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  1. I sat back and just stared at that thing. Did someone have a 1p tee time ... bang it out in the morning and hit the links? I see "I" and "A" before I see "A" and "z." There is NOTHING about that design that makes me want to run out and buy Akron gear ... NOTHING. While trying to kill time on Tuesday nights in November, I can picture national broadcasters telestrating "Now ... if you look very closely, you'll see a lowercase "z" incorporated into Akron's new ugly-Azz logo." Let's Go Parallelograms! Long live Chief Wahoo!
  2. ... the Info was built ... for football. It isn't that hard. Change the time of LAX or move it to Friday or Sunday. Could/should have been done long ago. They made a big splash with the Moorhead hire and failed to capitalize on that.
  3. Out of an abundance of caution regarding OH weather in April .... or "HOW much money will we save in staffing and other expense?!?" I just have to wonder ...
  4. Why am I still completely stunned by this type of planning by script Akron? Totally jacked fan base that is excited about both staff and players and we 'plan' an opportunity like the Spring Game around LAX??? I and others circled Saturday on our calendars. Day has been freed up as far as I'm concerned. Looking forward to reading about how it went. <smh>
  5. Have to agree. Eyes should not be drawn to what's on the feet. They should complete what's being worn, not be the star of the show!
  6. A shame one of them had to win. Hard for me to separate sports from some of the 'research and development' that has been allowed to occur in that neck of the woods.
  7. Regarding free throws ... of the 5 guys Kansas has on the court late against Providence, 70% is the lowest FT % of any of those 5. A shot anyone at any level can practice all day long.
  8. 94 - Disqualification for anyone who took Calipari to win it all (... and probation for any of us who may have taken UCLA).
  9. Hit a few more shots and refs don't matter. Great job Zips! Represented themselves very well - CONGRATS!
  10. 25% complete - Zips. Just 5 guys in white jerseys.
  11. Female official ... female mascot ... advantage Zips!
  12. Kangaroos > Peacocks TNT guys crying in their green beer over poor, poor Kentucky/Calipari
  13. An 8 vs 9 ... yeah, that was satisfying.
  14. That's fair. We were playing with house money heading into the MAC Championship game and we're still playing with house money. Happy to be Dancing with no expectations. Was pleasantly surprised to get the #13 and feel we earned a bump from 14 with our work in the tourney. Maybe the stars and planets will align Thursday. Win or lose, looking forward to it.
  15. I wanted to avoid sitting at home AGAIN watching some other MAC school go play somewhere. I'm good WHEREVER right now!
  16. What section are you in, Z. I. P.? 😎
  17. If someone will pass me the 'Peace & Love' pillow ... ... to signify I have the floor, I'll have a go at this one ... ... because the coaching staff and I'll go as far as to say, the institution itself, condones it. Truly a disgusting place for many reasons.
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