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  1. ... going forward, we should be referring to that as a 'safe space' foul.
  2. O-line hogs please. Chiseled O-line hogs please (meant no disrespect to the guys that help make it happen up front).
  3. Spoken like a man who has been there, done that and been pretty successful doing so along the way. I heard confidence, discipline, leadership, lots of wins in the MAC, return to the MAC Championship game (including being crowned champion), bowl invites and wins, P5 upsets and a return to enjoyable Fall Saturdays and Tuesdays. Feels very strange to be in the running for a guy like this. I know - no guarantees but jeez ...
  4. Elements of truth here but for the sake of the current discussion ...
  5. Damn it, Clark. It's on you if ND taps Moorhead.
  6. Watch for the tail-dragger to circle the remnants of the Rubber Bowl before landing. Dead giveaway. Probably won't be squawking on FlightAware either.
  7. Was thinking the same thing. I agree with 94 - Gibson seems to have the makings of a pretty good MAC QB. I haven't followed Moorhead enough to know what he likes and dislikes in a QB. Zach - Hang out for a minute with the rest of us and let's see where this goes. Seems to me you're the type who might grab a UA flag and plant it in the middle of a buckeye.
  8. ... but your NEO sports fan eternal optimism, especially the Akron Blue and Gold part of that, IS getting the best of you right now, isn't it! Sure is for me. Given soccer, football and the first 2 games of the Tampa tourney, I'm enjoying the hopium!
  9. Regarding the rumor that he is headed to Akron, Moorhead is categorically denyi.... oh ... wait ...
  10. I will never understand so much use of sideline and fade-to-back-of-end-zone routes. Very effective 12th defender. Whatever ...
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