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  1. I can see the anticipation for this game is at a fever pitch.
  2. The only question left is whether we get to some point in the game where coach Lewis decides to show mercy.
  3. It will probably end up being somebody whose name hasn't been mentioned on this board. The Akron job is a position that would appeal to someone with few other options to be college head coach. I hate to say that but its true. I assume it will be another "take a chance on someone without much of a track record and hope for the best" hire.
  4. I remember listening on the radio to the halftime interview for this game. The game was already totally out of control. It was a brief interview. I actually felt bad for Ianello. As disappointing as Arth has been, Ianello was in a class of his own.
  5. I think I've seen enough of Tom Arth. Unless there is an unexpected turnaround in the remaining games it's hard to see how he comes back. He has been given a fair shot.
  6. Please stop trying to run up the middle.
  7. I feel confident saying our o-line is overmatched.
  8. I don't know if this has already been mentioned, but I just saw that Charlie Frye is the QB coach for the Miami Dolphins.
  9. All I expect from a coaching staff is discernible progress from year-to-year. This does not look like progress.
  10. Kato waited a split second too long to take off on the play with fumble runback.
  11. The Teon Dollar - Kareem Hunt comparison was a good one.
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