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  1. Search For The Next Head Coach

    Sorry. The end doesn't justify the means for me. Yelling, screaming, throwing clipboards, berating players and referees aren't my style. Just a difference of opinion.
  2. Search For The Next Head Coach

    Groce's demeanor reminds me too much of Hipsher. You're coaching a group of guys playing a GAME Groce - it's NOT Life or Death! Give that vein that's popping out on the side of your head a break! No thanks. Next ...
  3. I don't believe we would have needed the auto bid in the recent past. Pretty sure strength of schedule, outside of the MAC, and results would have garnered selection. Nice safety net though in a 'down' year.
  4. Will slow the bleeding at Buffalo but won't stop it as long as the NCAA requires 16 sports and the MAC requires the elephant in the room - football. There just isn't enough endowment, fan intere$t, private/corporate donation, TV revenue and licensing revenue to sustain the required level of athletic spending at the vast majority of D1 institutions.
  5. PD Article on UA Sports Spending

    I just absolutely don't know what to say. College sports financing is completely out of control. I guess the days of the Phys Ed teacher also coaching men's and women's basketball are pretty much over, correct?
  6. Dambrot says 'yes' to Duquesne this time

    Thank you skip. Well said.
  7. Dambrot says 'yes' to Duquesne this time

    Clark - You're damn right our defense needs work, a LOT of it, if we win 100-98 ... oh, sorry. kreed - I think a lot of us are tired of winning as in I just beat my 5-year-old (Malone, Coppin State, etc.) at checkers for the 137th time straight! We're ready and HAVE been ready to beat Nevada at home, Kent in Cleveland for a chance to Dance, Northwestern and Ohio State in the NIT, Notre Dame in March Madness, Miami and Bowling Green down the stretch to put ourselves in the best position to at least sniff an At-Large bid. No question - we won A LOT but we didn't win enough when it mattered. Lots of reasons for that but something wasn't working.
  8. Dambrot says 'yes' to Duquesne this time

    More money and free lemonade (at-large births).
  9. Dambrot says 'yes' to Duquesne this time

    Do you 'whore yourself out' or continue to 'bring in the whores?' Per the Plain Dealer article, we brought in $300K for basketball home games and that didn't even cover half of KD's base salary. The 'whores' we brought in also didn't do much for our strength of schedule and at-large consideration. We won't get rich financially heading out on the road for 1 or 2 more road games but it might help SoS and at-large consideration. Beating a dead whorse but I'll gladly give up 1 or 2 cupcakes at home to see what we can do against better competition on the road. Who knows, it might also help us be a bit more ready to play under the bright lights of the MAC Championship game with a ticket to the Big Dance sitting right in front of us. I think this change is good for all parties involved. Good luck KD but remember one of the definitions of 'insanity' ... .
  10. PD Article on UA Sports Spending

    ... seriously ...
  11. ... is the NCAA, by chance, also experimenting with a 'mercy' rule in the NIT?
  12. Zips at Houston — NIT Round 1

    NCAA absolutely NAILED NIT seeding! Way to go Zips!
  13. Zips at Houston — NIT Round 1

    Why Johnson doesn't slam that one home I'll never, ever know ...
  14. Zips at Houston — NIT Round 1

    7-seed Belmont takes down 2-seed Georgia. Lower seeds winning all over the place ... ........ .