick to Corey Jones...he fumbles and drops balls frequently...
  11. We suck on defense...both run and pass. If you guys don't rack up over 500 yards and 30+ points then shame on you... Our offense is explosive but we're not unstoppable. Kareem Hunt may be considered the king of MAC running backs but he has regressed quite a bit. Basically, he hits the hole, spins, then jukes twice to gain only 3 yards. Our backups are more lethal...Swanson and Moore. Then again our coaching staff is in love with Hunt. We have 4 explosive receivers but sometimes playcalling or drops hinder us from scoring. Our returner #4 Corey Jones is good for one fumble or one poorly fielded return. When it happens, it'd be in your best interest to capitalize on it
  12. At least you've been to the tournament in the last decade. Toledo hasn't been there in 35 years...35 years!!! Akron and Can't have always been the model programs for the conference since I can remember. With the parity in the conference this year you still have a good chance of being tourney champs
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