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  1. Nate Silver'sNCAA Tournament Predictions

    I'm sure DiG has already seen Ken Pom's version of this same concept here. Ken gives the Zips a better shot (34%) than Silver (29%). Interesting the similarities and differences in their computer simulations.
  2. D J Cooper

    Coach Dambrot is a genius. Tree was picking up Cooper in the halfcourt for most of the night and he had no idea what to do. Unbelievable. The Melo vs. Cooper prop bet made me laugh. Even better Cooper also had 5x the turnovers Melo did.
  3. D J Cooper

    I'm actually interested to see Melo on DJ at times tonight. It seems to me that Melo was always faster than Alex on the defensive side of the ball. He and Cooper could go at it like two little gnats tonight. Obviously Harney is going to have to be ready as well but his length could bother DJ somewhat (I hope...).
  4. Zips vs. Can't MAC Semifinal Game Thread

    I did feel the same... Was confused to see it was a "Zips fan" posting it.
  5. Zips vs. Can't MAC Semifinal Game Thread

    So many great plays in this game. From the 11:16 mark to the 8:26 mark the Zips had 6!!! blocks including a sequence where they had 3 in a row. Zeke had 4 while Tree and Walsh had one apiece. I loved that. Tree's steal late in the game was incredible too. It only led to Harney making 1 of 2 FTs but it was such a monster play. Of course the alley oop was fantastic. Zeke's three was awesome too. I loved the replay where they showed him before the inbound... he gave a bit of a smirk and called for the ball. He knew he was going to shoot that 3. I loved it. A couple big plays are the difference in a game like that and we made them last night. Loved the effort by these guys.
  6. Zips vs. Can't MAC Semifinal Game Thread

    I was reading through this thread for the first time this morning and I have to give you props on an amazing call. A couple more FTs for Zeke and you would have nailed it.
  7. WTF!?!?!?

    Seems to me that akronzips71 should be helping the defense. But seriously the more I think about this the less serious it becomes in my mind. I'm almost expecting Rico back for next year at this point. Unless there is way more out there that we haven't heard about...
  8. Zips Hoops Rankings

    I was shocked to read that Betancourt's turnover rate was near 50%?!!? Reading through the definition of that it means essentially what you would think. The % of turnovers expected on 100 plays. Yikes. I'm sure that is skewed by early season showings and Betancourt was better against Can't. We need that down dramatically in the coming days though. No wasted possessions.
  9. My Starting Lineup for the Q

    I like that too. If they're both out there they can be interchangeable depending on the situation. Really I just want to see more Reggie in general. Kid can play. I've liked him all year. Time to shine at the Q!
  10. Zips vs Can't State In-Game Thread

    This surprised me too. I know he's playing at an extremely high level and there's up and down action, but I think as a college point guard you should have the capability (when called upon) to play 20 minutes fairly easily. These guys are in the best shape they're ever going to be in and to get cramps after working for that amount of time doesn't make sense to me. My personal opinion is that he does actually have the fitness level to do it, but didn't get enough water or potassium during the day. But I'm no dietitian...
  11. Rise Up, Zips Nation...Rise Up

    Good grief dude, do you want to pay the web hosting fees, etc. needed to run a forum? Then go ahead and do that and leave the moderators here alone. You could say whatever you wanted on your own site. It's not like anyone is making you pay to be a posting member on this site. Cripes man give it a rest.
  12. My Starting Lineup for the Q

    This. And I really hate to say it but no more Deji the rest of the year. I'm taking like 0 minutes a game.
  13. Rise Up, Zips Nation...Rise Up

    I'm in complete agreement over this. We have to replace Abreu's ~33 minutes a night. Betancourt gets an extra 20ish of them. Reggie / Diji / Jake likely split the rest. I'm just hopeful for more Reggie and Jake and less Diji. And I have to say that Carmelo has looked better than he was early in the season. I'm anxious to see how he does tonight. Play under control and smart with no silly turnovers and we'll be alright. I SUPPORT BETANCOURT
  14. WTF!?!?!?

  15. WTF!?!?!?

    Good call........