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  1. Cayman Islands Hoops Classic

    More Sayles, please. A lot more Sayles.
  2. Cayman Islands Hoops Classic

    @LZIp Thanks for posting the link. I can't find it on the Cayman Islands Classic facebook page :/
  3. Cayman Islands Hoops Classic

    Any mistakes LePear makes won't be for lack of effort.
  4. 2019 Recruiting

    The Captain's correct. The early signing day is December 19th this year.
  5. Cayman Islands Hoops Classic

    Still getting his feet under him. I was hoping he'd get in, but we had a chance to win it so it seemed Groce rode our starting 5 a bit more than usual. I hope that doesn't come back to haunt us tomorrow & Wednesday. I think Utomi played what, 39 minutes? Oh, to be in my early 20's again. Lol.
  6. Cayman Islands Hoops Classic

    I've got to make a couple of appointments tomorrow, so do we know a definitive game time for tomorrow yet?
  7. 2019 Recruiting

    Got another one! De'carleon Townsend. He's listed as a LB, but is probably coming in as a safety or an athlete. His Hudl highlight video is 10 minutes long & features a ton of great hits & also a bunch of nice runs from the RB position. I listed him as a LB on Post #1.
  8. Cayman Islands Hoops Classic

    It really wouldn't stream at all when I was attempting to cast it to my tv. It was still freezing on my laptop :/
  9. Critiquing Coach Bowden

    I won't be heartbroken if Bowden stays. But if Milwee is still OC I won't renew my season ticket. It's really the only thing I can do to make my displeasure known.
  10. Cayman Islands Hoops Classic

    Agree. We loosened up & warmed up offensively in the 2nd half. (So did Clemson, however.) We needed Utomi to hit a couple more of his 3's.
  11. Cayman Islands Hoops Classic

    I saw the number rise to 2.4K.
  12. Cayman Islands Hoops Classic

    Mine was freezing up, Idk, I'd say every 2-3 minutes. It took a lot of the enjoyment out of watching the game :/
  13. 20018-19 Women's Bball

    7:30 in the morning & the 'Meister's already cranky