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  1. Tweet today shows Coach Jackson has a verbal commitment from Zakia Rasheed, one of the best guards in the Indiana girls' basketball class of 2021. Zips beat out Xavier for her services. Coach is putting together a great group of prospects, including the Irish youth national team center.
  2. Thanks for the note on opposing players, Voice! Interestingly, I met Brad Sellers back in June at the National Mayors Conference. He's been mayor of his hometown of Broadview Heights since about 2012. Very charming man at about 6-11. He was one of the first big men who could and would step back and take the shot from beyond the NBA three-point line.
  3. Zips 19 of 24 at the line, 79%. Did I say how much better this coach is at free throws than the last one? 😏
  4. Could you provide a link for the reddit debilitated audience on here? Mahalo!
  5. I just looked at the box score. Is this an error? SEVENTY ONE combined free throws??? Holy moley, Huggie musta wore out the refs!!
  6. Haven't enough info to make a judgement, however... it had better be Reece! Because we need post play badly to improve to have a chance of improving either in MAC play or overall!
  7. The loser of this is automatically relegated to Div. 2, right?
  8. Aha! Now I understand why they don't call me anymore to renew my WS tickets! All free.
  9. It's interesting that John Groce lost Mikal Dawson, but coach Melissa Jackson picked up his sister Jordyn, a transfer from Wabash (IN) CC, who played her freshman year at Xavier. She was the two-time WVa Gatorade Player of the Year.
  10. Taylor just turned 18 last month. He graduated from Clarkston after his junior year, on which he won two state championships alongside MSU star Foster Loyer (son of former Zips star John). He redshirted and put on about 20 pounds playing against BigTen talent in Madison. He played his Freshman year of HS at Worthington Christian outside Columbus. The story from UW seemed to be that he didn't measure up to his teammates, and wasn't expected to get much if any playing time in his RF season. I'm not sure about his status at Mott CC. He has 4 years to play four seasons and why use one at the JC level if you could be contributing in NCAA D1?
  11. Is there any chance we'll see Devanier Floyd this season?? If not, Why not?
  12. This is the series that gave birth to the phrase "Fear the Roo!". It was 2005, or maybe 2006 the teams met in CP, and the UofM Prez had to issue a warning to students not to chant anything more controversial than "Fear the Turtle". To that I replied, on I think the old ZN Blue Board: "Fear the turtle? How about the twerps Fear the Roo?!?" Alas the Associate AD to Mike Thomas (trying to remember his name -- he joined Thomas at Cinci, then moved to SEMo and CCU) was a lurker on this board, and liked it enough to trademark the idea and put it on T-shirts! I'm still waiting for my first residual pay check. Sad.
  13. DAMN!!! Over two-and-a-half years since anybody cared enough to post on this subject! Well...here we go... Even in the 50th State it's possible to hear scuttlebutt about the Polytechnic College of Summit County, and hear stories about the history of alma mater! This summer I was privileged to spend time at the National Conference of Mayors conference at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki, and had an opportunity to meet and greet several current and former Akron political bigwigs -- including a recent former mayor and former President of the National Conference of Mayors. So...having him available to speak both "off-the-record" AND off-the-cuff" -- and before the booze started flowing LOL (I was informed that said mayor was capable of drinking any other city official "under the table"!), I dropped the question: "Whatever happened to that new downtown arena I heard so much about"? Whoa!! It took a fairly lengthy pause, an increase in blood pressure, and it almost seemed a skipped heartbeat before our ex-chief executive could spit out his heartfelt response...clearly I had hit upon a subject connected to his gut! "You know", he forcefully answered, including some quick statistics..."whenever the university comes to the city with a request, 17 out of 20 times, the city is happy to work with the university! But more and more, the presidents have wanted to take, take, take and give nothing in return -- going all the way back to President Guzzetta there was a good relationship between the university and the city, but sheesh this last guy...!" (his veins starting to pump more blood more rapidly). "All he ever wanted was to take, and never gave the city a damn thing!!" So, my takeaway was, the university was expecting the city to foot the major share of the cost for an arena facility, and the city was unwilling -- not to mention unable to financially pull the rabbit that President Proenza was looking to be pulled out of its pocket. But overall it was a merry three days of meetings and partying for the nations' municipal leadership along the white sands of Honolulu's tourist district. And Z.I.P consumed mass quantities of libations -- courtesy of the mayors and sponsors!
  14. How does LePear Toles look? If healthy or should I say, "IF healthy" he could be a contributor. Doesn't seem that expectations are above the floor. He showed a lot of promise at the high school level.
  15. ESPN now showing spread as E. Quite a jump in just over two days -- 6 pts+? Over/under 44.5. With the crummy defenses of these two squads, I'd jump on the OVER! I mean, if I were a betting man...
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