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  1. Bowden Expectations (Through 2021)

    +1 Nailed it. Bowden and Milwee need to make like the Chinese and steal what the best offensive programs are doing. We may not have the horses at times to pull it off as well as the better programs do but can we at least look the part on offense game in and game out?
  2. Game 12—Concord Mountain Lions

    Nope. Done with small schools. Like the schedule so far this year but passing on this one. Will be half-watching on ESPN3 with Frenchy and Joe in the background. 3 votes here for the Barbeaus - one each for smile, eyes and well ... .
  3. Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic

    Watching Princeton/MTSU. Zips fan in Akron jersey front row behind basket ... is that you Z.I.P.?
  4. Boca Raton Bowl–Zips @ Owls

    All indications are..... Milwee made it onboard the plane and is in the press box.
  5. Duquesne over Mississippi Valley State tonight by 24 ... 73-49.
  6. Any idea why there was only a single announcement over the PA system at last night's men's basketball game regarding Zip soccer Friday night? Nothing on the large video boards of any kind and only the single mention that I recall. This team is two wins away from another National Championship and it gets "Oh, by the way ..." mention like that?
  7. It sure feels good to BE P5-level, cream-of-the-cream. Excellence is fun - GO ZIPS!!!!
  8. Ramart or Kelley please (after MANY attempts to craft a post regarding our QB situation and what I observed in Detroit yesterday). +1 to Clark's 'problem parents' post above.
  9. We could beat Lolla the next 100 matches and it wouldn't get old. Way to go Zips!!!!!!!!! 4-0 vs. the ACC this year!
  10. I'd just head to Detroit and buy the $20 tickets at the venue. Can't remember which section is the 'Akron section' but the box office people ought to be able to help with that. Huge stadium = plenty of tix available including in or near the Akron fans. Go Zips!
  11. Akron had a nice recovery to the bad start. The seeding was fair as I would have ranked L ahead of UA too. Porter and Embick have done a nice job of scheduling up including highly-ranked teams at home. Tough to schedule to the level of an ACC schedule; the ACC is an excellent soccer conference. We've played very well down the stretch. Time to head to L and bring home the W - GO ZIPS!!!
  12. Wisconsin Badgers

    Current forecast has temps in the mid-40s, dry, and manageable wind (10 or so). Looking forward to a great Saturday doubleheader - men's NCAA tourney soccer followed by men's basketball on the tube from Dayton. Go Zips!
  13. Game 2—UT Martin Skyhawks

    All good. Have had season tix in the lower and upper chairbacks in the past. Enjoy kicking back in the bleachers at $2 per sit bone per game (can't beat it). Looking forward to an arena someday where all seats are chairback; will pony back up then.
  14. Game 2—UT Martin Skyhawks

    My problem is the fanny experience. I swear the sit-bone indentations on the bleachers where I'm sitting are the ones I put there back in the OVC years '83-'88. I'll take Fenway-style scoring and stats if I can get more blue chairbacks! ;-)
  15. Game 2—UT Martin Skyhawks

    Might have been a halftime or timeout quick display. I specifically recall my son pointing out that no Akron player was in any kind of foul trouble fairly deep into the game.