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  1. 11 hours ago, LZIp said:

    Tribble is going to be a good one. So well composed for being a true freshman. If he doesn't overtake LCJ at some point this season, its happen next year.


    Agreed, especially with taking over for LCJ at starting Point. It was pretty evident in the highlight videos and practice videos I saw from the off-season that this kid's a player. He's very fluid. 


    I think LCJ is the perfect 6th man candidate. High-energy gnat (in a good way) that annoys the crap out of opposing players. I like LCJ - a lot. I think he's very cerebral when he SLOWS DOWN and let's the game come to him. Too often I think he goes into "hero" mode, which is the exact opposite of what his strengths are - distribution on offense and quick hands on defense. 

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  2. So it's the YSU Quisenberry's vs. the Akron Zips. Got it. 


    Keep the effort up, and good things will happen. Out-efforting a team will make up for not shooting lights out. We have the talent to compete at the top of the MAC; establish the fundamentals early this OOC season, and we'll be in good shape. Go Zips!

  3. 11 hours ago, 1981 grad said:

    Looking at some early stats it seems we are just a continuation from last year, the team that can't shoot straight.  We are shooting 36% from the field and a dismal 29% from the 3 line.  Remember, 2 of our 3 games were against weak competition.  Our best shooters are Reese at 58% and Banks at 44% and 42% from the 3 line.  X man is our gunner with 49 shots taken, 12 more than anyone else on the team but he is shooting 32% from the field and 29% from the 3 line.  LCJ is shooting 16% from the 3 line.  Maybe those 3 balls 10 feet beyond the 3 line are not a good idea? 


    Biggest surprise of the year, we are shooting 83% from the foul line.    (The starters are shooting free throws extremely well but our bench players are not)


    The jump shots are a head scratching to say the least, as in today's game, it's not like everyone on the floor didn't come up through AAU which promotes nothing but shooting. Interested to see in year 3 how Groce corrects that continuous problem. 


    The free throw shooting shouldn't be a surprise. Since the day Groce took over, he has emphasized the fundamentals, and we've seen consistent FT shooting for the most part these past couple seasons. 

  4. 14 hours ago, NWAkron said:

    So can someone enlighten me on why these two are better for us than some of the guys that are going to Miami or CMU or wherever?  I.E. are we just liking these guys simply because they are committing to Akron?  I'm certain they must be buying into Groce's system and be a good fit with the team.  But is there something these two  uniquely offer?


    Taylor Currie is a very fluid, versatile 4 that stretches the floor. Here are his HS rankings when he committed to Wisconsin. He also had offers from Michigan and Xavier.



    Some of his highlights from 2017. 



    Garvin is going to be a true freshman, and has been turning heads for the past year or 2. Multiple Cleveland-area articles on his rise. Here are his recruiting rankings according to 247Sports. 





    When Groce was at O-Who, he ran a guard-based, athletic front court system. His "bigs" were more stretch 4s, and his guards were all combo guards. Kellogg & Cooper ran the back court, Keely & Baltic ran the front court; that system got them 3 tourney wins. That is what this team is starting to look like. Athleticism at each position, and matchup nightmares. These 2 guys fit the mold perfectly I think. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, kreed5120 said:

    One would think he'd make more with his computer science degree, but maybe he doesn't want to give up on his dream.


    You would be surprised. There's a reason the NBA is cozying up closer and closer to China - these international leagues are paying very well from top to bottom pretty much. Basketball is way bigger internationally than it used to be. 

  6. Guys transferring out that were fringe players these last 2 years to begin with, should point to the program moving in a positive direction. 


    Directional Carolinas get me almost as excited as Directional Michigans, but NC Central is actually a decent OOC opponent with all of their recent tourney experience. 

  7. 10 hours ago, akronzips71 said:

    I think he inherited a nightmare. Not being an insider, I don't know the details of KD's departure, just that he took some players with him along with some recruits. I made the point at the time that those kids were recruited with the University's money, not KD's.

    That being said, I give him a total pass for year one. He walking into a mess. Year two he had some holdovers and some new guys, and people transferring out.

    This year is his make or break year. I am not saying he has to get to the dance, but he MUST have a winning record and be competitive in the MAC. This year's freshmen were sophomores in high school when he took over. He has had the time to recruit and train a team. He needs to get it done now.


    This is about as accurate an assessment as you can make. Well said. When you look at the past couple of seasons, we've been a couple made shots away from flipping the records. The biggest thing I appreciate from Groce's teams thus far is their commitment to the defensive side of the ball. I think we took for granted last year what it meant to have a top 25 defense IN THE COUNTRY. It's an aspect of basketball that is quietly disappearing as AAU continues to promote offensive stat sheets over basketball fundamentals. Hopefully the shots fall this season as we continue to commit to high-intensity defense. We'll see tonight pretty quickly if this team has bought in from the get-go, or if we'll need 2 months of OOC basketball to develop the commitment to the fundamentals we've seen in recent seasons. If WVU doesn't get you amped up, sheesh. 


    14 minutes ago, clarkwgriswold said:


    That's a pretty sold assessment akronzips71.

    I spoke to Groce at the Ice Cream Social and told him that I appreciated how the team had steadily improved in his time here.  He told me that when he was contemplating taking the job he spoke to his assistants and they all believed the team could come up to speed fairly quickly because of the core of the team left after the season.  By the time they got here, they were down to 5 kids and really had to scramble.  From then to now, they've steadily improved.  This should be the year they start to really become competitive.


    Wow. Thanks for that insight. I wonder if other coaches trust previous players to stay through a coaching change when they take over the program. I'd have to imagine Parrish was one of the key pieces. 

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