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  1. Not to dive into this, but the Indians/Guardians are one of the winningest franchises since 2013. I'm hoping Blitzer's group takes controlling interest and takes the franchise to the next level with consistent ALCS/WS appearances, but money doesn't exactly guarantee that in baseball. I'm excited for InfoCision Stadium to be renamed Kaulig Companies Stadium or LeafFilter Stadium.
  2. Matt Kaulig, Leaf filter/Kaulig Companies, joins David Blitzer's group to become minority owner of the Cleveland Guardians.
  3. What a home field advantage that would be. WR takes it to the house on us for a 65 yard TD, drops the ball in celebration at the Akron name, and we return it for a fumble TD.
  4. Hard to lose the schedule battle in this tourney. Love the matchups.
  5. Now if only the front of the press box looked as sharp as this blue...
  6. I wonder if this would be legal. Legitimately not sure, and as long as it's not truly illegal, this is a phenomenal idea. Add Embick to the list.
  7. Walk On at Oregon. 6'2" 225 lbs. Decent high school career in Texas that included breaking Andrew Luck's HS record for passing yards in a single game. Looks like he may have had some decent D1 interest, and potentially chose Oregon to be with JoeMo, so we will see how deep that connection is.
  8. I think their glasses were beer goggles or whiskey glasses.
  9. I'm supposed to get a reality check from an article that has Bowling Green 3 spots ahead of us, whom Arth was able to beat multiple times? No thanks.
  10. Good job by Groce & co. on getting in early with this kid. Hopefully it means something to him in the future. Kid looks promising.
  11. The A Roo ghosted into the foundation is pretty cool.
  12. This looks like someone used the default font in Word and just change the text color for the A.
  13. He is one of our biggest assets. Matt Kaulig is awesome.
  14. The turf got sad with all of the losing. Winning is the cure. It's scientific.
  15. No doubt. Will be interesting to see what the improvement to the class is after we win the MAC. 😉
  16. Interesting. First of all, another NY guy. Second of all, after we offered him, he took unofficial visits to Washington and Oregon, two PAC12 schools. No offers from either, but as a Class of 2023, he could get additional interest despite his commitment to Akron. I wonder if he's a diamond in the rough; will be interesting to follow.
  17. On my phone and not sure how to embed the link/photos, but here is an awesome Matt Kaulig post for the University of Akron All-Sports Summer Open. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/mattkaulig_gozips-activity-6942120313321095169-_Q6i?utm_source=linkedin_share&utm_medium=android_app
  18. It certainly wasn't for the 1 fan on the "away" side in recent years.
  19. Found this when looking at Jean Louis's tweet. Former Akron DE's Grandson Offered
  20. 5'10" 165 lbs. He had offers from CMU, BG, UMASS, and Temple. Looks like there might been some P5 interest early on, but no offers. His Twitter says he's the #1 WR in NY. I would imagine he has a connection with Ferri - Cuse was interested.
  21. That's almost as many times as another Dolphin has reached out to Akron personnel. 😅 This is awesome and will only help recruiting.
  22. Most of our best players ARE transfers. I think we're safe 😅
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