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  1. Take your zinc sups. I take 50 mg of zinc post-workout (fights inflammation & boosts immune system - which takes a hit when lifting) and also take a ZMA (zinc & magnesium combo) at night containing another 30 mg of zinc. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/taking-one-supplement-could-save-094723158.html
  2. I'll be more excited when we see the schedule. I'm also bummed I won't be able to attend any games. Then again, by November the weather can start getting nasty around here anyway 🤷‍♂️ [Edit]: Also, still a little perturbed we cancelled in the first place and thus have no games during the beautiful September & October months. The MAC routinely causes annoyance and frustration. Also, it appears the first game is on a Wednesday 😑
  3. Those highlights reminded me that Mikal Dawson had some really nice plays during the first half of that game.
  4. Pretty sure it's games. No scrimmages allowed prior the first game, btw. I forget where I heard/read that. So 1st few games will likely be sloppy.
  5. Oran Singleton game 1 highlights.  Darn electric!
  6. Isn’t this simply the AD’s responsibility?
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