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  1. Weathers is going to be the third player who will use a scholarship while sitting out at Duquesne this year.
  2. So Josh is headed to Robert Morris, TDM and Hughes to Duquesne. Any word on where Noah landed?
  3. Valpo was supposed to have 5 international players on their roster last year. One of them transferred and 4 played throughout the season. It is a great recruiting tool if you have good scouts.
  4. I often felt that the team was shooting way too many threes. If anything, I would have hoped KD would ask Kwan to post up more and shoot less thress. I can't believe people wanted Dog to shoot more.
  5. So you don't think that your post is bashing the guy?
  6. So, being the highest paid coach in a conference that he couldn't win in the last 4 years was not enough?!
  8. Do these people understand that KD is the one who left and that he was NOT fired?!!! What was the AD supposed to do?
  9. That's a ridiculous statement to make. If anything, it makes more sense to assume that if Brian Walsh makes that shot, Groce stays at OU for another year and brings in Caris Levert and OU makes the Elite 8 the following year. If Ifs and buts were bolts and nuts!
  10. The more interesting part: is Dambrot willing to reserve 4 scholarships for average MAC players (Except Tino) to sit out a year and play afterwards?
  11. I love this hire. John Groce was on top of my list at day one. He is the obvious choice. The only questions I had were the following: 1 - Considering the institution's financial situation, would the athletic department decide to go cheap with a non proven assistant to save money? 2 - Considering that he will be making around $1.5M in the next two years, does Groce want to come to Akron or relax and take a year off? The answers of the two questions came out perfect. The athletic department and the institution decided to invest in the future of Zips basketball and John Groce has the fire to learn from his experience at illinois, re-load his guns and work twice as hard to show the world that he deserves a top coaching job.
  12. Geno Ford never won anything. Couldn't win the MAC tournament at KENT and was terrible at Bradley. I am not sure why he will be considered for the job.
  13. My bad! I apologize for jumping to that assumption/conclusion. I hope someone from our AD is reaching out to coach Paris. If he is the one that is going to be selected for the job, It will be a shame to lose him because the offer came a day or two too late.
  14. Is anyone else concerned that Paris prefers UT Chattanooga over Akron?
  15. I heard the Weathers brothers from Miami are transferring out. It would have been nice if we had a coach to go after them