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  1. Cayman Islands Hoops Classic

    I hate when the coach shoots 7-41 from beyond the arc.
  2. Cayman Islands Hoops Classic

    They made more shots than we did. Plain and simple. Bummer.
  3. 20018-19 Women's Bball

    Do we have to have an equal or greater number of threads about women's basketball?
  4. MAC Hoops 18-19

    I thought that was a football score when I saw it.
  5. NCAA Tournament

    The ACC I should just add Akron. Problem solved.
  6. Cayman Islands Hoops Classic

    Alright, that's what I like to hear! Now let's talk about your avatar...
  7. Cayman Islands Hoops Classic

    Why didn't Toles play today? Injury or still getting his feet under him?
  8. Cayman Islands Hoops Classic

    A 3 pt. loss to the #16 team in the country while shooting 43% with 15 turnovers is impressive. I'm not a participation trophy person, but in the 2nd year of Groce with a 75% roster remodeling in the off-season, I'll take this loss. Well done. Played hard, belonged on the court, and quite frankly, a bucket here & there, and you win - maybe even somewhat handily.
  9. Cayman Islands Hoops Classic

    Thomas is a force. Gotta start making our shots.
  10. NCAA Tournament

    What an amazing cross and header on the 3rd goal. The first few years, Embick needed to prove that Akron wasn't just Caleb Porter, that Akron was a powerhouse that happened to be taken to the next level by Porter. Since then, he is consistently putting together strong seasons. All season I kept saying all we needed to do was get into the NCAA tournament. Well, here we are - onto the Sweet 16!
  11. Cayman Islands Hoops Classic

    Our margin against similar-level opponents is way more impressive. Clemson always seems ripe for an upset. I can't wait for 11am - 1 hr 58 minutes!
  12. Critiquing Coach Bowden

    What an off-season we have coming up in NEO. The Browns, Cavs, and Akron will all be looking for coaches (I hope).
  13. Cayman Islands Hoops Classic

    I believe that's the free streaming service from Facebook. They used it to broadcast several Facebook-only MLB games this summer, including (annoyingly) multiple Indians games. It will look good on one of my monitors at work.