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  1. Was it a pass attempt or what was the play? ESPN is still showing it as successful, but no points!
  2. What happened on Akron's 2-point conversion attempt??
  3. Neva mine... ESPN reads 12 p.m. Usually that means Eastern Standard. Meantime I'm watching this barnburner between EMU and Canada. First to 50 should win. NO defense!
  4. What in the world is going on with the start of this game?? All media shows 12:00 EST kick. Lightning?? Why no updates from Zips social media.
  5. Watched the 2nd half of the Huron-Devils game. EMU's O-line just manhandled ASU's front. Ran the ball so easily. Are they THAT good, or did the PAC lie down?
  6. Great hire for blOSU. Just a matter of time...
  7. They need to find a way to prevent the home/visitor fan ratio from being like it was for that Indiana Grand Opening game!
  8. There is a Change.org petition calling on the NCAA to establish a two-semester college soccer season. Not recommending one way or the other, just for info. https://www.change.org/p/two-semester-college-soccer-season?fbclid=IwAR1OtTUhmPtTph6H0JyeSEfNVQvjH6ibU3EEhyyHjYR39j2ET4CTaC1iRDk
  9. I just hope Mr Hankerson has a better attitude than K.J. Walton had!
  10. My apologies for impertinence but...What's wrong with Dyson? How long is he out? Mahalo! 🙏
  11. Interesting comment. Are you old enough to remember the 1975 Fiesta Bowl? In that game, 11-0 Sun Devils defeated the 10-1 Big12 Runners-up Cornhuskers and claimed what some still consider Frank Kush and the Devils' only national championship. At the season's conclusion USC, Oklahoma and Arizona State each won media polls as the #1 team in college football. The Trojans and Sooners split the UPI and AP polls, while Arizona State won the Sporting News poll. Sporting News was not considered "as official" a determinate -- perhaps a "lesser" poll, so today "officially" only OU and USC are recorded as co-champs but don't take that argument to Tempe!
  12. The tracker has team stats...but only for the home team??? 😒
  13. Mismo. Same from Hawai'i. IAC, 1-0 Hoosers. Goal by Sam Sarver.
  14. I remember the NCAA establishing the "core courses" requirement many years ago, in the late 80s or 90s (?). It's an established practice now, but back in the day many students didn't take classes that didn't interest them, or they considered "too tough". No names please. 😉 I don't know what those courses are, but if they include for example upper level math(above basic algebra/geometry) or chemistry many students of the 70s would not have qualified for college.
  15. There's A LOT of nonsense (non-truths) in this history (link at bottom) of the Akron-IU rivalry. The one point I believe is correct is that Akron owns the advantage in the last ten meetings. I well remember the game at Lee Jackson in 1980. It was played on a Sunday -- not Saturday as this says. The Browns (aka that season as the Kardiak Kids) played I think the Steelers and Pittsburgh's PK was Matt Bahr (he joined the Browns the following season) who played soccer against Akron earlier, and along with his fellow NFL placekicker brother Chris was the son of another hated opposing coach, the legendary Walter Bahr (pronounced VAL- tehr- Bar) who coached his sons in soccer at Penn State . My memory is that Don Cockroft kicking the winning FG at the end was the highlight of either game -- and that "Uncle" Georgie Nanchoff was more interested in the Browns game on my transistor radio than the Hoosiers win (3-1 I think) on our field. 🤣 This was the Indiana team on which Yeagley subbed his entire field squad of ten players at the same time. I don't know today, but at the time that seemed incredibly arrogant of Yeags. Jerry at that time was the biggest referee baiter ever. It was amazing he never received even a yellow card! I believe our 2022 Zips can maintain that past ten-year advantage, and anything less than a draw will be terribly disappointing. fknbuflobo bring back a W from Armstrong! https://iuhoosiers.com/sports/msoc/opponent-history/akron/153
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