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  1. I too am dissapointed in the results thus far..............and fear what is coming can be more of the same. However, let's not overlook this possibility, and please "season" our comments (attacks) with considertion of it: how much fun do you think it is for TB (and his staff) to get their butts handed to him week after week? Could you personally "get up" week after week following close loses? Maybe he's on the edge of being depressed himself. I don't think so based upon what I see, but it is possible. He's among the most well known names in top echelon college coaches (historically) and he's got to live with his friends in that community. Good thing he found Dalton, right? Imagine going with what he inherited for a Trigger! We NEED his experience, skill set, ability to bring in talented support (staff), enthusiasm and desire to succeed. So all I'm saying is lets give them a mulligan in 2012 and see what comes during the coming months (recruiting etc). GO ZIPS!
  2. Hit this linkie and have a cup of coffee ready, it's a long interesting read. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-09-12/c...lemarketer.html
  3. I get goosebumps every time our band plays the prelude to the National Anthem. We truly have a fantastic marching band. Too bad more people aren't there to enjoy it. Coach Jim Tressel is truly a nice guy. He's patient and unbelievably polite as he says hello and gets cell phone cameras stuck in his face hour after hour. How he can be that "warm" I have no idea. It's him.............for sure. Unfortunately, those were the only positives we took away from the game today. I was expecting more.
  4. Agreed. That was TERRIBLE. Post game TB was "cool". I hope he knows where to take this mess to and create a shitstorm behind the scenes. They beat us. The defense reminded me of Palmisano's only worse. Fix it. Yikes. What an entertaining game. Only the end sucked. BTW , what the heck was TB waiting for in allowing them to score. It should have happened at about 1:56.
  5. Wha'd I tell ya? Good for Paul. He's got maybe one good shot left (at his age). Why burn it over here when another more attractive offer could come forward.......... How'd we spin down into this mess........... You can't just keep hiring and firing and expect to improve. "See Cleveland Browns" sic It's more often a recipe for where we now see ourselves IMHO..........
  6. Congrats to PW and his organization! I still say what makes you guys think he'll even consider UA? After this run, he may be able to jump over our mess. NM
  7. So (to the old timers here) what EXACTY makes you THINK PW would even want to come back after the way he and his friends were ushered out? Never mind the fact that in his own opinion he may feel he was TWICE passed over since that Saturday night massacre. PW (for some reason) comes back, so does Z-P...............LOL
  8. Hey! Watched that great game last night, and I-M'ed 42 who was in Beijing in Mandarin immersion during and after the OT........we both loved it! I've been a little "skinny' on folllowing the U over the past few years, but it always warms me up to drop back in and still find Doc, Cap'n, GP1 and of course, the "Dean of UA Forum-BBall" Mr. Zip Watcher. And others too! Like Hilltopper, etc. Anyway, BOOYAH to all you guys, and Great Job to getting the most out of what you have to work with Coach KD! Go Zips! Always!
  9. Dan Basch............broadcasting novice, but never short on something interesting to say and really knows the game............tune him up in studio and he'd be great by game 3 IMHO
  10. Z-P

    Player Safety

    Worse yet, guys get them and don't take themselves out of the game.................I heard a story about this once At Purdue, I know a certain player who's number was called to receive a center screen near the end of the first half. It was a two back set with misdirection...............and the other back (BP) missed his assignment on the back side OLB who planted his helmet in the receiving backs earhole. The earholed player got up and only saw a "tunnel"...............in otherwords all his vision was black except for a small tunnel in the middle of his view. Next play? Screen pass to the earholed back (who wsas having a big half)...............it took all the concentration he could muster to watch the ball into his hands, which he caught and headed up field wide open! it was off to the races................but wihout vision he never saw a DB coming from the side and the unseen hit caused a fumble.................fortunately that time no harm done as the half soon came to an end. But at the half, they hid the concussed guys helmet and shoulder pads so he couldn't return to the field for the second half True story. The pace of the game is so fast with a 40 second clock ticking that that kind of stuff probably happens all the time.
  11. Z-P

    Player Safety

    Please see this:http://www.cantonrep.com/newsnow/x1143355490/When-is-it-safe-for-athletes-to-play-after-a-concussion Darn good story on concussion syndrome
  12. Z-P

    Player Safety

    ZW............couple observations. I was around a TON of youth football.....................and other youth sports for both boys and girls. The way our programs were run, with weight restrictions and excellent supervision, I NEVER saw a serious injury in YFB. I'm talking about players in 3rd and 4th grade for Flag, 5th and 6th for "B Football" equipped, and 7th and 8th for "A Football". I was closely involved with it for 8 or 9 years and knew what was happening in an entire league. The little guys (and once in a while gals) in the "B" league were great. They were so heavily equipped, and the rules (including weight restrictions) were so well set up and observed that it was really hard to imagine someone getting seriously injured including concussion (slow speed, low impact). I do know of a couple concussions happening in youth soccer as high speed (relatively high for 5th and 6th graders) head collisions took place. I also know of pretty serious injuries in baseball for kids of the same age bracket. So what I am trying to say I guess, is don't sweat the youth football if you find it to be well run and supervised. You can ratchet up your concern as Little Watcher moves on to "A" and HS FB.
  13. Z-P

    Player Safety

    OK CK...............I actually did play in a helmet with a one bar cage (see Billy Kilmer or was it Sonny Jurgenson?), so you got me. GP's right (like he is most of the time I reluctantly add), the damn NCAA should be attending to the issue. I think GP can speak to this better than I can, but a high percentage (maybe in the 90s) of guys on the field this fall for UA will have already had MULTIPLE concussions, and many already have serious concussion syndrome which is the tendency to get them easier and easier as each additional incremental one occurs. I think I can safely say a BUNCH of guys coming out of college football careers bail on taking the next step because they are already "limited out" on concussions, not to mention bulging disks and scoped out knees. Good topic GP...............for a slow time especially....................maybe we can get some real stories going,
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