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  1. Possible Candidates

    I just listened to that as well. Kehres is the one D3 coach who would interest me and for the reasons you mentioned. He has the pedigree and experience for knowing what it takes to win. I Truly believe he could get this program to a New Years six bowl much like Western Michigan did a few years ago.
  2. Possible Candidates

    Maybe Arth is the cheap option that maybe saves the school $100K/ yr versus someone who is more qualified. it wouldn'y surprise me at all if this were the reason why he is at the front of the line.
  3. Possible Candidates

    I agree with ALL of this. It just boggles my mind how UA can just seem to continually screw it up in regards to their football program. I actually liked the Bowden hire at the time, but if I remember correctly, he wasn't even on their radar, and it wasn't until he showed interest in the job that they even gave him a thought. So now here they are, at the crossroads again, and they are considering Tom Arth? Good grief. I'm with you on the Getsy option. Hire him yesterday and be done with it!
  4. Critiquing Coach Bowden

    Yurich has an impressive resume' https://okstate.com/coaches.aspx?rc=23 Getsy's bio from the MSU page: https://hailstate.com/coaches.aspx?rc=1938&path=football
  5. Critiquing Coach Bowden

    From an ESPN story about 20 minutes ago. Possible candidates to succeed Bowden include Mississippi State offensive coordinator Luke Getsy, Los Angeles Chargers wide receivers coach Phil McGeoghan and Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich. I was unaware that Luke Getsy is the OC at Mississippi State. He would be an interesting choice. The guy definitely provided a lot of fire when he played here.
  6. Where is the party tomorrow?

    Thanks guys! and safe travels Captain!
  7. Where is the party tomorrow?

    I'm currently at 35,000 feet and jetting in from San Diego for my first Zipd FB game in a number of years. I would like to meet with some of you prior to the game, but don't know where most of you hang out. I remember hearing about a popular tailgate lot, but not sue where and what to look for. Go Zips!
  8. Three For Thursday [Chips @ Zips]

    I think we win this game, but only by the slimmest of margins. The 2018 version of the Zips has been very underwhelming in MAC play. I was very high on them after Northwestern, but then the bottom fell out. Central is about as good as Kent. On paper, we are better, but won't necessarily play like it. I'm picking the Zips to win 20-17. Defense saves the day again! BTW, I am flying in from California tomorrow and would like to tailgate with you guys. Where should I meet and what time? Looking forward to it!
  9. Game 1—@Nebraska Cornhuskers

    This could end up being the second year in a row that we have to come back and play on Sunday. Worked out well for us last year in Kalamazoo.
  10. Around the MAC 2018-2019

    Illinois just stopped Kent on 4th and goal at the Illini 6 with 2:12 left in the game. Still 31-24 in favor of the Illini.
  11. Around the MAC 2018-2019

    Howard is leading the Bobkittens 16-3 with 9:37 left until halftime.
  12. Around the MAC 2018-2019

    31-24 Illini with 10:39 to go in the game.
  13. Game 1—@Nebraska Cornhuskers

    Some of this footage was against Corona Centennial and Santa Ana Mater Dei. Those are two very good programs in Southern California.
  14. Game 1—@Nebraska Cornhuskers

    Played H.S. ball for Jim Kunau at Orange Lutheren in Orange, CA. Kunau is now coaching my son at Temecula, CA Rancho Christian. I asked him about Fitschen and he said that the kid not only has talent, but is of high character as well.
  15. ZipsNation.org Spotlights Shawn Featherstone

    Great story! better than anything the Beacon or PD could provide. Thanks for sharing!