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  1. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    Please open the 'Game 19' thread. Thank you.
  2. MAC Hoops 18-19

    OU down 33-10 with about 8 minutes to go first half @ Toledo. Last year of Saul Phillips' 5-year contract ($581K this year).
  3. 1. Jared Embick is still the men's soccer coach at The University of Akron. Thank you Jared for a fantastic 2018 and all that you, your staff and players do. 2. Ken Lolla headed to Louisville for many reasons, among them the idea that he didn't think he could win a national championship at Akron. Ken still doesn't have his championship and I wish him well in his future endeavors. 3. Appears to be a nice hire by the Cards. Good luck to Coach Hayden - wouldn't mind seeing them on a future schedule. I appreciate that they hired from within a la Embick.
  4. Game 12 - Nevada

    "First Meeting: Nevada 88, Akron 61 Feb. 17, 2006 ESPN Bracket Busters (Reno, Nev.)" 27-point drubbing last time we were in Reno. Felt at the time like it wasn't even that close. Experienced quite a few ass-kickings and disappointments against better programs during our 20-win season streak including significant games post-MAC in March.
  5. Game 12 - Nevada

  6. Game 12 - Nevada

    Had the feel of a game in March. Year 2 folks. 5 losses, 2 to ranked opponents, by a total of 18 points, shooting like crap in many of those losses. Really appreciated the defensive effort tonight. Go Zips!
  7. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Very disappointed in the production 'quality' of the broadcast. Our soccer ESPN feeds are top-notch now so it shouldn't be too much to expect the same a coach introduction. Reflects very poorly on The University of Akron brand. I happen to be a Larry Williams fan but did anyone else think he sounded at times like he was reading a children's book during quiet time? No warm and fuzzy here regarding Arth. Sounded too much like he's thankful for another cup of coffee in northeastern Ohio and Akron just happened to be the coffee shop. Didn't get any sense of passion for our Blue and Gold - just another rung on the coaching ladder. WAY too early to tell, just my initial take.
  8. Game 10- Marshall Thundering Herd

    Akron favored by 4.5.
  9. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Was wondering the same thing this morning. Seems like yesterday and that was years ago now. Based on Bowden's track record in general, I really did think we were on our way to the top of the MAC. A shame it didn't work out. I liked Terry. Definitely ready for an Arth pump-up speech at an upcoming basketball game. Today, though, we honor and rightfully so, our men's soccer team.
  10. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Mods - please pin this post. Can't wait to welcome Balsy back on board The Zippy Express - "BELIEVE!" Go Zips!
  11. Five Questions for Prospective Coaches

    Damn it! Now I have to brainstorm a little more ...
  12. NCAA Tournament

    Very proud of our Zips. Congrats to Maryland - the better team tonight.
  13. Possible Candidates

    No way - not touching your Akron Blue and Gold. Too few of us!
  14. NCAA Tournament

    55" curved Samsung TV - check Matching curved Samsung sound bar - check Wife and daughter in Washington DC and not returning until tomorrow afternoon - check Son coming over to watch what we hope to be a double-header - check PIzzas ordered for 7:15p pickup - check Jug of Gold Peak sweet tea to chase the pizza - check LET'S GO ZIPS!!!!!
  15. Game 9- Purdue Fort Wayne Mastodons

    If the bar is March beyond MAC Tourney, this is a bad loss. Can't stand losing to teams like this. I recognize Groce is only in Year 2 of shaping the team the way he wants it but it doesn't change 'Losing to Fort Wayne SUCKS!' for me. Go Zips!
  16. Game 9- Purdue Fort Wayne Mastodons

    Ooogly as in we were down by 17 or 18 at that point ;-).
  17. Game 9- Purdue Fort Wayne Mastodons

    Got an email back from support saying they had to change something on the back end to get it working. Mine is working now as well but the feed is U-G-L-Y!
  18. Game 9- Purdue Fort Wayne Mastodons

    Stream working for anyone?
  19. Possible Candidates

    "Hall of Shame" probably deserves it's own thread so Hipsher and Crawford are fair game.
  20. Possible Candidates

    University of Akron Hall of Shame Ianello Scarborough Milwee
  21. NCAA Tournament

    Where's stat man? Akron record vs. big 10?
  22. NCAA Tournament

    -- WAY TO GO ZIPS !!!!!!!!!!!
  23. This ESPN+ crap has to stop

    Exactly my plan. August (soccer) through March (bball) and cancel. Have to agree with others who like the content. It's a $5 sports ticket I can use multiple times a month. Figured ESPN would eventually try to monetize all of their ESPN-ready content. Too bad Reghi does so many of our game ... just excruciating.
  24. NCAA Tournament

    Playstation Vue subscriber here so PAC-12 Network channels are nowhere to be found. From what I've been able to gather, DirecTV subscribers are also out of luck. Only a 'LIVE STATS' link currently up on GoZips.com. Are any of you aware of home viewing options for some of us unfortunates?
  25. NCAA Tournament

    My focus up to this point has been on the WF player who 'passed' the ball to the teammate who 'scored' the goal. I thought it was very questionable as to whether the passer was offside when the initial pass into the box was made to him. I didn't know the deflection rule and also didn't see that Lundt actually deflected the ball. Looks a little more obvious to me in freeze frame that the WF player closest to the goal was indeed offside and most if not all of the Akron players felt that he was offside as well (lots of arms raised in the air). Thanks Hilltopper! Makes our defeat of #1 Wake Forest all the sweeter. Looking forward to and expecting a much better match against the Trees than we saw last year. Go Zips!