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  1. Cayman Islands Hoops Classic

    Yep -- you guys love to travel! I remember what a great time you had at the Diamond Head Classic last year. Or am I growing senile? 😵
  2. 2018-2019

    That could be the trend, considering that they hired as the basketball SID, the guy who had been an assistant baseball coach! Seems he is biding his time there until the program is resurrected.
  3. Yes. Just got the sked email from the ticket office. Surprised and disappointed that the team won't be visiting Santa Barbara in the regular season when the College Cup is destined for Harder Stadium. But, it's nice to be in the UW Tournament. Not sure when the program last played in Seattle. We did play both UW and Portland at UP in 2000. UP roster included All-America Kelly Gray and Conor Casey (who was at the Olympics and didn't play). Washington I recall defeated Akron 4-0, while Portland scored I think 3 first half goals, then we came back to tie them in the second half. Someone contact Steve Zakuani!
  4. 2018-2019

    Terry and family were very strongly rooted in the Marlington School District, so I saw him as being the most difficult "leave" when the staff escaped to Pittsburgh. I can imagine they're feeling homesick by now. For reasons that are internal to Terry, he never felt the desire to apply for head coaching jobs while at Akron. Maybe this is his last chance at either a HC job or returning to the area (He's a Barberton native). I'm just not sure its a good idea to hire a man who's never coached womens' basketball for his first HC job at a D1 university.
  5. Out of curiosity, does anyone know what was the situation with Dylan Swingle last year -- he graduated from Paint Valley in 2017, yet he never appeared on Duquesne's roster...now he's listed as an incoming freshman. Was he a basketball greyshirt? Did he attend a prep school...?
  6. 2018-2019

    MaxPreps ranks him as the #1 shooting guard in West Virginia! How accurate are they?? No schollies left, eh?
  7. Outdoor T & F

    The story the TFCC SID sent out stated that Quaderius (sp?) is a senior for Track. So he how many seasons left on the gridiron -- just one?
  8. 2018-2019

    Great question! All I know is that the interim coach -- Jody's assistant the past several years has gotten two or three players to sign or commit since coach Kest resigned/retired. I wonder if she might be considered. If I had MY way, the next coach would be this fellow: http://womenshoopsworld.com/2018/02/05/coachs-chair-karl-smesko-florida-gulf-coast-university/ Who is a local boy made good, and the son of the long-time Hudson Explorers boy's bb coach Al Smesko. Al is a legend in the Suburban League. Take it from a former Green Bulldog. Unfortunately, we have exactly ZERO chance of hiring Karl -- he's already turned down USC, which tried to fill up on FGCU coaches a year ago.
  9. Brian Maisonneuve

    You beat me to the punch, Buflobo. Maissonneuve is going to be a fine college coach and elevate the Suckeyes game. John Hackworth (dad of one of our players, and a coach in his own right lol) just tweeted he's the best secret in the college game!
  10. This guy only has ONE YEAR left to play -- and must sit out next season! https://www.daytondailynews.com/sports/xeyrius-williams-announces-leaving-dayton-flyers/sWAWyHGN9W5cJ8QitOMkcO/
  11. 2018-2019

    Well, the guy who doesn't appear to be helpful has committed...
  12. Yet, better than Sunderland did all season long -- as they are being relegated to League One.
  13. E-man

    After searching I notice that there has not been ANY update since January on this board about Emmanuel's health condition. However, about a month or six weeks ago, I noticed a video from the university which featured an interview with E-Man. I think I originally found it on Twitter -- but I don't think it was produced by the MBB staff. I'll continue trying to find it, but the intro to the short (maybe 2 minute) clip detailed the medical situation with Emmanuel, and noted that it was not a congenital or chronic heart problem, but rather a clot caused by a piece of tissue that detached form the area around his heart valve (best as I can remember). It described how it became apparent when E-Man partially lost his vision during the game prior to the surgery. This loss of vision somehow was the tip-off to doctors about the nature of his problem, and they knew how to treat it medically. So, the apparent good news is that the doctors don't expect a likelihood of any continuing problems associated with this specific occurrence, and I guess it means he's able to continue playing and conditioning as before January's surgery, and it shouldn't effect his long-term health I hope I'm properly restating what I listened to on the video -- given my non-medical background. I'm surprised that no one has ever linked it on here! Did anyone else see this??
  14. So, you're saying DeAndre knew something when he left Sunderland??
  15. Channel Banks - Committed

    Channel Banks just officially committed to Akron, per Sheridan College Twitter.