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  1. Best half of basketball I've seen in a very long time. Nearly 60 pts in that second half. The chemistry is about 95% there with this team I'd say. Trimble and Ali are phenomenal. I can't believe Ali is only a sophomore. He's a special find by Groce.
  2. When is it ever pretty over there? They've been cranky ever since Groce left 'em.
  3. $8.9M for 6.5 years of less than mediocre ACC basketball. Congrats JC! Per 92.3 The Fan, CSU's Dennis Gates is on the short list for Boston College. I wonder what that would mean for Dru Joyce?
  4. ATT has a streaming package through Roku? Interesting...
  5. I need to figure out how to watch this one. Feb. 6th was my last day of YouTube TV since they don't have an Indians and Blue Jackets TV contract. Any suggestions?
  6. It'll be interesting to see what a week off (games wise) does for us. Do we come out rusty, sluggish, and sloppy? Or do we look rested, fresh, and like we practiced well?
  7. The lack of an OOC schedule shoots down any At-Large debates in my opinion.
  8. It's February... Queue the At-Large discussion on a MAC school fan forum!
  9. I don't care who they are missing. Crushing PCCC is fun.
  10. Good for him. He was poised to be an impactful player in the MAC his freshman season before his freak injury. He never quite got back up to speed, mainly due to recurring injury issues, and not being up to speed isn't exactly a fit for Groce's system. Really glad to hear he's enjoying success at Stony Brook! Good ole Geno Ford...
  11. He was my favorite fill-in voice on Baskin & Phelps. As previously stated, a true professional and an endless bucket of knowledge and quality insight. RIP.
  12. Dambrot should've made the tourney 4 times during his time here. P... Pen... I can't say it. The W/L column under the NCAAT section speaks volumes. Here's to hoping Groce's W column number increases. ?
  13. They are... * Clap Clap * Can't State... * Clap Clap * A win is a win is a win. Joe Akron doesn't even know who Nuga is. They just see Akron beating their rival KSUcks. Speaking of which... IT'S 6:18AM AND...
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