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  1. Maybe the MAC and the MAC could combine and become the Big MAC?
  2. So the NEO sports curse is alive. 😞
  3. So you're saying there's a chance.... 🙏
  4. Anyone know when ticket orders are expected to get mailed?
  5. University of Akron technology poised to help fight harmful algae blooms The article says the invention was first used to help find dead bodies.
  6. Should have stopped your list at #4.
  7. Hilltopper should be flogged for posting that
  8. So where was GT's in-depth video interview?
  9. Getting there might not be bad (Friday I would guess?), but getting back might be more of an adventure.
  10. I'm not sure the offense was even there in the NW game. Remember, the D scored 3 of the TDs.
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