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  1. Pathetic marketing by the MAC. Their main commercial on 92.3 The Fan talks about the MAC Tournament, but fails to mention that a ticket to the Big Dance is on the line. Average listener isn't going to give a crap without knowing the prize. Bring in Jackie Moon. We need the Flint Michigan Mega Bowl.
  2. Diamond in the rough? Hopefully the Fulford connection pays off here. Like @LZIp, I'm excited.
  3. There is no positive spin to put on this one. But for people to rip Groce for recruiting and declare that hire a bust is ridiculous. The most disheartening part of today is watching our two supposed leaders, Utomi & Ivey, fail to lead. The mindset wasn't there today. Let's see how we respond on Tuesday.
  4. The sky is falling. THE SKY IS FALLING! R-E-L-A-X
  5. We have added 2 cheerleaders and some students! I really missed our atrocious shooting. I'm so glad it's back.
  6. Is it spring break for the University? 4 dance team members, 4 cheerleaders, and hardly any students.
  7. And winters are cold in NEO.
  8. It's all over 92.3 The Fan, and I think I've seen/heard it marketed elsewhere.
  9. Just ran at him with a TShirt Cannon. As he turns to run away, he'll drop the tickets. Less messy. @NWAkron
  10. The effort they give each game tells me this team believes in themselves. I'm excited for Cleveland.
  11. What a horrible moment that was. Such a quick, deflating goal. Then Perry Kitchen yelled SNIPER and sent the equalizer in from Akron, OH.
  12. This is about as spot on as one can get. Well said.
  13. We got a TEAMISM in the post-game interview, folks! My night is complete. Goodnight!
  14. It's amazing the effort Groce is getting out of these guys. I'm very encouraged in the direction of the program. Buffalo doesn't want to see us in Cleveland, nor does any other team. Let's go win these next few games and head into Cleveland with some momentum in the win column.
  15. If anyone is as blind as the refs, and all they could hear is the crowd and the Bulls' bench, you would think they couldn't buy a call if they had Bezos' money.
  16. I'm sick of Buffalo. I want to be the ones to knock them out in Cleveland.
  17. Oh my gosh! What's the fine by the MAC for a ref calling a foul on Buffalo?! Great board by EMan!
  18. When did LCJ learn he's 5'8" and to dish in the paint?
  19. Don't look now - 9-3 foul advantage in favor of Buffalo.
  20. Garbage no-call on that fast break. Roscoe was easily fouled out of the way.
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