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  1. Lady Chipps will go IF there is a national tournament.
  2. 14-4 overall in conference including 7-2 on the road ... what am I missing? CERTAINLY feels earned to me. Conference tourneys = money grab. Send Akron.
  3. We're just early in our version of the movie "Major League" ;-).
  4. Dre - Couldn't help myself comparing you to John Candy at about the :54 second mark in a clip from the movie Stripes (truth be told I was not a fan of the Groce hire at first but have also met and talked to him enough to realize he's very good people; who the hell am I to judge?!? :-) ...
  5. Not a fan of either school. Absolutely can't stand Jane Fonda U. Rooting for the kitties tonight. Don't want the flushes to have ANY shot at a top 4 seed.
  6. Chalkin' it up in the 'W' column ... Akron 75 BUGS 68
  7. CK - you need to get your envision checked. March is looking (and feeling) much bigger than it used to. 😎
  8. I have to resist a 'beat a dead horse' response so I'll just say you will more than likely be spot-on with that prognostication!
  9. I quite often see the offense get all set to run the play only to, in unison, check up and look to the sideline. Never noticed the entire coaching staff pointing to the end zone. Cue the meme ...
  10. ... missed free throws if I remember correctly.
  11. 12 minutes to go with Akron down 0-1 to BG. Zips playing a man down the rest of the way (red card on Egbo). Zips miss point-blank opportunity (lifted high) in 6' in front of goal with 10 to go.
  12. I'm home alone watching this thing ... with a bag over my head.
  13. Not sure about that spot. Have no problem with Arth going for it there.
  14. I'll be damned! 5 quick, high-percentage pass plays and 2 first downs to start the game!
  15. OK ... I'll ask it ... Why isn't there a stream tonight?
  16. SMH. Have the ESPN scoreboard open and can't believe the score. As much as I don't want to believe this is worse than a year of iball, it really looks to be true.
  17. May have to dial up Miami @ Can't for the second half. go redhawks ...
  18. Can't argue with that. I'm getting ready to move on with my day as well. May listen but watching is just not a good use of time.
  19. Was that the 'ABANDON SHIP!' siren I just heard out of my TV?
  20. What does that say about how well those 4 in the backfield were prepared as to the rules and how to make sure you stay out of those situations or recognize it quickly and correct it? I know this team is young but we've got assistant coaches all over the place. Can't we expect better than what we're getting?
  21. Primary camera is just not going to do it (raining directly on lens).
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