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  1. Game 25—Ball State

    I bet if you look at our comparative scores for the final five minutes of the first half in MAC play, we trail by an average of 5 points (for 5 minutes) per game. Why do we have so much trouble finishing the half??
  2. Game 25—Ball State

    According to the box score, it was Cotton.
  3. Game 25—Ball State

    What the Hell just happened with 1.4 second to play. We were inbounding...and...they stole the inbounds pass???
  4. Game 25—Ball State

    Officiating crew is about as bad -- BOTH WAYS as they can be! Fantom fouls...What was the floor violation on BSU a bit ago -- double dribble?? Crazy. It's all about THEM!
  5. Game 24- CMU

    So, going back...What was Coach's "The Hawk" comment, Joe Akron??
  6. Game 24- CMU

    You may be both too young AND geographically mislocated to know it, but Ken ("the Hawk") Harrelson was the subject of the most celebrated trade of my youth involving the Cleveland Indians. In 1969 the perennial fight-to-avoid-last-place tribe traded for slugger Harrelson from the Red Sox and the press heralded it as the beginning of the new renaissance which would actually have to wait another 25 or so years. Harrelson hit about 30 HRs his first season for an improved but still subpar team (after initially refusing the trade and briefly "retiring"). Then he broke his leg the next pre-season and barely played at all. Finally, the following season the Hawk retired for good -- with the pretense of joining the PGA golf tour! Never hit a shot there, but his legend -- and ego will live on forever in the minds of long-time (and suffering) Indians fans..
  7. Game 24- CMU

    Sorry, I missed it...and I think he's too young to remember Ken Harrelson! Shrug
  8. Game 24- CMU

    Parrish! 21 points, 9 rebounds!
  9. 2018 Recruiting

    Can't explain my joy to see the Zips sign their first student-athlete from Humboldt Nation! McKinleyville had produced many good players over the years. Bryce was offered out of HS by Iowa St, committed to Nevada then decommitted and went JC way to a good program at RiversideCC. He's a guard primarily.
  10. Okay, two can play THIS game!!! I'll see you Ricky Brown, and raise you John Britton! Actually, Britton probably still holds the school record for shot attempt. Averaged over 20ppg, but the same # of shots! lol No Captain, we're NOT talking about D Tarver here!
  11. 2018 recruiting

    Top Drawer Soccer now has caught up to Zipnation with an article titled: "Akron Men's Soccer Land a Trio of VerbalsAkron picked up three offensive-minded midfielders, adding depth to its strong recruiting class of 2018 & 2019." However, it is restricted to paying customers!
  12. Looking for the new Zippy

    ...Which brings back one of my fondest memories of my times supporting Zips athletics -- which you long-time board members will no doubt recall. On the basketball team's arrival at their Waikiki hotel in 1990, I was sitting in SID Mac Yates' room when I overheard the shout of the then Zippy performer to the cheerleading coach, "Okay...I got Zippy's head. What'd you do with the tail?" Half of Zippy remained in the Cheerleading office at the JAR. Lovely free trip to Hawai'i, but the children of the Aloha State were hard to console! We still await Zippy's full arrival on our shores.
  13. St. V coach resigns to join UA staff

    Doesn't say which side of the football or positions he's going to take on coaching. Is there a vacancy? Could he be an OC?
  14. Game 20—@Ball State

    For those of you who saw it, how does this game compare to the Dayton triple-OT game from the 90's?
  15. Game 20—@Ball State

    When I was watching practice here in Hawai'i I thought I heard Coach Groce call number 0 "LeBron". But it may have just been Jimond. Not sure which one I was watching today! #ForgetBonzi