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  1. Word on the street is he doesn't care...
  2. Wash your hands to the tune of Akron Blue & Gold. Helps keep off the PCCC bacteria, so it should be able to tackle COVID-19.
  3. SWEEP! Awesome to see Cheese & X honored as well.
  4. Out of likes, but agreed. This is the only acceptable announcement.
  5. It'll be interesting to see if the 2 rounds of NCAA Tournament games set to take place in Cleveland next week will be publicly attended, or forced ghost towns. TBS/CBS etc. will make out very well if their forced ghost towns I'd imagine. Meanwhile, the Monsters game on Sunday is open to the general public last I heard. The 12+ hrs between the MAC Championship Game and the Monsters game will contain a cure apparently. Athens City Schools are closed until March 30th.
  6. Screenshot this and copyright it. This is gold. "What if I told you a media-driven overreaction emptied every arena in the nation?"
  7. Unbelievable. What WMU horse crap.
  8. Nice of the governor to care about athletes when it comes to the Coronavirus, but not when some schools in the state have to come in contact with KSUcks twice a year...
  9. Anything noteworthy? Anytime he goes onto a radio show, I feel like it's empty air that comes out of his mouth. Nothing of real substance is ever said except sideline cheerleading for a poorly-directed conference. I believe he's top 10 in the nation in assists per game. He's also top 10 in the nation in height gained by hair size.
  10. I wonder if Pinky The Clown would even care about that game.
  11. Joke's on OU. They have to leave their little bubble in BFE Southern Ohio and come to Cleveland where the Coronavirus is. Should've just lost last night when they had the chance... They probably spell "O-H-I-O" 10,000x while they wash their hands for 20 seconds to get the extra practice... Thursday is going to be an awesome day of MAC basketball. BUGS/Fighting Elon Musks is going to be a great opener to the night session, and Balls/PCCC is a great night cap. I hope Akron fans show up enough to cancel out the Bobkitty fans that will surely be out. How about the Snow Mutts being rewarded for their home-court choke job against Balls on Friday by ultimately drawing Brick Building University? Meanwhile Balls is rewarded for thrashing the Snow Mutts with a tough matchup against PCCC.
  12. I went CMU but only because I don't want OU in Cleveland. 2009 Toledo game. First round or quarterfinals. Can't remember. Brett McKnight with the ally-oop tip in at the buzzer. We won 4 straight in 4 days to win our first MAC Title. Also, that was the same night as the MARATHON UConn/Syracuse game. 6 OT. It was fun to come home after Akron's win and still get to watch live basketball at like midnight.
  13. "Couldn't care less" Interesting. Is that why you were a darker shade of pink all game, Mr. Magenta? Is that why you kept subbing Williams out with 4 fouls on defense, and back in on offense to save your best scorer to potentially win the game? Is that why you kept delaying the game with uncalled timeouts to draw crap up and try to win the game? The only reason Mr. Pinky is trying to play this off is because Groce built another winner in less than 3 years and he doesn't want people to focus on his mediocrity.
  14. I don't know if this is the right thread for this, but it needs to be said. Thank you to Groce, the coaching staff, and the team for a special season. Thank you for the incredible effort all year, never giving up, and giving us a lot to cheer for. Thank you to Groce & his staff for focusing on the fundamentals - defense, free throws, rebounding - that propelled this team all year. There's only one thing left to do...
  15. What a win. Beat the opponent, their magic shots, and the opponents. Special cap to a special regular season. Kent sucks. How do they always find punks? Massive senior night for X. Congrats to all the seniors. Let's finish this damn thing at The Rock(?)/The Fieldhouse on Saturday and go Dancing. Lastly, thank you Groce and Team for BEATING KENT! KSUcks! IT'S 8:59 and...
  16. That might be the worst call of the night on X.
  17. For a nearly 90% shooter, LCJ's free throws scare the crap out of me. They just barely get over the front of the rim.
  18. This might be the worst officiating I've ever seen.
  19. Lots of energy in the arena early. Thought it was a sellout though?! Lots of empty blue chairs...
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