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  1. Women Win!

    Yeah -- this is NOT the type of schedule that is needed by a young team trying to get some level of confidence going into MAC play! Doesn't Arkansas-Pine Bluff have a women's soccer team?
  2. At Saint Louis

    review the past two seasons' recruiting threads. Youth players who can make a career at football/soccer are taking their talent to another shore. In our case look to Las Palmas and Sporting KC, who managed to take away forwards who could have been all-American players as freshmen at UA. We are hardly alone at losing top players however. It is the future of the college game. The good part is that there are so few really good players at this level that winning a national title is becoming something of a crap shoot. We're not out of contention for 2017, IMHO.
  3. At Saint Louis

    End of OT, 0-0 Well, it was certainly an exciting game -- very physical and hard-fought contest, but sloppy on both teams' parts. Akron had the last chance, and a SLU player cleared the ball of their line with seconds (under 10, I think) on the clock. This one could have gone either way, and since we finished with 10 men, I suppose some will say we "escaped" with a draw, but the escape was mostly due to our lack of final 20 yard attacking strategy. We just look messy (no Messi) there.
  4. At Saint Louis

    Well, we escaped the free kick from just on top of the circle, following a red card against Nate Schultz for taking down the attacking St Louis player. Borderline call, in my opinion.
  5. At Saint Louis

    There's no audio, but I just noticed from the flags it is very windy, and the wind is benefiting SLU in the OT period. A cross-field pass by Akron went straight out.
  6. At Saint Louis

    End of regulation, no goals! As ZipME87 said, there's been a lot of trouble creating an effective attack on top, and when we have, St Louis strength seems to be inside the box defense. I hope we can make something happen, and not happen to us!
  7. At Saint Louis

    Halftime stats show Akron with just 2 shots in the first 45! Considering that we controlled 80+ percent of the possession that I watched, that is pretty poor. St Louis keeper made just one save to three for Ben. 1 corner kick each side. 2 OS for us none for the Billis. We have to find an attack.
  8. At Saint Louis

    Tuned in and there is no scoreboard on the screen -- on top of a highly pixilated picture. Now I see a pic of the field scoreboard...0-0 as the 1st half ends. For the ten minutes I watched, it was clear that our side was far superior -- however we made some poor passing decisions and had no scoring opportunities that I saw. This reminds me a lot of Utah Valley! Clean things up the second half, and we SHOULD come away with a 'W'.
  9. At Saint Louis

    Billikens certainly have plenty of height! 18 position players on roster over 6'. http://www.slubillikens.com/SportSelect.dbml?&DB_OEM_ID=27200&SPID=93202&SPSID=632576
  10. At Saint Louis

    Most interesting game promotion I've seen in recent times: PROMOTIONS -- Fans are encouraged to bring their dog to the game for the “Howl at Hermann” promotion. Fans who bring their dog to the match will receive a free SLU-branded water bowl. This sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen!
  11. Game 3—Iowa State Cyclones

    BTW -- I noticed the spread in my newspaper went up from 9.5 to 10.5 today. New injury report?
  12. Game 3—Iowa State Cyclones

    Oh, hey...I missed this psycho thread! Those of us from Green also have a connection! My dad sent me a small Akron Jerkin Beanal clipping while I was in the Air Force of the first guy to meet his demise at Jeffrey's hand (before he was implicated -- don't think his cannibalistic tendencies had emerged yet), just to ask if I remembered the guy from my class at Green (i.e., the first victim). "Think he was a stoner" was all I could recall.
  13. 2017-2018

    Well, I hope something happens to get the team on national TV -- as contrasted with ESPN3 more this season. The past two years have been way down, as ESPN has begun leaning on the 3 platform. Three years ago, I counted 17 games were televised either on the ESPN regular family, or the Game Plan type system that no longer exists. I'm not a fan of ESPN3, as us old guys prefer a big screen where we can control all the knobs!
  14. As it ended up, the video and audio returned just before halftime, and stayed up for the remainder of the game. The UCSB announcing team were excellent, especially the color guy with the British accent! They knew what they were talking about -- and gave Akron players credit for being top flight.
  15. Marcel Zajac is the offensive MVP, but Moutinho looks like a pro in the back! Is he really a freshman?