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  1. Garvin has the ability to be a solid D1 PG. He can penetrate well, handles the rock well, and dishes well. He just needs to throw up 1000 shots a day until he's making 500 consistently, and an additional 1000 layups until he's making 999 consistently.
  2. "Liked" tweets by our coaching staff from newly entered Portal members...
  3. "I was hoping for a P5 HC job, but that 💩 hole called Kent was just too much. Had to get the hell out of there. So I jumped ship to a coordinator job at a school that went 1-11 last year and will barely need a coordinator cause their HC can out-recruit most schools." - Sean Lewis telling his buddies the news (probably)
  4. He was offered last week. 6'2" DB from Indiana State by way of Iowa Cenral Community College.
  5. KSUcks loses another one. CB Emon Hill is in the Portal. That's now 6 KSUcks players in the Portal. BUGS WR Javonte Kinsey is in the Portal. Buffalo's TE Trevor Borland and QB Matt Myers are in the Portal. CMU has a LB and Punter in the Portal. EMU has 3 in the Portal - TE, LB, CB. Miami has 3 in the Portal, including Brett Gabbert - WR & WR as well. NIU has 3 in the Portal - WR, QB, OT. Toledo still only has the 1 OT in the Portal. WMU has 6 in the Portal - DL, DE, WR, DL, IOL, LB
  6. JoeMo recruited most of, if not all of these guys.
  7. Considering JoeMo was pretty transparent about our roster being FCS level at best when he took over, and the staff only having half the time to recruit last year's class, I'm confident the guys we brought in were a planned stop-gap. The transfer portal right now is NUTS, and full of P5 talent. The high school recruits are going to be heavily suppressed by the amount of Portal activity. I fully expect our DL to be retooled and better than last year - and that expectation expands to our entire defense and offensive line. I don't know if there's a single position on this roster that couldn't use a transfer to establish more experience. WR is the only one I feel confident about going into next year (and somewhat QB).
  8. PAC12, beautiful campus, great facilities, legal marijuana. They have too much to offer to be 1-11 and as bad as they have been.
  9. Louisville at 361, Cal at 341, and Florida State at 293.
  10. If he got 4 & 5 stars to Jackson State, including the #1 overall recruit in their respective class, pulling a roster of 4 & 5 stars to Colorado won't be a challenge. A sleeping giant of a program that just went 1-11 and has 1 winning season since 2004. They're in the PAC12 with USC & UCLA departing. It's going to be Oregon, Utah, and Colorado for as long as Deion is there.
  11. Balls WR Chayce Bishop is in the Portal.
  12. Multiple Oregon offensive players from the JoeMo era just entered the Portal. WR Malachi Russell OT Bram Walden RB Seven McGee QB Jay Butterfield I wonder if we'll have any interest/shot.
  13. Add DL Aeden Holler to the list of Brimfield College Preparatory School players entering the TP. Also, CMU OLB Logan Guthrie has entered the Portal.
  14. I'm not saying Lewis is great, good, or even average. I had stated that Satterfield may not be much of an improvement over Lewis. @zippy5 defended Satterfield, and cited SL's record at Can't State. I was simply stating that the overall losing record at KSUcks includes 2-3 games per year that are intended to be L's to get paid, whereas Louisville doesn't have such games on their schedule so it's hard to compare records. Personally, I don't think very highly of Sean Lewis, and hope he sticks around. JoeMo is going to own him.
  15. "Laughable" wasn't stated in a negative way. This is Deion being No BS Deion, and people love it. But with Deion being No BS Deion, it is getting chuckles because he's unlike anyone else. How he said this was phenomenal, and is exactly why he'll be successful at Colorado. Home Run hire.
  16. Can't compare records. 2-3 games per year are intended to be losses at a MAC school. Louisville is the type of school that writes the checks to MAC schools - they don't have automatic losses on their schedule. Louisville fans being happy is what I figured the reaction would be.
  17. As we should. Looks like we're his #1. He tweeted a video of him working out, then quote tweeted it and tagged Coach Tibs. He has also retweeted a bunch of Akron Football posts, and fellow Akron recruit posts. His high school even tweeted a photo of him as a state champion with the Akron "A" in it. I think he's being under-recruited from what I've read. Diamond in the rough. Also, if the Spriggs family reads this - BEAUTIFUL home.
  18. More Transfer Portal additions from the MAC... Can't State - OT Savion Washington - WR Marcus Harris - DL Adin Huntington Toledo - OT Lavel Dumont
  19. They were, what, #25? Barely ranked, and they lost to Boston College. Their ranked wins came against teams that were struggling at the time - Wake Forest and NC State, who lost its QB earlier this year and was never the same. They also just lost to Kentucky, who had lost 2 in a row, one of them being to Vandy. He is in his 4th year are Louisville, and has regressed each year pretty much. Ironically, Louisville faces Cincy in the Wasabi Fenway Bowl.
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