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  1. 6-0 PG from Cicero, IL verbally committed to @ZipsMBB. https://twitter.com/YnRbball/status/1435793849058738178?s=09
  2. Yee Haw! Going to get to see my fave team beat my least!
  3. Congratulations to whoever had the idea of changing to an amateurish non-football logo for the football team in order to take the heat off the amateurish football team and their D-3 coach. #GoTeam!
  4. The first touch by Jonathan in gathering the ball and turning into space was superb. Still upset that we won't see JLew on the field in the upcoming round of WC qualifiers.
  5. Nice win for the BeeGees and #MACtion. Zags are a very competitive program. Have to compete in tough, competitive WCC, and vs UW and Seattle, rising programs in their own state. While the Zips were in Seattlein 2019, I have a feeling another NW road trip could be coming. Portland anyone?
  6. I've noticed "Bally Sports" covering some MLB teams this season, so had to research. Apparently Bally -- the casino operation -- bought out Fox Regional Sports network(s)? None of them appear on any cable system I can find where I live, while I have in the past found Zips football and basketball coaches shows on Fox regional stations during prime time in Hawai'i -- middle-of-the-morning on the continent. FWIW...
  7. This game was further evidence of why soccer/football is the world's greatest game! The team on the bottom can so quickly get off it's back and put its opponent upside down! At the 72' mark, shots were nine for MSU and two for Akron. The final, as TennZip shows us was 11 to 10. That resiliency hopefully is the sign of greatness. We shall see. Go Zips!
  8. Hey Zips football board, what's the story with Denzel Jones?? R.I.P.
  9. Wonder if anyone knows the whereabouts of Blair Gavin, who spent some years on Phoenix Rising coaching staff. No longer appears on their club site. Is he still in coaching?
  10. Thanks for this ZZZips. It's the same venue, just a mile or two from McCarren Airport where the men played about 2015. No need to rent a car if you're just going to the games. I'm thinking of going.
  11. From what I've discovered apparently the 800 meter finals goes around 8 a.m. EST on Wed. But only broadcast live on Peacock. NBC will replay sometime later, like primetime EST. So, I don't need to stay up till 2 o'clock on the morning to see it...(Hawaiian time!)
  12. No one's mentioned Colin Biros gone to 'Cuse. THAT is a big loss for our side and pick-up for the ACC. Will miss the Jackson grad.
  13. No mention on this board... Can Holley play in the MAC? https://twitter.com/EricHolleyIII1/status/1395126573683126279?s=09
  14. Newest upgrade to come to "The Coop" and Duquie Land: KD becomes first coach to hire The Personal Brand Coach. Gonna make kids rich by exploiting social media. Name, image and likeness profiting. With this the NCAA has thrown in the towel on trying to control boosters and will now introduce a bigger, better brand of exploitation. https://theundefeated.com/features/duquesne-empowers-athletes-by-hiring-personal-brand-coach/
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