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  1. Any idea when the GenAdidas names are released? January?
  2. Caleb Porter

    I think I can spill the beans now. I was told by a person with contact to Portland Timbers officials that Caleb had agreed to the Galaxy job back in October. That was just before his visit to Akron for the Hall of Fame honors and soccer program celebration. Since it has taken so long, I figured my contact must have gotten his wires mixed and I was truly hoping Caleb would come "home" to the midwest. I guess the roommate connection (Galaxy GM Chris Klein was his IU roommate) and $$ won out. Personally, I have questions whether he can handle the LA limelight. That club is a long way from being a contender. But...so was Portland when he arrived!
  3. NCAA Tournament

    The final NSCAA poll came out today, Tuesday. @MarylandSoccer tweeted the preseason and final polls, showing the Terrapins moving from unranked to number one. But the interesting thing I found was this: Akron received two first place votes in the last vote! Like, huh? 😲
  4. NCAA Tournament

    It has been about 12 or 13 years since the former UA Ass't AD took my tag line and turned it into a brand name and clothing line. When Akron and Maryland played each other in 2005 or 2006 -- might have been first or second round NCAA game, and I closed a post on this board -- or was it the old Blue Board? -- "Fear the turtle"?? FEAR THE ROO!!!! I want my royalties! And ...
  5. NCAA Tournament

    They got one back, but Jared's using some little-used subs. One, Christian Lou Young...Where'd HE come from?? lol...This is a laugher. Hope game 2 goes to PKs. Cause I want another star!!!
  6. NCAA Tournament

    RITACCIO!!! From Biros. Do NOT bunker!!!
  7. NCAA Tournament

    Our THIRD TEAM All-American...who should be a Hermann Trophy finalist. DAVID EGBO for the goal!!!!! Hackworth's shot off the post...Egbo puts it away.
  8. NCAA Tournament

    One tip left over from 2010: Make sure you know where the Zips fans' seating section is. Last College Cup at Harder the ushers and security people were clueless! Under 2 hours, and waiting breathlessly! #GoZips!
  9. NCAA Tournament

    Well, I wasn't there on Friday. Ate pizza at Big Mike's fave place Pizza My Heart. Also got some BBQ from Woody's on Hollister in Goleta. I've been back to Harder Stadium three times since 2010, but not for men's soccer. I wonder who from the U of A is working on the arrangements this year. Even if he weren't searching for a Am football coach, the AD wouldn't be sighted, and there's no full-time president... Things have changed...except we still kick ass in soccer! Have a good time, my friends. And bring back what ya came for!
  10. NCAA Tournament

    Well, pretty sure this is the place we met on Sunday morning in 2010! Next to the airport. Got to meet George Nanchoff for first time in 30+ yrs, and Dr Proenza leading Tom Wistrcill around the room. Think Tom was pretty new to the job and not the greatest schmoozer. After spending time with him at the 2013 Diamond Head Classic I have a deep respect for his knowledge and talent. BTW -- the spread is on the U.! Open bar on you. 😉
  11. NCAA Tournament

    If you're headed to SB County, my friend in Santa Ynez Valley posted on FB that there was snow in Buellton (famous from the film Sideways) on Tuesday. But temps should be up to the mid 60s over the weekend and sunny. Lows in the low 40s. Perfect weather!!!
  12. Critiquing Coach Bowden

    Honestly, Terry was one of the best TV color guys, but his coaching talent -- and seemingly, energy -- was left behind in the SEC. If Buffalo can be successful with a DIII guy, there's no reason that Akron can't too.
  13. NCAA Tournament

    This highlights the importance of using the field to create space for your attack. I think they go back into their own half twice after plying the penalty area. Remember how our ol' friend GoZips (may he RIP) would decry the early Embick teams for pulling the ball out of what seemed to him to be the "attacking zone"? For a team looking to move the defenders to the position that opens up your attack the whole pitch can become the attacking zone! Stanford didn't know what hit 'em. BTW, on that Twitter thread, isn't the responder @BilAey the guy who is one of the most active posters on Big Soccer? He used to live in Hartville, I think.
  14. NCAA Tournament

    I was curious about the JAR watch party... Did viewers have audio to listen to? The Pac-12 Net broadcast crew featured Christopher Sullivan, Fox Sports veteran who was very active in educating his mostly West Coast audience about players grom both teams. Because of Sullivan the game was very evenly handled, as well as having expert information for fans of both teams and soccer fans more generally. However the play-by-play man (whose name I now forget) didn't seem to be a soccer announcing vet and so Sullivan more or less carried the broadcast. The play-by-play guy also did the Akron-Washington game. Reason I remembered is he again mispronounced Ezana Kahsay's native country. A-RIT-re-a is not right! smh. But, I doubt ESPN will have a College Cup announcer as good as Chris Sullivan. For those of you planning your trips, who were not there in 2010, most of the lodging is in the nearby town of Goleta, which is located between the glitzy city of SB and Isla Vista, where the UCSB campus is located. If you find a hotel for under $150/nite, JUMP on it. It's a very expensive area. Most of the commercial/retail and affordable dining is also in Goleta. There is a BBQ house there where we grabbed food for tailgating before the game. Wish I could make the trip this year, but I'm under the weather. Which, of course is splendid in SB County. It was in the mid-upper 70s for the final in 2010. Mornings in Dec can be "brisk" though -- as cool as 40 degrees, so come prepared!
  15. Caleb Porter

    WOW! I became a Crew supporter this year based on their February appearance at Aloha Stadium (how great that Wil Trapp picked me out in the stands -- in my Zips jersey -- and walked over to say hey when the players entered the stadium) and the #SavetheCrew movement. I hesitate to like any club in that town, but am ready to become a full-on CC fan if they make this move! The new GM I also have met -- Pat Onstad was the Dynamo keeper when the team with Hawaii's Brian Ching played here about 2009. #GoCrew