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  1. On 6/23/2020 at 9:05 PM, Illini Zip said:

    I see similarities to Tyler Cheese's game.





    He's a mixture between Cheese and Noah Robotham (former PG under Dambrot; prior to LCJ, he was the most basketbally savvy/intelligent guard I've seen in a Zips uni). He has better distributing vision than Cheese, but definitely has Tyler's aggressiveness and quick shot. 

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  2. 59 minutes ago, clarkwgriswold said:


    If he's half of what Jimond was the Zips would be blessed to have him.  I don't know that there's been any other Zip I enjoyed watch grow up more in a program than Jimond.


    Jimond was frustrating at times, but damn did he pour Blue & Gold blood, sweat, and tears on the court for the University. 

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  3. 10 hours ago, Hilltopper said:

    He is an assistant coach at CSU.


    10 hours ago, zippy5 said:

    I think that's what he was getting at




    7 hours ago, clarkwgriswold said:

    ...and recruiting coordinator.


    The Pryor kid shows promise.  He came from Glen Oak.  He is only a sophomore.


    It would be nice to land a kid from our own backyard. Missing on Graves has hurt a bit.

  4. 2 hours ago, Z.I.P. said:

    Post-season bans almost never occur in college basketball -- can't think of any recent cases.  Univ. of Hawai'i had a very similar case with an assistant coach forging financial docs for an overseas player.  They were docked one scholarship recruit for two seasons -- a worse penalty than the Bulls received.  The assistant is always the fall guy -- think John Loyer and Huggins.


    The loss of a scholarship would be more acceptable than what they got. I'm starting to think the NCAA asked Rob Manfred for his advice on what type of punishment to hand out. 

  5. 4 hours ago, Checkmate said:

    Hey guys, Stony Brook season ticket holder here. I'm curious if you could tell me what kind of player we're getting in Sayles. What videos we could find from HS were a bit underwhelming, but that he got decent bench minutes for you suggests that he can be a factor here somehow, even if it isn't in the scoring column. Dustin wouldn't lead us astray, right?


    Thanks in advance, Zips!


    You're getting a great team member in Sayles. He was recruited by our old coach, Keith Dambrot (LeBron's high school coach). During his freshman season, he had an unfortunate wrist injury. A technical was called on either him or another Akron player for supposedly hanging on the rim for too long, and during a later breakaway dunk, Sayles let go of the rim too early with a lot of forward momentum. He did a flip and landed on his wrist; the injury seemingly derailed his career. Dambrot ended up leaving after that year I believe, but Sayles stuck with our new coach (and his staff including Dustin Ford) and the Akron program. His wrist was never quite right, and this past season was the first year he was fully healthy. He showed a lot of promise his freshman year, but we haven't seen TOO much of him until this past season when he fell a bit on the depth chart. I think the speed of the game is the biggest thing he has had to overcome after the injuries, but he's a talent, there's no doubt about that. I don't believe Dustin would make a connection between Geno and Sayles if he didn't believe Sayles could be a contributor for his brother. Sayles sticking with Akron through the coaching and system change (Dambrot and Groce run completely opposite systems and there were quite a few players that ended up leaving Groce's program early on) says a lot about who he is as a person, his mental toughness, etc. The athleticism is there, and if he's given the opportunity, I think he could be quite productive for Stony Brook. 


    Edit: Sayles was recruited by KD but never played for him. KD left before Sayles' freshman year. 

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  6. 10 hours ago, ZippyRulz said:

    The MAC should just ban Centers since there aren't enough to go around 😕


    Groce's tallest contributors on his Sweet Sixteen Ohio team were Baltic & Keely at 6'8". Meanwhile we had Zeke. 


    Big guys are luxuries, not necessities. 


    However, I'd really like someone in the 6'10" range. 

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  7. On 4/14/2020 at 5:40 PM, zippy5 said:

    Seems a little late in the game to have two open schollies


    I don't know if the usual timetable applies to the game we're in currently. The NCAA shut down recruiting for COVID-19. I actually think coming out of The Rona with 2 open schollies is ideal and could set us up perfectly to be an attractive landing spot when stuff opens back up. 

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