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  1. It's so nice to be stop the MAC again. Canada had their fun. It's our time again. Finish strong boys!
  2. Haven't been to the Big Dance in 7 years. No match-up would be "lame". Bring on whomever we would draw. I just want to get there.
  3. That game was only close because of him. He was all WMU had for his entirety. Best FT shooter in MAC history, too, so if the game was close you didn't want the ball in his hands if you were an opponent.
  4. Because the same mistakes he was making in the beginning of the season (hurrying shots/play, not being ready for the ball, etc.) aren't being made - at least not as often.
  5. The best time for X to be in a shooting slump is right now. Every player goes through some sort of slump. You could say last night was a FT slump at the end of the game for LCJ. X has proven he's a big moment player, and I think the slump will be broken in Cleveland at the latest. Sayles has really improved this season. I don't think he played much earlier in the year because I don't think he was up to speed with Groce's system. Bought in? Absolutely, but that doesn't mean he was ready for the speed of the offense yet. He looks way more alert and ready recently, proven by his reception of LCJ's passes in the paint. He's going to be an asset in Cleveland.
  6. I wish Tribble would simplify his lay-up attempts, but he's going to be a special guard I feel.
  7. Hard fought win. Not the prettiest, and we struggled at the free throw line, but a road win is a road win. Oh, and officially in 1st place.
  8. He was very confident his freshman year up until his injury. It's a shame. I think he stays as well, because this is the first year he has been healthy and his development should take a leap heading into next year. The speed of the game takes a while to catch up on, and that seems to be his biggest setback.
  9. LCJ is amazing. We're spoiled to watch him in an Akron uniform. Big road win. I'm stoked to see this team come back from their couple-week-lapse and put together several strong efforts in a row. They might not always shoot the best, but man are they just a great TEAM. Aside from LCJ, someone is always picking someone else up when their down. If one of Cheese/Banks/X is off, at least one of the other 2 are pulling the extra weight. If Riak is struggling, Reece is picking up the slack. Even Tribble is starting to be able to spell LCJ without it being a huge detriment to the flow of the game (not saying Tribble is the player LCJ is, but he's not a liability). This has been a fun season. Excited to see where it ends.
  10. Very underrated movie. FLINT MICHIGAN MEGA BOWL! Toledo doesn't have to play defense when they shoot 55%+ from everywhere on the court.
  11. This is the weakest the A10 has been in several years, with Dayton truly carrying the conference.
  12. "...paired with particularly strong free throw shooting is why the Zips will pose a significant threat to many potential opponents..." Music to my ears.
  13. Let's just hope Tito Francona isn't on the sidelines making the substitutions. Also, are we forgetting about the possibility of LCJ coming back next year?
  14. I'd qualify this with his 3-pt shot has been off. His mid-range jumper is about as deadly as I've ever seen, though. Love that he has that in his arsenal. @Z.I.P. I don't know where to find a stat sheet that has a lay-up count, but @kreed5120 is spot on with our versatility and ability to take advantage of what the defense was giving us. We had a lot of dribble-drives that either ended in a mid-short-range jumper or a lay-up. It was fun to watch. This is partly why I think this team will be so dangerous come March, and why I am not worried about any of our losses. We have a strong ability - it seems - to overcome adversity, keep fighting, and adapt to the flow of a game. Sometimes it's not always enough (i.e. Toledo, PCCC), but more often than not we've seen it has been enough, way more than enough.
  15. Assuming LCJ's play doesn't nosedive the rest of the season, did he secure the MAC POY last night?
  16. It wasn't as troubling when watching. Our guards are more athletic and they left a lot of open holes to drive through.
  17. Fantastic effort. Great win. 1-0 on Tuesday!
  18. Stupid ESPN. They pulled the away numbers and put them below the upcoming game.
  19. Derail their season? Maybe not. But the absence of a 31 min/game participant shooting the 3 ball at a 42%+ clip will most definitely be felt. Interestingly enough, 6 of their MAC wins are by 3 pts or less, with their biggest MAC win point differential being 9. Buckle up. This could be a tight one.
  20. I'm sorry, what?! What is it with BG players and leaving the program in recent years? Huge blow to their team, but I'm not complaining.
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