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  1. REALLY crappy day for Zips fans. WVU scores with 13 seconds left in regulation to tie 1-1 and force OT. Scores again early in 1st OT to take the win 2-1. R-E-A-L-L-Y looking forward to men's basketball soon.
  2. Game 1—@Nebraska Cornhuskers

    Cornhurlers gack lead in regulation and lose to NW in OT to move to a perfect 0-6. Did we ever get our money?
  3. Game 6—@Buffalo Bulls

    Enjoy the ball movement between the 20s and the occasional FG. Very uninspiring and this season's toast without changing something up.
  4. Game 6—@Buffalo Bulls

    Have seen enough of Kato. Time to go another direction. Ramart please.
  5. Game 3—@Northwestern

    No problems with Playstation Vue (is there a service that offers more sports channels?) + Roku Fox Sports channel. Thank God the Zips rolled in the second half. If I had to listen to the color analyst talk about NW '... imposing their will ...' ONE more time -
  6. Game 3—@Northwestern

    Another gift TD. I just don't get the lack of discipline. Entirely on the coaching staff for not DEMANDING it from the day these guys commit to Akron.
  7. Game 3—@Northwestern

    Zips have a nice drive to start 2nd half and settle for another field goal I will NEVER understand passes like the one on 3rd down that basically have the sideline as a 12th defender.
  8. 2018 Preseason

    ... and it's a little 'uncomfortable' at tosu.
  9. 2018-2019 Non Conference Schedule

    I'm fine with our schedule this year. I agree with Illini about team maturation/strength of schedule going forward.
  10. Tyler Cheese - Committed

    We've reached a level of turophilia never before seen on this board! Hopefully the Zips are getting him fully aged and à point.
  11. 2018-2019

    When I'm filthy rich with dirty money, I'm retiring to Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman. Any of you who can make the tournament, GO!
  12. NCAA Tourney Thread

    UMBC ... the type of school I really don't like to see on the preseason schedule i.e. "WHY do we schedule these schools?!?" What they just did to Virginia is EXACTLY why consecutive 20-win seasons don't amount to much after the 2nd or 3rd season if those wins don't prepare you to consistently make the NCAA Tournament and are ready to truly compete. UMBC just did what they did convincingly against Virginia's starting 5. This game wasn't even close in the second half and Virginia should feel fortunate to have been tied at the half. UMBC, I salute you - DILLY, DILLY! Excited to see what UASC can do going forward - Go Zips!!!
  13. Zips vs EMU @ Q [Photography ]

    Quality camera, quality photographer - thank you as always for sharing Dr Z. Very thankful and grateful for our ZN board and all of the great contributors and content.
  14. 2017/2018 End of Season Thoughts

    Figured this 'End of season ...' thread might be a good place to post this ... PCCC's De La Rosa leaves semi-final game against Buffalo in garbage time (1:50-something to go) with possible knee injury. Just sat for quite a while under the basket not wanting to get up. Walked off under own power but was in noticeable pain and appeared to be very worried about just how serious the injury might be. Stay tuned on that one as it may impact PCCC heading into next season.
  15. Game 32—EMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 2]

    I realize adjustments were made by EMU but I'm having trouble coming to grips with ... ... blowing a 19-point lead with 13-14 minutes left in the game. The staff and players built that kind of lead and it's the MAC - I'm just amazed we couldn't hold it. ... two of EMU's best players, Thompson and Minnie, were in foul trouble with 4 fouls apiece and BOTH finished the game on the court. Thompson came back into the game with 4 fouls and 9 minutes left on the clock. At some point I'll try to go back to ESPN3 to watch those last 9 minutes but it just didn't seem to me like we made it a real focus to foul Thompson in particular out of the game. Minnie actually had the better game but Thompson is a load in the middle. We drove and back-cut to the basket in the first half but as someone else pointed out we seemed to stop doing both in the second half. Both of these as well as LONG scoring droughts are just Groundhog Day things to me ... and they just drain me as a fan. Very satisfied with what I saw this year, especially given the injuries and the renewed focus and energy the second half of February. Looking forward to next year already but last night had me believing for a good part of the game that we'd be taking out a #3 seed and playing tonight. Empty feeling will pass and that's part of what this long, dead window of UA sports helps remedy sometimes.