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  1. In my opinion, the real test is the NCAA tournament. If we take out last year (tournament was not played) and this year (no tournament yet), Groce has coached in seven full seasons and made the tournament in 2 of them. That's a much better percentage than Dambrot (3/15) or Coles (4/22). More impressive is the fact that, at the tournament, he is the only one with a winning record. Back to your original question, I don't see a reason for a coach to not accept an extension knowing that it is a one way commitment. Groce will probably accept the extension and when a higher profile team comes calling, he can easily leave. My hope is that in this odd year, with all things considered, not many big programs will fire their coaches and therefore, there shouldn't be many attractive jobs.
  2. First of all, the ref was literally RIGHT THERE and had an unobstructed line of sight. Second, there is no angle or way for anyone to see "undisputed evidence" that the foot was all in bounds from this. This is not a human mistake bad call...this is beyond that!
  3. We traveled and were in the stadium on time. They sold tickets, parking passes, advertisements, TV rights. The game was kicked off. They have to pay...I am no lawyer but that is an easily winnable law suit.
  4. No doubt! my sadness is not regarding his leadership. I am sad to see the events at the school I love. And I am afraid that the effect of some of these decisions may be irreversible. I am all for cutting UG programs with low enrollment but cutting graduate programs in fields that have good UG enrollment is absolutely insane and unjustifiable.
  5. This is really really bad! What a sad turn of events. https://www.ohio.com/akron/writers/katie-byard/ua-engineering-dean-to-step-down-amid-planned-campus-wide-program-cuts-says-his-vision-differs-from-that-of-university-leaders
  6. Does anyone really think that this is the year we are going after an at-large bid? If I was a coach of a team with 7-8 first-year players, my only concern would be to prepare a team that can compete in the conference. Just saying.
  7. This class is very impressive. When was the last time we beat Toledo for 6 recruits?
  8. My guess is Eric did not get any offer that excited him enough to sit out a year.
  9. I love it. I, for one, prefer to play with the big boys, even if that means we may have more losses than we got used to. I think that this is how you build a program and I understand that others may disagree.
  10. It is immigration law. When you have a foreign employee, you have to post their position and prove to the department of labor that none of the American applicants are qualified to do the job and petition them to issue your non-American employee a visa.
  11. I did not care much about the news of Cotton and Patton leaving, but Parrish is a different story. He played a lot as a freshman and he looked like he would have a very promising future in blue and gold, why would he choose to go sit out a year? That one hurts!
  12. I am realistically not expecting us to cut the nets at the Q. However, having the freshmen experience playing under the lights of the Q will play dividends next year.
  13. I am really happy to see my young short-handed zips pull that win tonight. The question that's currently on my mind is the following: How can Keno Davis (in his 6th year) go back to Mount Pleasant and explain to his AD that after 6 years in the program, he still could not beat a team of 9 players (including 2 walk-ons).
  14. I was not aware that we're playing them again this year. In my comment about BS not beating Akron for a long time, I was talking about future years.
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