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  1. ACC could be an option as well. We have competed very well with those schools and the league is strong. I will argue that it is better than the Big10
  2. I agree, and the win will not come against YSU. I predict it will come against UMass.
  3. Santa Ana Mater Dei or St John Bosco, the two powerhouse high schools out here in California could beat the Zips. I don’t think I have ever seen or more pathetic example for an FBS program. I really hope Arth can turn this around for a number of reasons. I feel sorry for the embarrassment that these kids have to face every week. 😢
  4. Announcer said our offense is averaging 2 yards per play on the season. Horrible OL play will do that. DL is not much better.
  5. We’re getting pushed around on both lines of scrimmage, especially our offensive line. This is by far the greatest area where Arth is going to need to improve. Give some credit to Illinois. They have a number of 4 and 5 star transfers. Three from USC. Peters looks good too,, but he has ALL DAY to throw, so this really isn’t a test for him.
  6. He would be a good value there.
  7. My first impression of this is that our team is going to be very well conditioned and very sharp when it comes to fundamentals. Those were the things that had a lot to do with John Wooden's success at UCLA. I saw a documentary where Bill Walton complained about having to tie his shoes a certain way every time.
  8. I would think they would have to consider a dome if they came up north. The only thing close to Akron would be Detroit. Its a large market with no weather issues.
  9. I thought the MAC had some sort of rule in place that prohibited its members from scheduling road games against FCS schools? Isn't that the reason why Youngstown won't schedule us? They wanted a home and home?
  10. I just listened to that as well. Kehres is the one D3 coach who would interest me and for the reasons you mentioned. He has the pedigree and experience for knowing what it takes to win. I Truly believe he could get this program to a New Years six bowl much like Western Michigan did a few years ago.
  11. Maybe Arth is the cheap option that maybe saves the school $100K/ yr versus someone who is more qualified. it wouldn'y surprise me at all if this were the reason why he is at the front of the line.
  12. I agree with ALL of this. It just boggles my mind how UA can just seem to continually screw it up in regards to their football program. I actually liked the Bowden hire at the time, but if I remember correctly, he wasn't even on their radar, and it wasn't until he showed interest in the job that they even gave him a thought. So now here they are, at the crossroads again, and they are considering Tom Arth? Good grief. I'm with you on the Getsy option. Hire him yesterday and be done with it!
  13. Yurich has an impressive resume' https://okstate.com/coaches.aspx?rc=23 Getsy's bio from the MSU page: https://hailstate.com/coaches.aspx?rc=1938&path=football
  14. From an ESPN story about 20 minutes ago. Possible candidates to succeed Bowden include Mississippi State offensive coordinator Luke Getsy, Los Angeles Chargers wide receivers coach Phil McGeoghan and Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich. I was unaware that Luke Getsy is the OC at Mississippi State. He would be an interesting choice. The guy definitely provided a lot of fire when he played here.
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