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  1. Lost 97-59 to Huggy's Mountain Men. Whoa, Nelly!
  2. The MAC is improving rapidly in women's bb -- much faster than forvthe men. Of course they got three teams (Ohio, CMU and Buffalo) in last year's Big Dance, and Canada and the Chips made the Sweet 16. I saw a comment in the preseason that NIU would be the most improved team in the league. We're getting better, but still falling behind the competition. I think we have like 5 or 6 new recruits for next season. We have 5 seniors.
  3. How 'bout that Hawkins coaching?! 😂 One or two more like that and he'll save his job! Hope da Zippies don't face 'em! 😉
  4. And if we played them again we wouldn't have to suffer through Big Dog's FT shooting! 😖😂
  5. Does anyone know the minutes stats? Hasn't Riak been getting only 20-25 minutes/game? Reece may need more minutes this game. He did so well early in tbe season, we need him to give good defense and rebounding for 15-20 minutes.
  6. All I know is, Gonzaga should be #1 in every poll! 🤩
  7. Fantastic comeback for coach Melissa Jackson's Zips yesterday, outscoring BeeGee 14-0 over the final 2:29 to defeat the Falcons 76-73 at Stroh Center. There's no quit in the women, as this is the second major fourth-quarter come-from-behind victory, following the game at St Bonaventure where they made up a similar large deficit in the final quarter of the contest. Haliegh Reinoehl scored a career high 26 to lead the wahine Zips.
  8. Some of them -- especially the one against Cheese just didn't make a difference, and didn't need to be called. Pretty sure it was Tyler, though could have been Xeyrius.
  9. BTW, another aside, the color commentator mentioned near halftime that LCJ had I believe 7 "Fouls Taken", meaning 7 times his man fouled him. That's an impressive stat, especially considering he's like an 84% FT shooter.
  10. Let me ask a question that is simply peripheral to the contest that took place last night: What was everyone's reaction to the game officiating? I feIt it was decent overall, and generally evenhanded. However, the one general change that I detect in college officiating this season is the increase in charging calls! There were four or five charges called in the first half, and I thought maybe two were legit and one or two would have been called blocks in the past, while one call against Akron -- I think Cheese -- should have been a "no-foul". The PBP announcer made the obligatory statement that "it's a point of attention this year", but I don't remember the charge call ever being as common or frequent in CBB as it is this season. Has anyone seen any stats for the call so far in '19-'20? It just tends to slow down the flow of the game to call unnecessary fouls.
  11. Yeah, the broadcast team was fun to listen to, but disagreed over Akron's position within the MACtion. The color guy was confident PCCC was still the team to beat! I hope he gets to call the showdowns between the NEO powers later. Was it he who when X slipped down in the corner confessed his experience as a customer at Manny's Pub -- comparing the slickness of the two surfaces? Apparently a former Northwestern player, what did the posters say on the buses -- Fastest Guard in the Big Ten? His pic? Play-by-play guy was more supportive of Zips -- saying this put us in charge, showing our low-40s NET rating, and saying we were still alive for an at-large... Well, that might have been the home cooking part, as there's almost no chance given no major wins or future shots to beat any teams above us. But they were a good diversion at times from what was largely two uneven halves of play. If we play a half like the first against K State we're not going to run away like the second half tonight. Ball is maybe in the top 5, but only a contender for the CBI.
  12. Your addition of the info about French's interview is "the point" of my raising the question. Thanks/mahalo to all back in Akron for your i sight, as I get this info second and third hand. I now have credibile news I was lacking.
  13. I hope you guys are accurate. I was aware of Jackson when he played at LBSU and felt he could have starred in the Big West -- a couple pegs below the MAC. I DO still feel he has the overall maturity and chops to help ahigher profile program for a year. He's not really 5'8, is he Cap'n? 😜
  14. I'm frankly surprised to NOT hear discussion of this, but...why are we presuming LCJ will be around next year? He's graduated midway through his "junior" year. He has the opportunity, if he desires to transfer to a P5 program and be a serious contributor. I don't know how close he is to coach Groce and his teammates, but the decision is his to make. Does anyone close to the team have any feeling about Loren's future?
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