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  1. haha, not cool. I cheered at Akron for a couple years. I have no clue what they're like now. I haven't been to a football or basketball game in awhile and hardly make it to the soccer games anymore I'd like to go to the basketball games, but I do not enjoy the thought of sitting on those hard bleachers. I can do that at a high school game, but it's unacceptable for a college game.
  2. Remember when we called for Ianello's head with a Facebook page and it grew fast. Is Tom the right guy to lead Akron's athletic program?
  3. I hate this and the Buckeyes as much as everyone else here, but I am not going to make a fuss about this. Akron's athletic program is at a low point right now. Soccer attendance in 2014 was the worst it has ever been at the remodeled stadium. Football team's attendance was horrible and so was the performance on the field. The basketball team continues to struggle to attract fans to that awful JAR and the best player on the team got himself kicked off the team. The revenues are down. The fan support is down. Ohio State on the other hand, things couldn't be better. Akron's Facebook post got a lot of likes by a lot of Akronites that forgot UA had an athletics program. UA reminded them that they exist and wants to be a part of the bandwagon. Being an Akron fan, it sucks watching that. But I can't blame UA for doing it.
  4. Does anyone have 2 tickets available in the lower chair back section to sell? I'm thinking about attending the game tonight with my son but I'm not sure if I want to sit upstairs on those hard bleachers. I'd rather my son enjoy the experience and want to come back. If you have tickets, message me a price. Thanks.
  5. I think $5 would be reasonable. $10 is a big jump from $3. I haven't been to a Zips football game in years so I don't know what the current prices are. $10 on coffee is insane. I just spent $4 on a pumpkin sumthin latte at Panera a couple days ago. I spend $6-7 per beer at the bar, not $10. Win, Lose, or Draw, watching games at the Rubber Bowl was always fun because of the experience. I had around 30 people I tailgated with and we always had a great time. We tried to bring that experience to the Info and failed miserably as getting our group together was a challenge and we had to park in BFE, away from other tailgaters, to make it happen. We used to be able to pull up right by the older alumni and set up our own shop. For some still in college and others just out, $10 per car to park for a Zips game is steep. I don't know if Tom Wistrill ever witnessed the tailgating scene at the Rubber Bowl. Those were the days.
  6. Tailgating at the Rubber Bowl was a great experience because everyone tailgated near each other creating a fun environment. I tried tailgating the first 2 years for Akron football at the Info, but being put in the lot by the law school separated from other tailgating lots ruined the experience for me. Parking at the Rubber Bowl was only $3 and you could park anywhere you wanted. When they raised the prices to $10 for Infocision Staduim and made it difficult to park by others, it became a hassle. The product on the field, the increased prices, and the hassles that came with trying to carry over Rubber Bowl traditions, that is what ruined it for me. It was a big letdown.
  7. As for fans of Akron that aren't alumni, we have a lot of them in the soccer department. Winning changes everything.
  8. Let's take a look at the cities, since you've assumed soccer is a "white suburban game."Soccer is popular in Akron city limits with several little kid leagues and an indoor facility in Firestone park. Akron's demographics: The racial makeup of the city was 62.2% White, 31.5% African American, 0.2% Native American, 2.1% Asian, 0.8% from other races, and 3.2% from two or more races. Ohio's biggest city, Columbus, has several high schools in city limits with soccer teams. Demographics: 61.5% White, 28.0% African American, 0.3% Native American, 4.1% Asian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 2.9% from other races, and 3.3% from two or more races. Biggest city in the USA has a huge soccer following. NYC demographics: 44% white (33.3% non-Hispanic white), 25.5% black (23% non-Hispanic black), 0.7% Native American and 12.7% Asian. Can you even name a city where soccer isn't popular within city limits? Are you trying to say black city children don't play soccer??? Akron has Inner City Soccer Club with a good % of black children. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=161309830562880 I'm sure the other cities have similar inner city clubs with young African-Americans playing, just like Akron. I lived in North Hill for 21 years, then Goodyear Heights for 6, and now Green for 3. You should turn off your vhs collection of the Lawrence Welk Show sometime and get out more.
  9. My old high school, North, has more kids on the soccer team than football. They have men's varsity and jv, and a female squad. North is as inner city as anywhere else in the US. Akron public schools has 4 high schools with teams out of 7 schools. Your perspective of inner city is is garbage. Akron, Columbus, and Pittsburg share similar demographics. I'm sure you can argue North Hill's foreign population is a part of the soccer popularity in that area, but Hispanics and foreigners are making up a good portion of inner cities these days, and those populations are on the rise. So you should reconsider your statement because it seems your perspective of inner city needs fixed.
  10. #16 has looked lost at times. He came in late against UCF and had a horrible shot on the outside of the side netting while we had plenty of guys in the box. His angle was horrible for that shot. He also had a few turnovers yesterday. I understand he's a freshman and I hope they're just rookie mistakes.
  11. I don't think Sepe is forward material, at least not the attacking forward spot. He doesn't push the line and seems lazy on the attack. I like the other forward, #17 Anthony Macchione, a lot better as he was always on the line and the Zips were able to push the ball up to him in space behind the defense. He's also taller giving an advantage for set pieces. The offense was a lot more explosive with Anthony Macchione.
  12. Friday was the worst home opener ever since the soccer stadium was renovated. I'll try to update these sometime soon.
  13. It would be nice if they replaced that scoreboard. Look how Louisville treats their soccer team and fans:
  14. What is the story regarding the scoreboard, a little annoyed about that
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