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  1. 2017 Bowl Watch

    I agree only because playing against the Mountain West is a better draw than the Sun Belt. I would still prefer to go somewhere else only because we have been to this one before. Too bad the Poinsetta went belly up. I live about an hour north of San Diego and would love to see our Zips come to the west coast.
  2. Game 12—Golden Flashes @ Zips

    That was a great game! I remember it like it was yesterday.
  3. Game 12—Golden Flashes @ Zips

    I wish I could be there, but no complaints that I have to watch on TV from the warmth here in Southern California. 90-95 degree highs here in the Temecula/ Murrieta area today, tomorrow, and Thursday. Maybe we put a TV outside and sit in the pool.
  4. Game 11—Bobcats @ Zips

    My thoughts exactly! You beat me to the punch on this one. With that said, the zips certainly need to clean up the penalties going forward.
  5. Game 11—Bobcats @ Zips

    Poopy White
  6. Game 12—Golden Flashes @ Zips

    Agree! the future is now.
  7. Game 11—Bobcats @ Zips

    They should officially make. Him the starter right now regardless of Woody's off field issues. They are at least as good with him in there. He is the the guy for the next three years. Get him as many reps as possible going into next season.
  8. Game 7—@Western Michigan

    I'm going with the Zips. 14-13. Take that one to the bank.
  9. Les Miles

    Unfortunately the only thing that excites Joe Akron is Ohio State. The Zips could go 13-0 and qualify for a New Years six game and Joe Akron would pay little attention. It sucks, but I think it is the reality. Although I would love to go 13-0 and hopefully find out that I am wrong.
  10. Jason Taylor - First Ballot Hall of Famer

    Looks like he's going to come up with 3.4 large. Hopefully he comes up with a new gig that pays him well.
  11. I wouldn't worry too much about that. The folks who make these predictions only look at the previous season and how the team finished. They don't know too much about the current roster. I think we are going to surprise a lot of people.
  12. Spring Game Atendance

    500 - 700
  13. I watched part of the UTA/ BYU game last night. UTA is a very good shooting team, but they do not have much of an inside game, nor do they defend well inside. We won't win if it becomes a shooting contest. Need to play tough defense on the outside, especially around the three point line. Another chance for Big Dog to shine.
  14. The Dam is Cracked: future of American uniforms

    Yep. And they will ask for even more because they know that the owners are getting more. Instead of paying the players, give some back to the fans in the form of lower ticket prices and concessions. We know that will never happen, because if it does, the players will go on strike and demand more $$. Its not just the NBA either. The Celtics just opened up the flood gates. I expect the NFL, NHL & MLB to do this as well.
  15. UA to Renovate the JAR

    What would be the price tag to enclose the north end of the Info, put a wall on the other end, and then put a lid over the whole thing. Make the roof a pressurized bubble similar to the old HHH Metrodome in MSP. We could then have a multi-purpose facility. I'm guessing at least a few hundred million for that sort of project. Sort of similar to what Syracuse did. It could host NCAA first round and/ or regional games. Maybe a bowl game, MAC FB championship game, MAC BB tourney, NFL preseason games, NBA preseason and regular season games, concerts, etc. I doubt that the bush league, small minded leaders at UA would go for it.