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  1. We are up to 5 pages, and the last 3 are a back and forth on if Ohio is a Top 5 recruiting state and if that even matters, and nothing on possible candidates. I just wanted to come by with a "looks like I was wrong" comment and see what people are hearing.
  2. So, one year removed from a MAC East Championship and a bowl appearance...after a 2016 contract extension, we are somehow going to fire Bowden for under achieving? Don't see us buying him out of 2019 & 2020 Base compensation 2017 guaranteed pay: $406,000 Total contract pay: $3,630,000 Contract length: 9 years Start date: 12/22/2011 Last amended: 8/1/2016 Expires: 2/28/2021
  3. It's because Kaulig Capital LLC is the actual donor and not Leaf Filter.
  4. I have an undergraduate and graduate degree, didn't spend a single Friday on campus. 1996 was my first year. Most every student I knew always found some way to avoid Friday classes. In fact several 4 credit and lab courses were already scheduled Monday - Thursday, or M-W-Thursday because they know students work, and the prime hours almost everywhere are Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  5. We have at least 3 base helmets (white, gold, blue) and then they update them with decals for each game. I think there is a 4th base helmet that is gold metallic, not sure though. Updating logos gives us a ton of options each week.
  6. Wow, 18 votes that we beat Kent by 8 or more. I think Kato gets the start, it's hard to find a reason for Woodson to play when we know the offense is more dynamic with Kato as the QB.
  7. There are currently 77 teams that are .500 or better or already bowl eligible. There are 40 bowl games, so 80 teams are needed. We are going bowling no matter what. There are MAC affiliate bowls that are guaranteed to MAC Champ and Runner-up and next two best teams. We will likely end up in 1 of the 4 MAC Primary bowls, (Bahamas, Potato, Raycom, Dollar General) if we beat Kent. If we end up in the Dollar General Bowl I know GP1 will be out there smiling somewhere.
  8. I don't think anyone is complacent. I do think that you seem to gloss over how terrible the team was, and that Bowden has accomplished something. I also think that he isn't on the hot seat until next year. Injuries ruined a promising season last year. Troy is the first game against "similar" competition so far this year and let's not forget that Bowden is the one that set the expectations of competing against better competition with tough losses to Michigan and Tennessee. But you keep assuming that people are "complacent".
  9. Quite the goal post move there. Tied for 6th MAC finish? I suppose having the 6th best MAC record isn't that great, but that also isn't how anything in the conference is determined. You can finish tied for 5th in the MAC, 1st in the East after tiebreakers and win the MAC Championship and that is all that matters. Bowden's best season, has also been Akron's best overall record, and only Bowl win, since moving to 1-A, finishing tied for 2nd in the MAC East. But go ahead and continue with your alternative facts. Bowden should not be immune in anyway to criticism. There are questionable decisions, but let's not act like we've had nothing but futility. We had years of mediocrity, before Bowden, and one of those years ended in a championship. Bowden has taken us back to that level, and shown signs of moving us past it. Too bad most of the "fans" would rather clamor for the "good ole days" whatever those were.
  10. If they are going throwback, I Imagine it will be a tribute to Jason Taylor, so it will be the Motion A, Running A Logo from his teams.
  11. How many buildings are named after him on OSU's campus, how many students is he sending to OSU on scholarship? And I have consistently seen him, and his entourage at Zips football and Basketball games. Hell, the one soccer game I took my son to, he was there. At least one game each of the last 3 years has been "Lebron James Family Foundation Night" where all the students and families can come for free. It's a question I ask each year. What are you, what are any of us, personally doing to bring in crowds and improve the game experience? I'm sure bitching at the top of your lungs about "Number of Stars don't matter" and being openly hostile to your own team really helps the game experience. Sitting on your hands when the team needs noise really helps the game experience. Most of our fans are drunk and belligerent or bumps on a log, that really makes people want to come back.
  12. If you think he's part of the problem, you're part of the problem.
  13. $60 is pretty reasonable, and fitting of the sub par high school type game experience. I have done season tickets to basketball, and multi-game passes in the past. The fact that once you get to the game, you are better off just leaving if you want food or need the restroom is terrible for the whole experience. Enough so that my wife will no longer go to basketball games because it is a chore to even get to a restroom. Think about that for a minute. People feel put out to go to the restroom or get concessions at a basketball game. There are minor changes that can be made that would improve the current experience, but is it worth it? People already know the JAR, they know what they are getting. I don't see minor upgrades changing people's opinion of that dump.
  14. They are the Golden Gophers.... dig that tunnel hit that hole (maybe not the best idea considering the situation that led to the last coach's termination)
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