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  1. Baskin said the same thing, but about the MAC in general. He was basically saying that the FBS already has 2 divisions within it, with the non-P5 conferences left without National Championship hopes. Apparently the MAC is meeting again today about getting a season going.
  2. The MAC is now the only conference to not have a plan to return, according to 92.3 The Fan.
  3. He is smooth. Not to knock Cheese and Banks, but I feel like our back-court will be very fluid this year. Cheese had a bit of Duvivier in him (bulldozer) and could be a bit wreckless, and Banks was more of a defense-first, pure SG on offense and wasn't able to really run the offense or handle the ball TOO well if needed. I think we'll be able to beat our opponents off the dribble more and create more opportunities, both open beyond the arc and down low for closer baskets.
  4. Substituting Trimble for Reece at the SF spot is probably the move. I debated it, but at 6'2", I don't know if Trimble will match up too well at Forward very often. His speed and strength should negate any size difference, though, so I think you're right about Trimble at Forward when going small. I also agree with Reece at Center. I forgot about Currie's shooting ability.
  5. Roster sorted by Position/Height. Class also included. Guard Loren Christian Jackson 5'8" - SR Scott Walter 5'10" - SO Garvin Clarke 6'0" - FR Greg Tribble 6'1" - SO Bryan Trimble Jr. 6'2" - JR Mikal Dawson 6'5" - SO LePear Toles 6'6" - SR Tre Edwards 6'6" - RFR Michael Wynn 6'6" - JR Forward Jermaine Marshall 6'6" - SO Maishe Dailey 6'7" - SR Camron Reece 6'7" - SR Enrique Freeman 6'7" - SO Ali Ali 6'8" - SO Taylor Currie 6'8" - SO Center Aziz Bandaogo 7'0" - FR ________________________________________________________________ Some observations/thoughts... - I forgot about Trimble and Wynn. Trimble is eligible after sitting out last year when he transferred from St. John's. Is Wynn sitting out this year after transferring from Wake Forest? - We are big and physical at Guard, with speed/quickness between Clarke and LCJ. - Speaking of Clarke, I think he'll be a phenomenal backup PG, even as a freshman. - Our 2 guard is LOADED with Dawson, Tribble, and Trimble (Wynn, too, if he's eligible, and I don't know much about Edwards). We will be creating a lot of matchup-nightmares for opponents at Guard. - Forward is the unknown with this squad. I think Dailey is the obvious pick to step into the leadership role for not only this position group, but the team as a whole (along with LCJ). Marshall and Reece will have to play bigger than their height (we've seen that already with Reece). Currie could be the key. - Aziz, I think, will have an easy job this year: simply develop. We've seen how dangerous this team can be when they go "small" and athletic, so I don't think we'll need to rely on a true-freshman 7 footer for TOO much. Having him for 4 years could be awesome. ________________________________________________________________ I think the Depth Chart looks like this... PG - LCJ/Clarke/Tribble 2G - Tribble/Trimble/Dawson/Edwards/Toles SF - Dailey/Reece/Ali/Marshall/Freeman PF - Reece/Currie/Marshall C - Currie/Reece/Aziz * If Wynn is eligible, plug him into the middle of the 2G and SF slots.
  6. 4 less games during the regular season. Do the Suckeyes luck out and get to drop us as one of their 4 lost games, sparing themselves a loss?
  7. Ah. Good point. That would make a lot of sense. Not to take away from Jermaine Marshall, but did anyone else notice the Garvin Clarke highlight at the end? He seemed to be pretty comfortable with the DI speed of the game in that clip. I'm pretty excited for this team, but 2019-20 will still have a special place in my heart.
  8. I would like to know the behind the scenes with this suggestion/request. How does the ACC - a conference that already gets half the league into the tourney - benefit from this?
  9. He's a mixture between Cheese and Noah Robotham (former PG under Dambrot; prior to LCJ, he was the most basketbally savvy/intelligent guard I've seen in a Zips uni). He has better distributing vision than Cheese, but definitely has Tyler's aggressiveness and quick shot.
  10. Hmmmm... My glass jar for tears was empty after reading this.
  11. Moves well. Needs to bulk a bit and get better at finishing but I love this get.
  12. He's quick! He's slick! He'll knee you in the WHOOP! STEVE SWEICH! STEVE SWEICH! Easily one of the nicest and brightest guys to ever wear a Zips uniform.
  13. Jimond was frustrating at times, but damn did he pour Blue & Gold blood, sweat, and tears on the court for the University.
  14. Verbal Commits 247sports vs. Oak Hill
  15. Not enough apparently. His MAC research time was clearly limited. Must have been looking at his 2017-18 notes. Meanwhile, Akron's Instagram posted on their story a bracket of the top 16 guards in the country. LCJ was on there. Guards win in March, Joe.
  16. Correct It would be nice to land a kid from our own backyard. Missing on Graves has hurt a bit.
  17. That tourney reminds me of the DC Holiday Tourney last season. Solid mid-majors that provide W opportunities.
  18. You would think. I don't think it's a great look as a program.
  19. The loss of a scholarship would be more acceptable than what they got. I'm starting to think the NCAA asked Rob Manfred for his advice on what type of punishment to hand out.
  20. You're getting a great team member in Sayles. He was recruited by our old coach, Keith Dambrot (LeBron's high school coach). During his freshman season, he had an unfortunate wrist injury. A technical was called on either him or another Akron player for supposedly hanging on the rim for too long, and during a later breakaway dunk, Sayles let go of the rim too early with a lot of forward momentum. He did a flip and landed on his wrist; the injury seemingly derailed his career. Dambrot ended up leaving after that year I believe, but Sayles stuck with our new coach (and his staff including Dustin Ford) and the Akron program. His wrist was never quite right, and this past season was the first year he was fully healthy. He showed a lot of promise his freshman year, but we haven't seen TOO much of him until this past season when he fell a bit on the depth chart. I think the speed of the game is the biggest thing he has had to overcome after the injuries, but he's a talent, there's no doubt about that. I don't believe Dustin would make a connection between Geno and Sayles if he didn't believe Sayles could be a contributor for his brother. Sayles sticking with Akron through the coaching and system change (Dambrot and Groce run completely opposite systems and there were quite a few players that ended up leaving Groce's program early on) says a lot about who he is as a person, his mental toughness, etc. The athleticism is there, and if he's given the opportunity, I think he could be quite productive for Stony Brook. Edit: Sayles was recruited by KD but never played for him. KD left before Sayles' freshman year.
  21. My thoughts exactly. Great job by Dustin and the Zips coaching staff for helping Jayden. Classy.
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