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  1. I thought it couldn't get any worse tonight but I was wrong.
  2. Jerry was great in The King of Comedy in a dramatic role. Its one of Scorsese's best movies. Regarding the Dyer column, it was a bit of a pile-on, but he isn't wrong. One outstanding head coaching hire would make a huge difference in how the students and the community looks at Akron football.
  3. This is appalling. I hope this is not Ianello II, but I'm beginning to fear the worst.
  4. To zipoutsider, I get what you are saying but I'm curious, what do you think would be an appropriate sideline reaction by him in these circumstances? It's another lopsided loss in a winless season by the worst team in D1 football in you first year on the job. I don't mind some anger.
  5. I don't mind seeming Arth get angry. He should be angry. I just hope he doesn't go to the post game press conference and start spewing BS about all the positive things he saw today. He should say this is totally unacceptable and it is all ultimately on him as the head coach. That would be refreshing.
  6. Its unlikely the Big East or Atlantic 10 would be interested. It would probably mean a step down to the Horizon Conference. That would hurt soccer recruiting.
  7. I live out of town. I'm watching the game on TV and this is the first Akron game I've seen this year. I can see why they are winless.
  8. Just read an article on the UMass-Akron game that called it "the bottom 25 game of the century." You have to keep your sense of humor in this situation.
  9. Pretty cool that the top 3 rookies on the list are MAC players. Diontae Johnson and Tuzar Skipper are Toledo products. The Steelers have had a lot of success with MAC players. Big Ben and Jack Lambert being the most notable, obviously. Ulysees looks like a lock to make the roster. Too bad the Browns couldn't have grabbed him.
  10. I see this as a potential Matt Campbell-type hire. Arth could be a head coach at a P5 school in 5 years, and that would be fine with me because that would mean a couple of 8,9,10 wins seasons at UA. How long has it been since a coach at Akron left the program for a better head coaching job? You'd have to go way back. Bowden brought the program to respectability, which was no small accomplishment, but it seemed like he hit a wall. It was time.
  11. Ohio connections. Good football background. Young guy on the way up. I like it.
  12. You know Terry told Kato, "No turnover."
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