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  1. Revised contract signed OOPS --- SHOULD BE IN KENTUCKY THREAD.... sorry!
  2. no problems for me... Win10 w/ Chrome 64bit 99.0.4844
  3. Literally the only reason I don't subscribe.
  4. So much coverage in the Leaking Urinal of that Columbus team spring practices etc, Why would they bother covering the new staff here?
  5. Using UA-developed polymer technology to deconstruct plastics. https://www.cleveland.com/news/2022/03/recycling-the-once-unrecyclable-a-technology-born-in-akron-is-taking-shape-in-rural-indiana.html
  6. Actually I believe Brad Bournival wrote that one?
  7. Guessing Buffalo will be the homecoming game. Hopefully it will be on a Saturday.
  8. Or compromise and do script ZIPS
  9. Even the Pittsburgh papers cover Akron better than the ABJ
  10. Maybe the ABJ can hire to replace GT and save some $$$
  11. Betting Zach Gibson ends up at GT
  12. Well I guess it is an announcement https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pregón
  13. Oregon is a long way from Ohio... guessing not going to get too many to follow, but who knows.
  14. Beat me to it! Some great times while he was here!
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