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  1. Currently the GoZips.com schedule lists the January 1st game -v- Buffalo as being carried by CBSSports but all other games are currently listed as TBA. But I agree that they’d have to at least be on ESPN+.
  2. Just saw on twitter that our first game should be (cross fingers) at home (not that it matters) on Saturday, December 5th -v- Marshall. Then we're presently scheduled to play St. Bonaventure on Tuesday, December 15th at the Quicken Loans Arena Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse.
  3. A glimmer of hope - the article says we bowed out over COVID concerns, not that we had to bow out because we had one, or more, positive tests. Idk, I may be splitting hairs. Stay safe, young guns.
  4. Ranked ahead of Southern Miss. & Rice, and just behind WKU (...who has a record of 4-6?? πŸ€”).
  5. That cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey sh!t Beacon Journal has never published a Zips article 1/10th this good: Hallelujah! Holy Sh!t! Where's the Tylenol?!
  6. Very interesting. To say the least. You smokin' something, Hilltopper?! Lol I'm gonna go with: 1. LCJ 2. Trimble 3. Dailey 4. Reece 5. Currie Next 5: 1. Tribble 2. Dawson 3. Ali 4. Marshall 5.Edwards
  7. If anyone is interested, the game is now available to watch free of charge. Link should still work.
  8. AJ Kirk had a tremendous game. I've seen a handful of Hoban games this season and that's the best I've seen him play. Great game from him. (Btw, Kirk is Mike Doss' brother.) On the line Darryl Peterson is Hoban's best and he was the best last night as well. He really dominated whomever he played over. Darryl is a Wisconsin commit, and another "Did You Know?," is the son of former Zips basketball great Darryl Peterson. (I am getting old πŸ˜• ) Hoban uses Luke Bauer as a DE/outside linebacker - sort of how the Zips are using Ryan McClain. Luke generally lines up in the 2-technique on the line at the DE position - usually on the left it seems. He was matched up all night with Massillon RT Terrance Rankl, whom is a Pitt commit. Rankl's the real deal at 6'5" 290. I thought the matchup was a draw. Rankl didn't allow Bauer any sacks last night (though I saw at least 2 plays where holding could have been called and Bauer was in on a couple group sacks). Also, Massillon was never able to simply run behind Rankl like they pretty much have all season and Bauer made a few plays behind the LOS. So we'll see. He's already got a full-grown-man's body at 6'1", 245 and I'm glad he's going to be a Zip. The Zips have also offered Kharion Davis, whom I believe was named Game MVP. Could Kharion be the lockdown corner we so desperately need? He shut down OSU commit Jayden Ballard last night (though the best pass defense is a good pass rush and that's what we saw last night.) Covering Ballard one-on-one, Kharion was step-for-step with Ballard and then aggressively cut through Ballard's body for a big INT at Hoban's 10-ish yard line. He outfought Ballard for the ball... but that's not really saying much; Ballard is extremely athletic but awfully soft. Hopefully the Zips can land Kharion! Coach Arth should become best friends with Hoban's Coach Terrell. Lol. (And, while he's at it, with Massillon's Nate Moore as well; loads of talent on both teams - though a few of Massillon's best players this year were from... wait for it... Buchtel! Lol. What's up with that?!) Go Zips!
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