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  1. When Moorhead was hired, out of excitement I went to look at these future schedules. I texted my dad "Undefeated 2023 season." Legitimate opportunity to make some noise on the national level in 2023, after what is hopefully a very successful 2022 campaign.
  2. Oof. Did not know that. Should have known you're on top of it! Based on your list, there are quite a few missing - P, DE, DL, DB.
  3. Per 247, here is a list of the incoming players... HS Commits QB - Dijon Jennings (6' 220 lbs; N/A) RB - Charles Kellom (6' 188 lbs; N/A) WR - Bobby Golden (5'9" 180 lbs; 3*) TE OL - Ka'Marii Landers (6'5" 300 lbs OT; 3*) - Keylen Davis (6'4" 270 lbs OG/OT; 3*) - Tyhler Williams (6'4" 300 lbs OG; N/A) DL LB DB Transfers QB RB - Cameron Wiley (6'2" 210 lbs; 3*; Minnesota) WR - Alex Adams (6'1" 175 lbs; 3*; LSU) - Shocky Jacques-Louis (6'1" 175 lbs; 3*; Pitt) TE OL - Max Banes (6'5" 307 lbs; 3*; Houston) DL - Devon Robinson (6'6" 260 lbs; 3*; Memphis) LB DB - Kerry Martin (6'2" 188 lbs; 3*; WVU) _________________________________________________ Signing day is Wednesday. We have some mystery verbals out there, potentially including a 4*. I think there are some guys missing from this list, too. Can someone fill in any missing names?
  4. Unbelievable get. I hope Joe Mo's contract included funding for his statue. Something special is being built at Akron. Who is this mystery 4*?!
  5. I thought the 27th ranking was for his position. If it's for overall player, yeah, definitely reasonable. Wow.
  6. Given the bonding that appeared to have taken place during Dijon & Ka'Marii's visit a week or two ago, do you think this is related to Ka'Marii or another OL?
  7. Is it too late to drop St. Francis of Assisi? That was Arth caliber, and reminiscent of opening the Info with Morgan State (🤮).
  8. Shame. Sounds like Dookie fans are experiencing the same frustrations Zips fans did when KD was here, without the consistent league success.
  9. Buffalo is an Away game. Fun schedule. Tough, but I expect JoeMo to have the boys ready to play and compete every single week.
  10. So 1 week from today is signing day. Are we tracking the commits in this thread or a separate one? Any other news?
  11. I heard the comment on the broadcast (I believe they went back to 2010 or something like that in the comment). It depends on how you define "Class of the MAC". If it's defined as "best representative of the MAC" OU & Buffalo have been the Class of the MAC since 2010 based on their NCAA Tourney success (actually representing the MAC well on the National stage). If it's defined as "most consistent success in the MAC" Buffalo & Akron have been the Class of the MAC since 2010 (OU a close 3rd I'd say, bookending the date 12 year range). Another note regarding Miami - they've been mostly in rebuild mode ever since the LEGENDARY Charlie Coles retired after the 2011-12 season. Haven't been able to find anything consistent after nearly 20 years of consistency with Coles.
  12. I was going to make this joke ignorantly... "What dumbass coaching regime was this and what was Ianello thinking?" Then I looked up Nick Rossi and realized he was indeed recruited by and played his freshman year under Ianello.
  13. Actual D1 beef on the line. This is going to be quite the turnaround story.
  14. A win is a win. Thank goodness Directional Michigan victories aren't .5 in the W column.
  15. Barn burner so far. Freeman with an amazing block there.
  16. Based on his Hudl, he looks like a burner/player. Tyreek Hill was my initial comparison, and I stand by it.
  17. Adrian Martinez is mentioned but it's a list of 3-4 players that all transferred to where their girlfriend plays sports.
  18. Do we have any female athletes with star football player boyfriends?
  19. FWIW, Jullian Lewis is "1000% committed" to Georgia Tech. Not sure how smart he is considering he just committed to a coaching staff on the Titanic, but he at least knows how to work the weather app/Google on his phone. "Akron, OH, weather... That's not Celsius?! Yiiiikkkkkeeeeesssss... Hey GT, I'm committed. 100%. No. 1000%."
  20. Visit on the 28th. He's apparently "warm" on Akron, and has other offers from FIU, FAU, and Coastal Carolina. Love the name. Looks like Tyreek Hill.
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