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  1. Curious why the Twitter posts aren't showing for me. I've also been having problems with the "next" page button not working either. This happens using Chrome on either my phone and laptop.
  2. Maybe the injured OL were held out last week to hopefully be ready for this week? Last week's opponent was "less important" than this week, especially in year 1 of JoeMo.
  3. IMHO they seemed to go downhill when The Chest retired
  4. I'll be a Luddite and get mine at the gate.
  5. But the Beacon is covering your local sports so you don't miss anything.
  6. Revised contract signed OOPS --- SHOULD BE IN KENTUCKY THREAD.... sorry!
  7. no problems for me... Win10 w/ Chrome 64bit 99.0.4844
  8. Literally the only reason I don't subscribe.
  9. So much coverage in the Leaking Urinal of that Columbus team spring practices etc, Why would they bother covering the new staff here?
  10. Using UA-developed polymer technology to deconstruct plastics. https://www.cleveland.com/news/2022/03/recycling-the-once-unrecyclable-a-technology-born-in-akron-is-taking-shape-in-rural-indiana.html
  11. Actually I believe Brad Bournival wrote that one?
  12. Guessing Buffalo will be the homecoming game. Hopefully it will be on a Saturday.
  13. Or compromise and do script ZIPS
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