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  1. Game 24- Buffalo Bulls

    Zips need to shoot like they did in the last 10 minutes of the 2nd half. Watched 2nd half again last night and it wasn't until about the 10-minute mark that things really got going. Will need more than a quarter of shooting and another full game of D to take down the Bulls tonight. Have an 'L' penciled in - come on Zips, MAKE me use that eraser!
  2. Game 21- Ohio University Bobcats

    Holy COW! 26-point lead!
  3. Game 21- Ohio University Bobcats

    Solid D all season long. I can deal with a sputtering offense when I see the effort the guys give on the other end. Have to be physically fit to play the way we do. So far, so good today. Up by 21. Come on Zips - give me 13 more minutes of this to keep bobkitty fans on their board talking about OU logos in the Akron game thread and we're good. Go Zips!
  4. Game 21- Ohio University Bobcats

    OU goes down at NIU 71-60. It'd be a shame if the cold and wind introduce delay getting back to Athens. Go Zips!
  5. Game 19 - Central Michigan Chippewas

    Suit/white shirt/tie + tennis shoes = Bust out an Akron polo.
  6. Game 19 - Central Michigan Chippewas

    Vegas likes our chances at home or have doubts about the Chipps on the road. A couple more 3s find their way home - Akron -6.5. Go Zips! Edit: ... Reghi on the ESPN call ... damn it.
  7. Game 19 - Central Michigan Chippewas

    Decent quality ESPN3/+ feeds don't help either. Have to admit that weather+ho-hum opponent+ESPN3/+ has kept me away 2-3 times this year. Was really ready for MAC play but that's starting to fade ...
  8. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    Please open the 'Game 19' thread. Thank you.
  9. MAC Hoops 18-19

    OU down 33-10 with about 8 minutes to go first half @ Toledo. Last year of Saul Phillips' 5-year contract ($581K this year).
  10. 1. Jared Embick is still the men's soccer coach at The University of Akron. Thank you Jared for a fantastic 2018 and all that you, your staff and players do. 2. Ken Lolla headed to Louisville for many reasons, among them the idea that he didn't think he could win a national championship at Akron. Ken still doesn't have his championship and I wish him well in his future endeavors. 3. Appears to be a nice hire by the Cards. Good luck to Coach Hayden - wouldn't mind seeing them on a future schedule. I appreciate that they hired from within a la Embick.
  11. Game 12 - Nevada

    "First Meeting: Nevada 88, Akron 61 Feb. 17, 2006 ESPN Bracket Busters (Reno, Nev.)" 27-point drubbing last time we were in Reno. Felt at the time like it wasn't even that close. Experienced quite a few ass-kickings and disappointments against better programs during our 20-win season streak including significant games post-MAC in March.
  12. Game 12 - Nevada

  13. Game 12 - Nevada

    Had the feel of a game in March. Year 2 folks. 5 losses, 2 to ranked opponents, by a total of 18 points, shooting like crap in many of those losses. Really appreciated the defensive effort tonight. Go Zips!
  14. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Very disappointed in the production 'quality' of the broadcast. Our soccer ESPN feeds are top-notch now so it shouldn't be too much to expect the same a coach introduction. Reflects very poorly on The University of Akron brand. I happen to be a Larry Williams fan but did anyone else think he sounded at times like he was reading a children's book during quiet time? No warm and fuzzy here regarding Arth. Sounded too much like he's thankful for another cup of coffee in northeastern Ohio and Akron just happened to be the coffee shop. Didn't get any sense of passion for our Blue and Gold - just another rung on the coaching ladder. WAY too early to tell, just my initial take.
  15. Game 10- Marshall Thundering Herd

    Akron favored by 4.5.