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  1. I like how they are approve alcohol where they are going to sit but not where the rest of us sit. If it's banned for some....it should be banned for all. Hypocrites.
  2. http://floridastate.rivals.com/forum.asp?s...61&fid=1080
  3. Good, now I can put some seahawk logo stickers on my Akron/Frye Jersey #5 and become a Seahawks fan.
  4. It has nothing to do with Charlie....I was a big Garcia fan. It has to with the Browns. Until they are able to protect the QB, you could plug in P Manning and he would struggle.
  5. I am a Browns fan but say this. Give the freaking idiot fans what they want! Start Quinn next week. I guarantee the same result.
  6. I think we've seen Charlie Frye's last start in a Cleveland Browns uniform. I love Charlie, but it's over. Hopefuly he can get out of Cleveland and land somewhere where he can get a fresh start.
  7. In order to win we need to establish a running game 2 total yards rushing ain't gonna cut it. OSU's LB's and DB's are cheating and will continue to do so until we start having some success running the ball
  8. Halftime thoughts.......great half by Zips D......Zips offense is having no success at all. The turnovers have heldped the D stay off the field. I'm not worried about fatigue on the Zips. OSU will come out in the 2nd half and really try and open it up. Look for them to try and use their speed to run more to the outside and less up the middle.Akron needs to establish some sort of running game. Unless we do, the defense is going to cheat on our recievers which will limit our success in the passing game.Field position will be crucial. I don't se our offense marching 80 yards for a score.
  9. Is there anywhere on the internet to listen to the Zips broadcast?
  10. LIistening to the game on the radio and it reminds me of the games I've attended at the shoe. Gotta admit the pre-game pagentry and hisory at OSU games is impressive.
  11. Off topic a bit.......but a friend of mine thought of a new slogan with a take off of the "fear the roo" campaign. How do you like..."Don't Anga' the Kanga"
  12. Anyone have any tickets for tonights game for sale. Decided to go up last minute. pm me.
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