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  1. The blue in the zipper didn't even match the navy blue of the A-Roo and uniforms. How about that zipper in gold on a white helmet, blue facemask with "Akron" in our current sports font written on the sides. THAT would be something.
  2. Michigan State, Xavier and Cincinnati are 3 schools that make sense. Yes, MSU is a stretch...but they consistently recruit NE Ohio guys, so giving them a chance to play in their hometown is big. Xavier...as an alum, it bothers me that they don't come up to the area to play in front of one of their 3 largest alumni bases. And no doubt they have the least to lose playing Akron (vs. playing CSU or Can't). Cincinnati...well, they are about to dumb it down in conference. And, again, strong alumni base. The other thing is bringing some form of the Rock-n-Roll Shootout back. Perhaps having 2 games (Akron in one, Can't or CSU in the other) against solid opponents would help push the attendance to 12,000. The schools in Indiana do such a good job of playing each other. I wish this state would follow suit.
  3. Laziness subsided. http://www.cleveland.com/sports/college/in...zips_to_ge.html “We have to go into the hornet’s nest like Butler has, and VCU has, and show that we can beat those people,” he said. “But again, we don’t get as many opportunities as they do. And they get some at home that we don’t get. We’re trying to build our name so eventually we get home-and-home with those people, even if it’s not our home, if it’s Quicken Loans Arena and their home. That’s good enough for us. That’s what we need to do to take the next step. Sorry if this was mentioned before in another topic. I just thought it was interesting in Dambrot's thought process of even HIM being willing to kick it up a couple notches.
  4. Dambrot, in the PD during the MAC tourney, alluded to the possiblity of playing major teams at home and at the Q if necessary. Hopefully someone else can back me up as I am too lazy right now to search for a link. To take the program to the next step, to get the NCAA win(s), and until a new arena is built...playing 1-2 major games @ the Q yearly is a good idea. Glad to hear that Dambrot is ready to take the schedule to the next step and is mentioning use of the Q.
  5. Any kid who committed to BC and THOUGHT Spaziani was going to be there after this year is not that bright of a kid or is getting REALLY bad information.
  6. Someone mentioned UConn joining ACC. I think the more likely scenario is GTown or Nova joining for bball only (as some national writers have mentioned). We might see the 5 conferences of significance sticking to 12-14 teams. Keep in mind the buyout in the ACC is now $50 million. So the dreams of Big 12 or SEC nabbing FSU, Clemson or VaTech are probably on life support for Big 12 and SEC. Big 12 SUPPOSEDLY needs to get back to 12 teams by 2014 (per the new "Champions Bowl" request). So, the Big East is still in major trouble if true. Louisville, Cincinnati, SMU and Houston could all be targets (and SMU and Houston are not even in the league yet...remember "TCU in the Big East"?) Boise could still be a target for Big 12 or Pac 12. BYU is out there too as a possiblity. Not saying the scenario below happens, but if it were to happen, you are probably at 14 teams for the big 5 confernces: Big 12 goes to 14 with Lville, UC, Houston and SMU. Pac 12 nabs Boise and BYU. BiG Ten probably stays put, but maybe nabs UConn and Rutgers for the Eastern markets. ACC and SEC stay put. Big East is still on such shaky ground b/c they are the last league that still has some teams of value that can be plucked.
  7. This is basically the kind of game that a team loses before it starts winning consistently. Just can't get over the hump, and then...BOOM..here come the wins! Must take care of business against Morgan State. Tennesseee...just survive without getting hammered with injuries. Not sure about bowling, but I do think 4-5 wins is now POSSIBLE.
  8. I will start with a Roo Brew, then move to some Yuengling. Quite impressed they brought in Yuengling.
  9. Maybe we could go bowling. With 13 offensive starters, we have to create SOME mismatches! (OK...I realize you were including FB, TE, etc....or just a typo).
  10. Morgan State and UMass are the best chances for victories. UMass, though, is no pushover. Winning those 2, suprising against Miami or BG and perhaps getting CMU who seems to be down= 4 wins is probably the max. I think 3-9 will be the end result.
  11. I am quite surprised that we have not ADVERTISED something new. However, in the past few seasons, we have broken out a few changes with zero notice. BG has new mismatched orange unis, OU has new black unis, Toledo has a new matte helmet. Maybe we have to win at least 4 games to make changes.
  12. Rossi is 6-0, 231= too big for a LB in this defense.
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