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  1. +1. A ton of DB’s. We gonna run a 1-1-9?
  2. Apparently didn't start till his senior year. Maybe should have started as a junior, but the senior in front of him was entrenched, plus ended up setting a bunch of area passing records. Janikowski is the coaches kid & apparently grew quite a bit between his junior & senior years. Just piecing together info from various articles online. Ryan Janikowski article Vero Beach coach Lenny Jankowski: “Ryan’s made steady progress. I think what’s unique in his situation is that he doesn’t have a ton of game film. He’s a different creature. His body went through a transformation and he’s different looking than he was in the fall. The ball is jumping out of his hand better and he did well for himself this spring.”
  3. Here is another very promising QB prospect Ryan Jankowski, 6'3", 180 of Vero Beach, FL. His senior year he threw for a 73% completion percentage, 2337 yards, 22TD's to only 4 Int's. He also has an offer from Indiana.
  4. This is not a verbal commit, but I'd be excited about landing this guy 6'6", 225 dual threat QB Stephon Brown of Independence C.C. Brown is originally from Kernersville, NC. He was rated a 3-star prospect coming out of high school & signed with Appalachian State. He also has an offer from Southern Miss.
  5. I agree. The way he's been playing all year is even better than either of my two all-time favorite Zip PG's Jimmal Ball & Dru Joyce. LCJ has just been unbelievable to watch.
  6. Feels like we’ve started this half a little lackadaisically.
  7. ABJ: Zips remember drubbing they took last year from Ohio Today's the day! Time to begin restoring the pecking order in the MAC East!
  8. I know Kenny White & Jaquan Green both want to be Zips. Maybe they'll sign February 5th? Green is a JUCO DL; White a JUCO CB. Here is another commitment:
  9. ABJ: Bouncing back after loss corrects course for Zips as they look forward
  10. I was always perplexed with how negative a handful of the posters were on Groce during his first two years when he really had to reboot the program almost literally from scratch.
  11. Eh. Cupboard was left bare. We couldn’t just cancel the program for 2 years.
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