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  1. Any doors that have been closed on Millennials were not closed by anyone arguing on this board. They were closed by the fiscal criminal negligence of the previous two or three generations. No your hard work will not pay off. It can't. It's what they teach you in macro-economics 101. If your nations GDP runs in a major deficit for a long time and you have to borrow massive debt from other nations, your Standard of Living absolutely must suffer an economic correction. Cut right down to the core of the matter, if your nation as a whole is producing less and buying more, you need to produce more to offset your debt or pay for it with lower standard of living. There are no good high paying jobs for making things because on-the-whole, you aren't buying your own things as a national economy. There are ways to offset the loss of your standard of living. Tricks that the government and fed does. Borrowing and printing money are the most obvious. If you think the doors are closing now, just wait. The real correction hasn't really even started yet. You can thank everyone from the boomers to Gen-X. You're Fukkked! Political parties have nothing to do with it. They were and are all corrupt and criminally negligent arseholes, and they are untouchable.
  2. In 2024 they will have 16 first round picks and 31 second round picks.
  3. What happened in this thread? We bring in a new coach and some people on here instantly have our players converting to the dark side! Who is this guy? What sorcery is this?
  4. We could definitely do worse than bringing in the groceries
  5. I think I had a kneejerk rejection to what I thought was the premise of this thread but I can sympathize with what you are saying and now that I think about it, perhaps you are right. Maybe even if it's not an audit from the top-down, perhaps Keith Dambrot himself needs to re-evaluate the nature of his organizational approach, strategy, and philosophy, perhaps by seeking outside consult. Like I said before, the fear is that we go backwards by rattling the cage, but surely this is an irrational fear and there is no need to get defensive, and something seems to be needed to get over the hump to the next level
  6. This ^ The discussion should be how to get over the hump, not complaining about how good it's been in the guise of it being bad.
  7. How would you like to be asked to get position on this guy all game?
  8. LOL great catch lilroodude. Funny enough I thought it was worth a quick pchop
  9. congrats to the mid american. you get only one bid again this year.
  10. Is it too soon to start discussing zips baseball? oh wait...
  11. I take back #officiating the game wasn't that bad handed in how it was called. It just came down to just a couple too many missed threes. With all those three attempts racked up at the end of the game and to only be down several points.... wow. Those were a lot of missed attempts to keep a game that close. No regrets
  12. Everybody has been taking KD's comments out of context. I saw some announcers doing it, I think I saw it in an article, and I've seen people here do it. I don't have the exact quote, but I'm fairly certain I can paraphrase in the proper context. He said that he was 'going to pretend like he still has Lebron James sand run everything through him'. In other words, he wasn't saying Big Dog is the chosen one. He was just saying that he wanted to run the offense through him, something he once did when he had Lebron. KD was even asked later in the interview if he was comparing BigDog to LeBron and he said, no, if anything BigDog is more like a Shaq then a LeBron.
  13. So a big discussion on selection Sunday was the difference between the mediocre teams in power conferences and the otherwise successful teams. So, as predicted yesterday on this very service, NIT bracket; (6)Akron will Play in Columbus against (3)Ohio State. Can this discussion have any realistic input from this contest when it is not played on a neutral court?
  14. not this year. 26 wins but all those conference top seeds lost their automatic bids. I dont see it happening
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