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  1. 2019 Fall Season

    Am I correct that this is the first year since at least the Lolla era that the team does not play at least one game in the West? Rhetorical question.
  2. Maishe Dailey

    Yes, Forsythe got a hardship ruling because of his father"s health. Hitchens too long ago to remember!
  3. Maishe Dailey

    He really looks like an Utomi type spot-up shooter, and at 6-7 with B1G experience, I could see Maishe as an impact senior, similar to Mal Duvivier a year ago. That said, this team has so many holes, we need all we can get, and coach clearly has trouble landing 4-year players.
  4. UCLA

    In my opinion, it's the luckiest thing to happen to UCLA men's soccer in years! Jorge was able to bring in great recruits, but unable to win at near the level of his predecessors (though no one could compete with Sigi's record). Look for Nick Varlin-Voigt, the man who recruited for Salcedo for many years to return to Westwood from the University of Portland, where he's been the head coach the past two years.
  5. 20018-19 Women's Bball

    Great news that the Wahine Zips get rewarded for their turn-around season with a trip to the Women's Basketball Invitational! Coach Jackson's troops will head to Cookeville, Tennessee for a game Thursday at 6 p.m. against the Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles of the Ohio Valley Conference. I can't say much about TTU, other than the fact that 25-30 yrs ago they were considered a traditional mid-major power in women's hoops, and were frequently ranked in the top twenty. Their program has been on hard times for a while however. Perhaps both of these programs are rebounding. I think UA played at Tech several years ago. In any case, the opportunity to be one of...I think seven MAC WBB teams in the post-season is a deserved honor for one of the top first year coaches in the nation. Also another game for great senior sharp shooter Megan Cefcik.
  6. 20018-19 Women's Bball

    If you follow coach Jackson's Twitter feed, and follow youth/HS girls' bb little you can see that she is VERY busy in the recruiting field, even during days off during the season. She has a couple of junior and sophomore verbal commitments and travels to watch her future recruits whenever possible. And, as I think I mentioned somewhere earlier, two of next year's freshmen originally committed to BGSU before their coaching change last year.
  7. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    Gee, Captain...when you wrote this, did you think of the name of Akron's football stadium? .
  8. So, Seattle Sounders2 is now #TacomaDefiance? Hmmm... Strange name! Edit! Never mind. I just saw Zip_Me87's post with explainer: Point Defiance. I believe that Nick Hinds should have a great opportunity to get increased playing time with the Sounders varsity this season -- though I'm not sure who he would be competing with in the rave green shirt. Same goes for my Hawai'i homeboy Shandon Hopeau, who played a fine role as an attacking central midfielder last season. Shandy and Nick became fast friends. Was wondering if we'd see a former Zip on O'ahu at the state HS tourney last week. Shandon's sis was playing for the old school.
  9. Game 24- Buffalo Bulls

    Tickets start at $15! Damn, that's pretty steep for the nosebleed seats!
  10. Game 24- Buffalo Bulls

    Bulls have the curds. We have the Cheese!
  11. Scholarship Chart

    So, I answered my own question -- YES, he has three years to play three. So...if he's a JC transfer...why isn't he eligible to play this year? Coach is redshirting him?
  12. Scholarship Chart

    I was curious, is Lepear Toles going to be a Sophomore next season? 1 season at Fork River, 1 at JC?
  13. Game 22- Toledo Rockets

    Our boy Elroy!
  14. Kostelac Possibly Transferring

    Yes, bad behavior DOES go back a WHILE on Akron basketball! About 1991 Coach Crawford had a supposed phenom freshman who got involved with another player in one of the first practice sessions of the fall. Both were sent to the locker room to "cool off". It didn't work as the other player took a chair to the "phenom", breaking his arm. Result: No more phenom AND the attacker left the program. Looking at the positive side...We have additional scholarships available!
  15. Game 17- Eastern Michigan

    Were there any records set tonight for missed layups? Total: Both teams; Total: Each team. Horrific team basketball.