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  1. Game 3—Iowa State Cyclones

    I find it sickening to realize how Nelson is a huge A-hole who would actually taunt that Iowa state defender. Where do I start? 1 - look at the scoreboard 2 - You did not even get a first down on that play, big shot! 3 - The player was hurt on the ground, you classless bastard! What a prick!
  2. 2017-2018

    That's not what I meant. I meant scholarships... We have a total of 13 scholarships with 3 reserved for transfers who will sit out. That leaves 10 scholarships. So 2 scholarships per position. We already have two for the PG
  3. 2017-2018

    Aren't we already set at the PG position with Duvivier and Patton?
  4. I am not arguing that Football is in a great shape and I am not defending Bowden. I am simply showing that the comparison between the two programs is not valid. Both Akron teams (football and basketball) were practically "no bodies" at the national scene. When you want to bring up the 15-6 vs 3-5 records, you have to remember that the zips football program competes in the 8th conference while the zips basketball program competes in the 17th ranked conference. You cannot possibly compare playing a nationally ranked WMU football team to playing their Hawkins basketball team.
  5. If you are so proud of the many 20+ win seasons, stop reading here. I don't want to rain on your parade. In FBS Football, you only have 128 teams or so... Outside of the one FCS team we schedule every year, 11/12 of our games are against top 128 teams in the country. In other words, Bowden cannot schedule Coppin states and Arkansas PB to pad his schedule. If we look at our 2016-2017 basketball schedule against the top 128 teams (using RPI for the lack of a better measure), we were 4-4: Georgia Southern W Creighton L Gonzaga L Marshall W Ohio W Ohio L Houston W UT Arlington L Do you still think that our basketball season was so much better than the football season?
  6. UA to Renovate the JAR

    $72M in updates? Can't we build a brand new arena for half that amount in Akron?
  7. 2017-2018

    I think this is a good move for both Aaron and the team. He did not get much playing time last year and is not likely to get much time with the new regime either. Seeing how he already graduated, it only makes sense to move on. If he's done with basketball, he can start his career a year early and if he wants to play some more, he can be the star at a low major.
  8. 2017-2018

    I totally agree with every word you said. Nothing but gratitude and appreciation for KD and his staff for what they have done at Akron. That being said, B&G didn't say anything wrong. I am also grateful for Duquesne. We all know that KD would have been able to keep the job at Akron for as long as he wanted. So the only way for us to upgrade and keep moving forward was for someone else to hire KD away. Duquesne did that for us. Hence the gratitude.
  9. 2017-2018

    New Mexico...a team who hasn't made the tournament in the last few years and have a first year coach! Does that sound familiar? Good decision Tino!
  10. Duquesne Basketball Coach Keith Dambrot

    Weathers is going to be the third player who will use a scholarship while sitting out at Duquesne this year.
  11. Possible Late Additions

    So Josh is headed to Robert Morris, TDM and Hughes to Duquesne. Any word on where Noah landed?
  12. 2018 PF/C Christian Lorng

    Valpo was supposed to have 5 international players on their roster last year. One of them transferred and 4 played throughout the season. It is a great recruiting tool if you have good scouts.
  13. Watching the stream of the PIT with Big Dog

    I often felt that the team was shooting way too many threes. If anything, I would have hoped KD would ask Kwan to post up more and shoot less thress. I can't believe people wanted Dog to shoot more.
  14. John Groce Officially Hired

    So you don't think that your post is bashing the guy?
  15. John Groce Officially Hired

    So, being the highest paid coach in a conference that he couldn't win in the last 4 years was not enough?!