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  1. I liked Oran. His senior year highlight film was laughably good.
  2. Too bad about Corner Jr. He wasn't a contributor at this level, but his dad is a Zips great.
  3. 💯 The new A is both modern AND classic. I don’t know how they struck that perfect balance, but they did 🔥💪🔥💪
  4. No sensitive or triggering content^^... unless you play football in the MAC. 🎤⬇️
  5. On my phone but I think we got another WR commit. Coaches are tweeting about Coach Gilbertson being 🔥🔥🔥
  6. Wadsworth & future Zips LHP John Allen is the Cleveland.com baseball POY.
  7. Agreed. And I don’t know. Staff must’ve seen potential.
  8. I’m on my phone but Oregon freshman QB AJ Abbott just entered the TP. He thanked Coach JoeMo for mentoring him and Zips WR Coach & Passing Game Coordinator David Gilbertson liked the tweet.
  9. Dealing with NIL, on E. Market near the Arlington/Buchtel intersection I saw Garvin Clarke on a billboard for mental health/anxiety awareness. Maybe Groce & JoeMo should have a large catered dinner (maybe in the John S. Knight Center?) for Akron-area businesses/business owners and simply explain the new NIL landscape and ask that they work UA football & basketball players into their marketing?
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