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  1. Was that a Price fumble or Undercuffler trying to pull the ball back to run it himself to the right? SURE looked like he read the defense and was attempting to pull the ball back. That's the fumble-waiting-to-happen I was referring to in my post about not liking that play call.
  2. Regarding the fumble, that tuck and pull is a fumble waiting to happen. NO way I call that play when I can't afford a turnover.
  3. That calculation happens when you only look at the TOP half of the damn bracket! 🤦‍♂️ My apologies for soiling the thread.
  4. Experienced help can't arrive soon enough until talented D1 recruits start flowing through the recruiting pipeline. Looking forward to the final game against Buffalo and the 2023 recruiting/portal season!
  5. ... and Vermont takes down SMU. That makes 2 unseeded into the College Cup. Can we go 3 out of four today? Pulling for Pitt and Cornell quite frankly although I'm smelling a Kentucky/Syracuse final. The Michigan State match ... can't help but wonder after seeing Portland and Vermont work their way through the bracket.
  6. Friday is our bowl game. Meaningful game in December!
  7. Fantastic slate of games in this tournament. Win or lose (last year's FL tourney was hard to stomach), I love having games 3 days in a row, especially against a good mix of competition. Eastern Michigan goes to Florida to play in a tourney, only to play Indiana Fort Wayne? No thanks. They can get that anytime they want November/December. As others have said, looking to finally get that Nevada monkey off our back! Go Zips!
  8. So .... what say you, MAC?
  9. Move the game to Akron. No snow on new turf and a fan base that travels pretty well gives Buffalo as much a 'home-field' advantage as we would have right now (low fan turnout even on relatively nice fall days).
  10. High Point goes up 1-0 on UNC with 37' left in the match. Winner flies cross-country to play Stanford. And just like that, High Point goes up 2-0 with 34' left. Match is at UNC 😄 Final 2-0 High Point. They head out west to play Stanford. UNC shut out at home and looked BAD doing so.
  11. Oh to know what it feels like to play meaningful football late into the season. Envious and kudos to BG and their students. Big win on the road in a rivalry game. Bowling in this day and age is meaningless ... I beg to differ.
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