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  1. I'm watching BUGS take on Michigan on ESPN2. COVID aside, it's a little embarrassing how unprepared Akron seems to be vs. other programs. Even before the 2 week pause, there was hardly a semblance of a schedule prior to MAC play.
  2. So what kind of media agreements is the MAC looking at securing to make sure their fans are able to still watch "MACtion"? Oh wait, that would require actual leadership which the conference lacks.
  3. Might be a blessing in disguise. I can't imagine the travel budget for a mid-major tourney in Florida was the most appropriate application of funds. Marshall and St. Bonnie are just as good if not better. The lack of a complete schedule right now is incredibly frustrating, though. Are there no P5s that want a piece of the Zips? LCJ too scary for them?
  4. For what it's worth, Bleacher Report has Akron playing MTSU on Wednesday at 2pm.
  5. Unless I'm reading it wrong, the 247sports.com page has the rankings on them. 2021 SG Class Rankings 2021 PF Class Rankings Note the schools those around our guys are committed to. Higher Mid Majors and P5s. Groce is recruiting at a high level.
  6. Two Top 60 guys at their respective positions in the class. Wow. Won't be long before Groce is picked off again... The good news is that means we'll be making noise in March. Two outstanding gets it looks like. The level of this program seems to be rising more and more with each commitment! Go Zips!
  7. That was more my question. It doesn't appear that the site has been updated to reflect this year's field, and although it reflects the COVID attendance changes, I wasn't sure if they changed the format or not. I was looking at Duquesne's forum, and it looks like they were added to Louisville's "bubble". Are there any other P5 schools in our region doing a "bubble"?
  8. I'm not upset with playing MTSU. Jermaine Marshall will be familiar with the area, too. Is this a round-robin style tournament? Or just these singular games across 3 days?
  9. It's Nov. 2nd - 3 weeks from the start of the NCAA season. Any updates or rumors on the OOC schedule?
  10. Cooper, Kellogg, and Offutt were at the forefront of OU's success during Groce's time there. Stevie Taylor and Ricardo Johnson were also a pain to deal with as an opponent. Don't forget, the year he left, he had Caris LeVert coming to OU before decommitting after Groce's departure and heading to Ann Arbor instead. Groce is a smart man - he isn't about to abandon the system that had OU on the verge of total MAC dominance.
  11. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CG8CwbvHSZz/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  12. Zips by 4 or more. It's 2020 - crazier things have happened! Never forget...
  13. Offensive linemen are usually 275-325 lbs, but are some of the most fit people on earth. Weight doesn't always indicate conditioning/health issues. I remember seeing Anderson's highlights in the other thread. He moves very well, is an outside threat, and would be one heck of a challenge to move out of the paint or get around (assuming he buys into Groce's fundamentally-sound system of boxing out - usually). 6'8" 275 lbs and dribbling by defenders - yeah, I want him. Cadiz?! My goodness. My buddy has 100 acres of property in Scio, OH (Cadiz is the closest "big" town). I hardly have cell service, let alone hope of finding basketball talent down there. Could be a diamond in the rough (a lot of rough - like, miles and miles of fields and trees, rough). His AAU squad must get a decent amount of showcase, because how the heck did Green Bay find him?
  14. Well that's not a very good Social Distancing policy... (insert the vintage tomato-hitting-the-face emoji) Laugh, people. It's good for the soul. Go Zips!
  15. If we don't allow fans at football games, we have an excuse for not having fans at football games. It's genius. Akron Football - Social Distancing Before It Was Cool. Now that's a slogan. ______________________________________________________________________ Any update(s) on the schedule? Any rumblings?
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