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  1. In general, I agree. Groce may be thinking on different terms now that any chance of a Mon home game is gone and having a depleted team. What would define some "success?" at this point for this season and "progress?" (or as some may argue...fewer steps back for the program)? A win at Buffalo? Beat Kent at home? or at least getting to Cleveland on Thursday? Maybe for Groce and the team, it is the latter and the best chance at a Monday win is to have some reasonable minutes (35?) for the key players and maybe as important some role players feeling more comfortable in possibly contributing on Monday....Thursday....well Mon and Thurs. With the way the Zips have been playing lately, Groce may not care who he plays away in the 5-8 seeds and knows that playing kids 40 again is going to end ugly on Monday. This is not NBA type tanking but maybe he realized that his competitiveness and overplaying guys hurt the development of the walk-ons (trying to keep a straight face, they just played a combined full game). I don't think he really has had much of choice. There are only so many bodies for all these minutes. IMO, I'd still like to go to Cleveland. If we limped out of the season and yet somehow won on Monday, would people have a little better feeling about the season? Buffalo should be ugly tonight no matter who plays (they are flat out more athletic, talented and a bad matchup for any shorthanded team), Kent toss-up game depends on which Walker plays and then maybe we have some magic left on Mon versus an average MAC team on the road. This all sounds like the regular versus tournament season importance threads.
  2. Last time the Zips won at home, you found a way to complained about the attendance in the thread rather than giving the team any credit and discussing the game. This time, you claim a Zips player was purposely "trying" to commit a hard foul with less than 5 seconds and the MAC officials shouldn't have swallowed their whistles. I think Ivey was just going for the block, I definitely didn't see an aggressive intentional foul approach ...... No matter which side you're on, you shouldn't expect that call at that point in the game especially on a putback - the block up top was pretty clean but there was definitely body contact after the block. I'm pretty sure there was a lot of rebound contact/ positioning while that shot was in the air by both teams. That was not bad officiating, they did (unlike the 1st UA/ Ball State game) what they're supposed to do at the end of a game - not decide the game on anything questionable. Everyone knows that. On a side note - Come on man, that was a good solid road win for such a depleted team - 2 non-scholarship players almost played a combined full game with 37 minutes. Please get over your coach issues and move on. It's so early in the Groce tenure and started with such a short deck even before the injuries. As a long time member of this board and going way back to the old blue board, I don't remember any supposed "zip" posters having this much of a passive-aggressive agenda from day 1 with a team over a coaching change. It really kills the board. I'm not big on calling people out but you're just non stop biased nonsense with this team and some of its players.
  3. Great game in 2007/2008. Nice extended highlights. Funny, the announcer at the end was certain it was a shooting foul initially. Ref made the right call.
  4. Thanks for posting video MES. Refreshing on so many levels.
  5. Per the kitten network, Add OSU's Oden and Conley to list of past recruits by Groce. If this guy falls into our lap, we should be pretty happy.
  6. Another MAC school dropping baseball. Wonder if this will be a trend as schools continue to look closely at budgets. http://www.ubbullrun.com/2017/4/3/15159704/buffalo-bulls-to-drop-four-sports
  7. I would like to think that Groce is under consideration but think the money issue is show stopper on any conversations. Even rumors of him coming here are surprising to me.
  8. Absolutely, move on guys. Boals is out and that's the most important part pertaining to the thread. I could care less who is right/ wrong about OSU recruiting and why players didn't develop. We are best just agreeing to disagree on Boals abilities. I think he will end up a big time coach at some point when his time comes. It will not be Akron for many good reasons already stated on this board.
  9. Jeff Boals is the main reason that we got Zeke Marshall. Zeke's mom was crushed when he left the staff. With a little web research, you would see that Boals was regarded as one of the nation's top recruiters at OSU and reason he landed the his first HC gig. IMO Boals is the man to get but I doubt that Williams can land him.
  10. Very disappointing if you are indicating that Boals and Paris are not being considered.
  11. Nothing more frustrating then looking for updates on our coaching search and seeing nothing but football attendance nonsense. Does it really matter if only 100s actually go? and why not start another topic if it matters that much. Geeez....oh look squirrel...
  12. Travelzoo deal seems to have expired and is not available for the Championship game. It was a nice deal if you wanted better seats then the lottery promotion.
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